Monday, November 25, 2013

More Antique Goodies!

Granbury_FW_TX2013 290
Yesterday I shared the QUILTS from our antiquing adventures in Fort Worth and Weatherford…but there was more much more!

Of course there were machines – though not as many as we would have liked, and we didn’t see a SINGLE treadle anywhere!

There were a few electrics, such as this 1950s Free Westinghouse.

This machine runs by pulley or friction drive.  There is no belt –a small bearing runs against the hand wheel to turn it. Sometimes these bearings will get a flat spot from sitting against the balance wheel, unused....and they will then run bumpity bumpity bumpity until fixed with a new piece of rubber tubing that goes over the pully.

It appears that someone used masking tape to mark their 5/8” seam!

Granbury_FW_TX2013 288

For anyone wanting a painted featherweight, this one is a steal!

It’s got a forest green custom paint job, and the price is $399.00!!  This machine was found here:

Granbury_FW_TX2013 289

Miss B’s Antiques and Collectibles in Weatherford, TX!

I hope someone else adopts it, I didn’t have a way to get it home, and my featherweight fleet is large enough Smile 

Granbury_FW_TX2013 286

This is a very nice Singer 66 ---

There is no motor on it, that has been removed, but the black balance wheel gives us a clue of the age even without taking the serial number and looking online for the date.  During WWII chromium and nickel, usually used for the chrome parts on sewing machines, cars and other applications was used in the war effort, and machine parts were blackened. 

I didn't get a photo of the face plate, but from what I see here it appears to be blackened also.

I don’t see black balance wheels very often, but that is my guess on tbis beauty.  If anyone near Weatherford, Texas has a treadle table needing a machine, this would be a good candidate.  It takes class 66 bobbins, there is no separate bobbin case, they drop in under the slide plate.  It had a beautiful case:

Granbury_FW_TX2013 287

I don’t remember how much they were asking but it was well under $100.

For dating your Singer machine, click the vintage machines tab at the top of the blog and scroll down to the library of links at the bottom of the page –there are all kinds of links there to help you with your vintage machines, and I keep adding more links as I find things that are helpful.

Granbury_FW_TX2013 266

Back in Fort Worth, this lovely German made hand crank was at the Washington Street Antique Mall.

Granbury_FW_TX2013 264

And yes!  The shuttle and bobbin are present!

The machine turned freely, although a bit sticky.  I don’t remember the price on this one, but it was way more than $100!

Granbury_FW_TX2013 249

There were a couple of other featherweights in glass cases, moderate condition for about $350 each.

One of the FUN things to do while antiquing is to keep your eye out for the WEIRDEST item found.  I told Dianne about this and she got right on board!

As we turned the corner  down a second aisle, both of us exclaiming “NO WAY!” in unison—we agreed that this one definitely qualified for the CREEPY award:

Granbury_FW_TX2013 245
ceramic cats with electric bulbs for eyes…

The camera didn’t catch it as well ---but those eyes glowed like alien eyes!  It was creepy!

But the real odd ball of the day was this chair:

Granbury_FW_TX2013 261

Tribal chair!

It comes with some certificate and history that this is an ancient piece from somewhere in Africa.  It does NOT look comfy!

Granbury_FW_TX2013 262

Definitely creepy!

We had a great time – even when you don’t buy a lot, the browsing the conversations, the memories of things our grandparents had when we visited, etc –it was a wonderful day!  And there is more, for tomorrow’s post.

I just found out that my Thanksgiving dinner, which was moved up to Wednesday to accommodate my son’s working schedules has just been bumped up to TUESDAY night if I want both boys at the dinner table at the same time.  Jeff has to work Wednesday.  So I’ll be cooking turkey TOMORROW!

Now I’m doubly glad that I went up to the cabin on Saturday to stock the fridge and get everything ready.

Dave and Jeff will meet Jason at the Cabin by 6pm.  I’ll pick my Dad up at the airport at 6pm in Greensboro, grab some dinner and have us both there by 9pm. 

And we should all be safe by the time this arrives:


We will be deep in that pink area!

Can’t wait to get that wood stove going at the cabin, to smell the turkey and other yummies cooking ---

The thought of snow for thanksgiving has me giddy!

And best of all, I'll be with FAMILY.

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  1. Great machines Bonnie. Have my eye on one here on ebay so will have to see how it goes. You were lucky to be in front of yourself this last weekend up at the cabin. Hope everything goes well with all your "boys" and you manage to get them all together for your special meal. Happy early Thanksgiving to you all.
    Regards, Linda in England.

  2. Olá amiga!!
    Eu amo máquinas de costura e de preferencia as mais antigas. Gosto muito de tudo que é antigo. Alguém já me disse que eu deveria morar em um m useu hahahaha

  3. Love the shop in Weatherford. Have been there many times.

  4. Sounds like you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots to be thankful for.

  5. Whatever the day you will have your son's there .....number one in my book! Have
    a great day and make some memories. Enjoy your Dad's visit.

  6. Wow! The Singer 66 looks close to the one I learned on. My daughter has it now. (I took my mom's cam machine, but I passed that on years ago.) Had no idea then of how desirable vintage machines would be with their easy maintenance. Hope to visit my daughter soon and check out that old Singer.

    It was the first new piece of furniture my parents purchased after they were married in 1932, which would make it pre WWII. My dad replaced the broken knee control with a foot control. The bobbin winder is also broken off. The machine itself, received loving care with regular cleaning and oiling its entire life. I learned to sew on it when I was around six. My mom also taught me about machine maintenance.

    BTW it has the original box of attachments and the instructions that go with them. Plus there is a wonderful buttonhole attachment that my mom bought in the 50's. My brother called the ruffler Hippity Hop. We all liked to watch our mom use Hippity Hop. That dear old machine made many dolls, doll clothes, stuffed animals kids clothes, some quilts,many clothes for our family, and home decor items.

    Sad to say it has set idle since 1999.

  7. We had our Thanksgiving dinner last Saturday to accommodate out of towners. We had all 5 children, spouses, and 10 grandchildren and my mom to total 23. I cooked two turkeys and the chaos was wonderful. I'm so glad we did it then because my 91 year old mom has bee in the hospital since last Monday. No, it didn't have anything to do with the chaos...I'm just glad to have the dinner out of the way and Mom got to be with the whole tribe.

  8. Cool machines. Whenever you have your Thanksgiving will be good with ALL your men there! Fix a ham for Thursday! Tell your Dad he has an awesome daughter to be proud of. She has a huge following that thinks she is pretty grand, and so down to earth. Thank you for raising such a wonderful person.

  9. We had our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and Christmas dinner was suppose to be Wednesday but not sure on that with the storm. If not Wednesday then Saturday before my grandson goes home. This may be our last holiday for him to be home for awhile since he's enlisting in the Marines after he graduates next year.
    Have a great time with your family.
    Upstate NY

  10. Great machine finds Bonnie! Your enthusiasm has me excited for Thanksgiving now too! Safe travels during the in-climate weather!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie! I'm thankful for you :-)

  12. Thanks for sharing the Machines with us. I'm still waiting to find myself a Treadle. It doesn't matter really which day you cook and eat the Turkey! You got it right it's all about the Family you share it with! Enjoy the week with your boys, DH and your Father. I'll have two of my 6 Children's family here on Thursday.
    5 More days until Celtic Solstice starts, snowy weather is Quilting Weather. Today I get to celebrate with my DH, it's our 37th Anniversary. I woke up to SNOW on that big DAY. Hoping for none today.

  13. Looks like I need to go back...to the OTHER Weatherford!

  14. Yeah, for family togetherness time! Enjoy your special time! Be safe!

  15. It's sunny and chilly here in Las Vegas after several days of unusual light, continual rain. I'm SO glad to see the sunshine again! We have snow on our beautiful mountains, and that's where I like to keep it. Be safe on the road and enjoy your Tuesday Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to all of your other followers, too!

  16. Are you cooking your turkey in a wood stove? we used to use them when I was a child. They are very cosy when the weather is cold! Nice to have your family together for thanksgiving. worth shifting the date you have the actual meal!

  17. Yup, snow tonight here and early AM. Toasty Quiltie snug day with packing going on at our place. We leave for Alabama Early Wednesday morning...

    Family and friends - or one or the other, sure can make a wonderful Thanksgiving to share. We are blessed to have family both in town and an easy 4 hour drive away too.

    A dear friend who is, literally, the last member of her family living - period - NO ONE. Has always had folks without family around and single friends in for Thanksgiving. In the spirit of this important USA holiday, they have a BALL!!!

    No matter where you go or how far you might travel, be safe and feel "The Day"!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  18. yup snow??? egad it is going to be 33 tomorrow night... yikes, good weather for Florida. perhaps we will get a hard freeze or if it is juicy enough that white stuff will fall out of the sky as it sometimes does on the coast!

  19. Have a great holiday! And I'm sure you'll be happy to be sewing on Thursday instead of cooking :)

  20. I wish I was close enough to snatch up that Featherweight!

    Enjoy your family and your dinner!


  21. Ooooo . . . A green FW at such a great price! Bet it will be snapped up thanks to you. So glad your early preparations worked out well. No last miniute rush for you! Enjoy your time around the table with all the men in your life. So much to be thankful for ALL the time! Hugs, Allison


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