Sunday, November 17, 2013

100 Blocks Drawing Time!

Hello from Granbury Texas!

I just checked into my hotel room ---with a bunch of excited quilters who have also traveled in for two days worth of classes, some from as far away as Oklahoma!

Can anyone say ROAD TRIP?! Open-mouthed smile

I’m here drawing winners of the three 100 blocks by 100 designers vol 8 issues from Quiltmaker Magazine – just as I said I would!

Are you ready?

The first two drawn will get signed copies from me!


Terrie has left a new comment on your post "100 Blocks Vol 8 Blog Tour!!":
LOVE your block !!!! and I am so wanting to work on a blue /green project !! You soo inspire !! . I have a finished Orange crush top that was an absolute pleasure to put together and I have about a gazillion easy street pieces that I really need to get together. and about another dozen or so that I can't wait to make LOVE your work !!!
#2  DrQuilter!

drquilter has left a new comment on your post "100 Blocks Vol 8 Blog Tour!!":
I enjoy reading your posts and always look forward to your next creation, whether it's a block, mystery or book. Your scrap system really helped me to get over my intimidation on using scraps for scrap quilts. Now I can't stop making them!
Congrats ladies!  I’ve emailed you both – please get back to me with your snaill mail address so I can get these copies out to you as soon as I return home from Texas!

Our 3rd winner will have their copy sent directly from the great folks at Quiltmaker Magazine!

And winner #3 is:

Sue’s Stitchin!!

Sue's Stitchin' has left a new comment on your post "100 Blocks Vol 8 Blog Tour!!":
I am a Bonnie junky, and am turning my friends into the same thing. And you have turned me into a scrappy junky as well. Thanks for your inspiration, and the chance to win.
Sue, get back to me with your snail mail address and I’ll pass it on to Quiltmaker and your copy will be on its way!


Fun goodies for ME from Quiltmaker!
My 100 blocks mugs live up at Quilt Villa!

Magazines should be arriving in shops and news stands any day now, so keep an eye out – this is one issue you are going to want in your collection!

I’m about to grab dinner out with the fun group of quilters I saw downstairs…..tomorrow…Blue Ridge Beauty workshop followed by an evening lecture.

No rest for the weary here – we hit the ground running!

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  1. Congratulations to the lucky winners....and to those lucky students that get to take a class with you. Have fun.


  2. Wow, can they make that button big enough? Enjoyed sewing with you today, via the quilt cam archives - love having them available!

  3. Four of my friends are coming to your class, one of them is the gal from OK and there is another with the group for CA! They are SO excited for this week, have been organizing and picking fabrics for over a month for it! Have fun, I know you always do!

  4. Ok, now my mission tomorrow is to find my copy of issue 8. Our small grocery store will stock them, yep, tomorrow morning . Box was sitting there waiting for the gal that takes care of that dept. Do you know what kind of torture that was, knowing the magazine was right there, packed in it's shipping box and I couldn't get to it?!! LOL I know, patience is a virtue. So instead I picked up Quilters Newsletters new Scrappy edition.

  5. congrats to the winners, have a good night out, thanks for sharing your day

  6. I'm just getting caught up. Put my "me too" in the hat. Would soooooo drool for one of those mugs!

  7. Congratulations to the winners! Have fun in Granbury, one of my favorite places to visit when I'm in TX for the winter.

  8. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

  9. Congrats winners. Can't wait to go buy a copy.

  10. LOLOL ... Bonnie just might have been drinking tooooo much caffeine --- making her smile silly! I love it!!!
    Congrats Bonnie, you deserve every award you might ever get.


  11. LOVE your picture, Bonnie. Hey, I love that saying "I am a Bonnie Junky" that Sue's Stitchin' mentioned! I think we're ALL turning into Bonnie Junkie's! It's a great thing. I think there should be BJ shirts, BJ mugs and BJ bags. lol How you stay so happy and fresh-looking with your busy schedule is beyond me. Please share with us what kind of vitamins you are taking so we can all get energized. Congratulations to the lucky winners.

  12. Do you ever come to Canada?... We are in the suburbs of Toronto... and I don't see any visits to Canada on your calendar!... such a pitty! Love your Blog, your Quilt-cam and all your posts... I am working on Scrappy Mountain Majesty - have a load of Shirting samples to make this and I have "Filleted" a couple of shirts as well. Have mad 10 blocks so far and I am very happy with it. I will take pictures when it is finished... But wait!!...., next week we will be starting the Celtic Mystery.. So Mister Crappy Mountains will have to wait! I was always a scrapaholic, but you have made me more so! Thanks Bonnie!
    Fran in Pickering, Ontario


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