Saturday, November 30, 2013

Home Again ---Bye Bye, November!

cabin_Nov2013 029
Is anyone else as freaked out as I am about today being the last day of November?

Thanksgiving seemed to come so late this year – I could swear that we’ve been short sheeted this month – how can tomorrow be December ALREADY!?!

Yesterday afternoon we went out for a long drive around Buck Mountain, showing Dad our surroundings around the cabin.

We stopped by the “fishin’ hole” and the sky was so blue ----in a pond as still as glass.  I just HAD to get out and try to capture this image in a photo ---isn’t the reflection great?

Dad enjoyed being out and about, even though his Arizona blood is a bit thin! Temps were in the mid 40s – but when the sun is shining, it’s all good!

We stopped by the waterfall – Sadie in tow, her nose to the ground, capturing the multitude of smells available to her.

cabin_Nov2013 027sm

Sadie, Me & Dad!

The waterfall isn’t in full view, but it was beautiful.  And COLD!

Today we drove back down the mountain ---stopping at a fave Mexican place for lunch before dropping Dad off at the airport.  So sad to see him go, but so glad to have had him here!

I did a bit of antiquing on the way home –I’m looking for end tables and a bedside table for the guest rooms ---I’ve got goodies to share in tomorrow morning’s blog post, so please come back tomorrow to see!

I do need to thank Marilyn C for the crocheted spool pin doilies and needles!

cabin_Nov2013 064

I will have the best dressed vintage machines on the Eastern Seaboard!

Thank You, Marilyn!

She had contacted me about the needles you see in the bottom right – they are round shafted, no flat spot – but the package does say 15 X 1 so they are a standard size.  The back of the package says they are size 16 ball point.

Do any of my vintage machine peeps know what kind of machine these would be for?  They remind me of the kind of package my MR 4.5 needles for my APQS Millennium come in.  Let me know if you are familiar with these!

And guess what?  Tomorrow morning I am stealing Lisa back away up to the cabin ---Yes.  I’m going BACK!  We are planning a couple days of girlfriend machine time – and NO BOYS ALLOWED!  After 5 days of being surrounded by football and menfolk ---we are taking over and sewing our brains out and planning on a marathon chick-flick-fest!  Something has to even out the testosterone overload that I have had to deal with this past week! LOL!

I’ll be home Tuesday afternoon – and it will be time to get packed up for Germany on Monday!

So –since we haven’t done Quilt-Cam in a while – how about Wednesday evening at 9pm Eastern?  Let’s do it!  Mark your calendars – and I”ll send reminders.

Have a great evening everyone!

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  1. Love the photo you took from the pond. it is a postcard, So beautiful. Pretty chrochet spool pin dolies, your machines will be charming. The ball point needles you will use with the Feartherweight? It was told here in Brazil that the de ball point needles are for sewing t-shirt fabrics. Do you use then to regular sewing? Have a great time with Lisa in the Cabin. See you during next quilt cam. Hugs

  2. Gee your Dad looks young Bonnie. Enjoy your girl time.

  3. What a beautiful picture of the pond! So nice of you to share. Thanks!

  4. Love your posts Bonnie. So glad you're going to get some girl time. Enjoy!

  5. Woooooooosh!! That was November flying. You are starting out December right with Lisa sewing your brains out! Have a great time. Hugs, Allison

  6. Glad you got some time with your dad. Girl time is great ! Have fun


  7. My husband came in and told me about it too! And Bonnie, your Dad looks amazingly young!

  8. Boy, oh boy, the purchase of that "cabin" in the mountains sure was the right thing to do! It was worth every penny. Since I am finished with clue #1 of Celtic Solstice, i will be snuggled under a quilt this evening with a good book.

  9. My hubby called me in to see it, too! And I ended up watching the rest of the game with him.

  10. I love your reflection photo; I recently saw several pictures with the mirror images. They are beautiful. Your dad looks great! So glad you got to spend the holiday together. Have fun with your "girls only" time.

  11. Yes! I said the same thing about tomorrow being Dec. 1st! Can't believe it!!! So glad you had a wonderful time with your Dad, too. It's wonderful when families make some really good memories--we had a great time with our kids and GK's, too. Wed. is our 48th wedding anniversary, so I will be catching you on Youtube. Have fun with Lisa--I will be having girlfriend time this Monday--can't wait!!!

  12. heartwarming pictures, dad looks very 'solstice - orangey red and blue.

  13. Glad to have a clue to work on today! We wouldn't have it if it wasn't the end of November. Hope you have fun at the Cabin. Is Lisa making Celtic Solstice too?

  14. Can't wait until Wednesday have missed you, thank you so very much for the paper piece pattern. So happy to hear you had great family time, and now you get to have girl time. See you Wednesday.

  15. Dec 1st, I am hyperventilating! Thanks for the beautiful phot of the pond, it looks so soothing!

  16. what a great pic of you and your dad!...and Sadie too!

    It does seem that time is flying by this year. I have, however, managed to complete 13 UFOS this year... including a king size Easy Street! ... my first quilt for me! So I guess that means I have been too busy having fun to notice time going by!

    thank you again for sharing yourself with us

    helenmarie in tn

  17. Hope you enjoy "girlfriend time" sewing together as much as I am enjoying sewing step #1 of the mystery. Hope to be done for Monday!

  18. Yikes It is Dec. And I will be 69 on the 6th what happened to the years. My hubby is going to our fishing camp this afternoon. I will have a couple of days alone time and my pieces are all cut and 1/4 done. Will get them all sewn while he is gone.
    thanks Bonnie

  19. Enjoy your girl time and make something that is for you!! Have a safe trip to Germany.auf weidersan !!!


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