Thursday, November 21, 2013

Star Struck in Joshua, TX!

Granbury_FW_TX2013 197
You’d never guess, if you were just driving by – what a COOL COOL place is in Joshua, Texas!

I’m extremely jealous, as there is a group of ladies from yesterdays class staying for the weekend, retreating at Sunset Ranch! 

I think you can see a bit of the set up behind these three gals at the ironing table ---you know what they say? “What happens at the ironing table STAYS at the ironing table?” It’s the proverbial “water cooler” gossip corner for quilters!

The walls are ALL design walls ---and as we sewed, the walls got more colorful and more inspiring as blocks were placed on the walls for all to see.  What a great place!

Granbury_FW_TX2013 209

Of course, things really get festive as we start chain sewing units into oblivion!

Granbury_FW_TX2013 202

We had a rockin, Star Struck Good Time!

Star Struck is one of the free patterns found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.  Check it out!

I’m late with this post this morning because, lo and behold, I don’t have a class today!  I got to SLEEP IN!  And I did. 

But I want to get these photos out to you so with out further ado --

Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken directly to the photo album.
Thanks for showing me such a Texas Good time, Fort Worth Guild Girls!  Let's do it again!

And the fun continues -- I'm being picked up at 11am by Dianne from Weatherford, who is going to get me and my huge trunk show bags and luggage into her PRIUS (Hahahaha!) And off we will go ---

We'll grab lunch, and spend a few hours antiquing our way to our destination for tonight's lecture in Weatherford.  PRIUS!  Looks like I won't be buying a treadle machine today, folks! LOL!
Tomorrow ---HOME!!

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  2. A retreat ranch for the weekend with quilters equals too much fun and mischief!! Texas is on my bucket list! I'm not sure about the new Prius, but our 2005 has lots of length room (10-foot lumber), just not tremendous head room like Shamu. Safe travels! Janet in WA

  3. The idea of a retreat sounds awesome. Me and my quilting group we reliving our trip to the Houston International quilt festival yesterday. What happened in Houston stayed in Houston....lol!!

  4. Glad Star Struck fun was had by all. Have a nice lunch and loads of fun hitting the antique shops along the way. I've always wanted to go to the Montgomery Street Antique Mall off of, you guessed it, Montgomery Street. It is H.U.G.E. It is on my list, still. Safe travels home tomorrow. Layer up in the morning, it is gonna be cold my friend!! Hugs, Allison

  5. Laughing again! A Treadle would be a hard fit for the overhead bins on the plane, too! Could you pick it up at New Years, if you found one, when you are back in TX?

  6. Retreat, oh how wonderful. Love the pattern you were doing and all your ladies look as if they were enjoying it. Safe travels. Linda in England

  7. It is a beautiful place to stay, rest, have fun and sew. Love the pictures from Miss Chain Sewing. You all had a great time together.

  8. So fun to see the fabrics that are used. Thanks for sharing!


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