Monday, November 14, 2011

And The Winners Are!!

Look what just came in my mail today! My 100 blocks, Vol 4 commemorative mug! Yippee! I’ve now got a set of 3 of these….The big buttons make GREAT coasters too…got a set of 3 of these too! LOL!

I can’t tell you what fun I’ve had reading everyone’s comments and entering their names into the drawing!

I *DO* have to mention one that really gave me the giggles---one reader had written that she never ever wins ANYTHING no matter how often she tries, and doubts she will win this one….but what the heck, may as well enter and lose again, why break a running losing streak! LOL!

COME ON you guys --- not everyone can win all the time. If this one came with a soundtrack it would be from Hee Haw --- Gloom, Despair, and Agony on me!

Chin up, those who feel they are on a perpetual losing streak --- you just might win NEXT TIME!

And just in case you think that international entries never win either? The winner I drew last night was from Canada ---There are just MORE USA entries than those from abroad, so that raises the odds a bit, but I keep it fair as possible!

So let’s get on to our winners, shall we?!

Carrie wrote:

Hmm, most people wouldn't know about me is... I retired after 20 years in the USAF. I have a Purple Heart and an Air Force Commendation Medal with Valor for saving 6 lives during the 1996 bombing of the Khobar Towers in Dhahran Saudi Arabia.

Carrie Dobos

Carrie, I wish I had drawn this on Veteran’s Day! I’m humbled and honored --- thank you so much for all you have done for so many others!

Send me your snail mail address, and I’ll mail your autographed copy to you!

Our next winner is Andee in AZ!

She writes:

Wow you have a lot of comments! I am a sign language interpreter and my dream assignment would be interpreting one of your quilt classes! Not sure what else to tell you unexpected about me!

Andee, I had this same thing happen in New Mexico when I visited the Santa Fe guild! They have one deaf member, and TWO interpreters came to interpret the meeting for her. I was nervous at first! I usually talk pretty fast, trying to get it all in in the time that is allotted..but a funny thing happened…when I reached the end of my time, and was closing my presentation with my “How Many Quilts” poem….I slowed way down to be sure that the interpreters could get the full narrative to the deaf guild member, and I was mesmerized by how beautiful the hand signs are….I was nearly in tears by the time I was done!

Thanks for the special job that you do!

Your copy of 100 blocks will be coming directly from Quiltmaker Magazine in Golden Colorado!

Congrats to both of our winners! I’ve contacted them both by email, and am just awaiting addresses and their copies of 100 blocks by 100 designers vol 4 will be on their way!

Thank you so much for everyone who dared leave a comment….I really enjoyed reading through all of them, and I am so very inspired by the wonderful people you are!


  1. Anonymous5:19 PM EST

    Awesome Bonnie...thank you! This makes my day, I will be meeting you in person one day (it is on my bucket list) and am looking forward to the next mystery! Thank you! AzAndee@cox.net

  2. hmm... good thing I just picked up a copy after work. :) Love your block.

  3. I used to do some interpreting for a couple at our church. We had a woman who spoke very rapidly and whenever she got up to speak I would brace myself. Fun times.

  4. sounds like the perfect two people to win these!! a veteran and another different SERVICE person :-) have a friend who signs too, and at church she'll almost do a dance when she signs, beautiful

  5. I love Gloom, Dispair, and Agony on me! I think it's a special group of folks who appreciate that song.

  6. Congratulations Carrie and Andee!!

  7. I would love to see your lecture signed too.


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