Sunday, November 24, 2013

What a Sew Day!

Cabin_Nov2013 090
The cabin is ready for my dad’s arrival tomorrow evening!

Yes, it’s been a bit more driving than I want – but it’s the way it needs to get done.  Whatever it takes, right?

And when all was cleaned, vacuumed, dusted and made ready – I had time to sew today!

Over the past few Quilt-Cams I’ve been working on blocks for a new Boxy Stars class sample.  All of my colorful ones were donated to charity.  The one I have is a very subdued pink and brown combo, and while fine, I want to show how different fabrics can totally change the quilt.  I *KNOW* I have enough 2-1/2” strips on hand, so why not?

Boxy Stars is one of the free patterns under the free patterns tab – click it and find it by scrolling down to B under that tab!

This is one block laid out, my sewing lines drawn on the corner triangles ---see the double lines? Those are for my bonus units, and this quilt is going to give me lots of them!

Cabin_Nov2013 089

My stack of cut out block parts, and 4 sets ready to be sewn!

In order to keep things manageable, I’ve been working on 4 block quarters in one chain –and using my split 9-patch leader & ender blocks to keep things continuous.  Yes, I could do a longer chain, but I like seeing BOTH quilts make progress faster!

Cabin_Nov2013 092

Nice little stacks!

I have 52 Split 9-patch blocks all sewn as Leaders & Enders while working on other things!

I currently have sewn 32 Boxy Stars block quarters –I’ve got a long way to go, but I have until almost New Years to get this top done….and that’s my goal!

And my nice little stack of bonus triangles?  Who knows what project they will end up in.  But because they already measure 2” and have their dog ears trimmed, they are ready to go into whatever project I need them for.

Click the tips & techniques tab for Bonus Triangle Bonanza for more info on saving bonus triangles in usable sizes!

I’m headed down the mountain. 

I’ll be home in about 90 minutes.  My goal was to get home before dark, but I might miss that goal a bit – I just couldn't stop cutting block parts!

Cabin_Nov2013 087

All from 2-1/2” strips, it makes kitting this quilt up so EASY!

Have a great evening, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous4:03 PM EST

    I just love reading about your adventures. I also am a quilt addict. I am going to do your mystery this year and have just started blogging so I can go linky. I have lots of ideas and never seem to have enough time. I have never done leaders and enders hut I think this may just be a solution for me to accomplish more quilts. Oh and I love to handquilt

  2. Sewing along with you Bonnie... handquilting that is... loved your utility quilt show off... amazing quilts all in one place is cool too! Thanks for thinking of us and taking such great pics... including this post.. almost feels like a quilt cam except I can see your computer in some of the shots... but I love how you pose your work... thanks for sharing! Kathi

  3. Hope your brother is doing better. I've been thinking of him.

  4. I have been sewing myself today adding borders on my Tulip Fields. I hope to add borders to my Easy Street as well by the time I hit the hay tonight then I can get reorganized for the start of Celtic Solstice. Thanks for sharing what you are doing as it keeps me inspired. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  5. I think your name is bunny, not bonnie, as in the energizer bunny. I wish I had some of your energy and drive. Love your blog.

  6. Bonnie, I just counted my split 9-patch blocks that I'm doing as my L/E's and was completely shocked to count 114 completed blocks!!! I knew I had been doing a LOT of sewing on other quilt tops, etc., but am amazed at how quickly the L/E's are adding up on the side. Thanks to you and your wonderful instruction...I now find it impossible to sew unless I have a L/E basket next to my machine. :) :) Hope you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with the men in your life! :) :)

    1. YAY! You are rockin the L&E blocks! I need to cut more neutral squares for mine...:)

  7. Anonymous7:29 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie! Sounds like you are getting a lot done. I'm glad to know that you also sew extra bonus triangle units as you sew. I keep them trimmed and in a small shoebox so I have them ready when I want to use them. Waste not, want not. Looking forward to the Celtic Solstice Mystery. All set with my fabs and ready to go on Friday after work. Can hardly wait! Happy Thanks giving you and yours!

  8. I love it! I am using some of the same black and white fabrics in a quilt I am making right now. I love your scrappiness! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  9. Hi Bonnie, enjoy your quiltcams and always sew along. Looking forward to the mystery.
    As you do so much sewing when do you do the cutting? If you buy or are given fabrics you must spend a lot of time preparing the strips, squares, etc?
    Have a lovely time with your family and best wishes for your brother.
    Celia from Australia

  10. While I've only completed 12 LE blocks, the last 4-6 were made by sewing them 3 pieces at a time in between 4 or 3 chain-pieced units of a mystery quilt I'm working on. I think I'll start accumulating my LE blocks much faster doing shorter chains of one project and the 3-chain of LE units. While I haven't been able to get any quilting done this past week, I'm looking forward to Black Friday and concentrating on Celtic Solstice and LE split 9-patches and catching up with another mystery quilt.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie, and enjoy your family time this week!

    AndiRae in MN

  11. Oh superwoman how do you do it. Your energy levels must be so great. I am sure I speak for all your lovely followers when I say I am so grateful to you for the time you take running your blog. It really is a joy to read it every day. Hope your Dad arrives safely from Arizona and you manage to have some quality time during this week.
    Regards, Linda in England.

  12. Boxy Stars is one of my favorite free Bonnie Hunter quilt patterns. I have made 3 of them ... all in masculine colors .... and they came out beautifully.

  13. n.c.quilter5:31 AM EST

    oh bonnie you are making me want to get started with all those scraps!


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