Friday, November 11, 2011

Evening Stroll through Santa Fe!

More Santa Fe?

Yes, more Santa Fe!

But first, I need to wish a very, very happy wedding to my little brother Scott, and his sweetheart Alicia who are being wed today on 11/11/11 at 11:11am! I can't be there in person, but I am there in spirit! I wish you guys the happiest of lifetimes, and can't wait to see you as soon as I can!

*SIGH* If only I could be two places at once, but the cruise was sold out and contracted before they announced their wedding plans, and I couldn't change it, and they understand that. All of my family is in Boise, Idaho right now, except for me! All 7 siblings and all their spouses and nieces and nephews and extended family. I MISS YOU ALL!

I really didn’t have extra time in Albuquerque to see anything --- and I would have posted LOTS if I had time to be taken to see it! So next time, I’m planning an extra day just to be able to see things that I missed.

For instance, I would have LOVED to be there on one of the balloon Fiesta weekends! I missed it by a week ;c) That’s okay --- NEXT TIME!

On my last evening, I was dropped off to my hotel about 5pm, and it was still very light out, and I took the shuttle down to the Plaza area one last time.

There is something very special about evening light in New Mexico. It just has this “other worldly” quality to it that turns the fading sunlight in to rosy pink hues.

Even the pictures I had taken mid-day the day before paled in comparison to these when touched by just that bit of evening sunlight. So I walked. And I clicked. I think I’m going to have to get me a “big girl” camera some day, but dang it – traveling and shooting with my phone is so easy and accessible!

The picture you see above of the courtyard is one area I just LOVED! There is so much to see…

NewMexico_Oct2011 180

And aren’t those burros just the cutest things ever? Click the pic to biggie size it. How many burros ARE there? THREE! Can you see the light reflected in the shop windows? And I love that blue color of the door and the window panes! Mixed with that terracotta of the building itself…it’s magic!

NewMexico_Oct2011 092

Everywhere I walked there were mesquite fences. They are just simply wired together, pole by pole…

NewMexico_Oct2011 093

See the wire? These just “Might” be able to keep the coyotes at bay….and they sure add a rustic touch to the down town Plaza areas! I wound myself around just taking in the size and shape and style of the buildings. When I walked past here the day before, the town was busy and bustling with people, with vendors selling their wares:

NewMexico_Oct2011 071

the turquoise and silver was just beautiful! And people sat there, every inch of the floor in the marketplace covered with jewelry displayed on blankets and tables…

NewMexico_Oct2011 072

But at night, past 5pm? Everyone had gone home and the Plaza took on a different feel ---

NewMexico_Oct2011 198

The streets were mostly empty, all the vendors were gone, leaving behind lonely buildings-

NewMexico_Oct2011 200

This just looks like something out of the “OLD” southwest, doesn’t it?

NewMexico_Oct2011 199

More of that fabulous turquoise paint! I think this could “almost” replace Cheddar in my favorite colors department!

NewMexico_Oct2011 201

The sun dipped its head to touch the tops of buildings and I was snapping pictures furiously before it got too dark to do so. I love the look of adobe buildings with the ends of wood beams sticking through!

NewMexico_Oct2011 230

Heavy, chunky wooden doors with almost a patchwork log appearance! GREAT texture! And yes, more turquoise window frame paint! I’m sold!

NewMexico_Oct2011 231

Even the plants just shout color, don’t they? Tumble weed sage brush and other desert plants line a low adobe wall ---

NewMexico_Oct2011 226

Even modern buildings are built in such a way that you KNOW they are ALL Santa Fe!

NewMexico_Oct2011 223

This was my favorite of all…just look at that stucco trim at the top, resembling a Spanish lady’s Mantilla. Uhhuh…..turquoise sky, need I say more about this color?

NewMexico_Oct2011 220

Window shopping when crowds have thinned can be very relaxing too! I was encouraged to relax even MORE by the pose of this statue just reclining in front of a shop window! Some how this looks more Egyptian than Spanish or Native American, but rest is good for everyone! LOL!

NewMexico_Oct2011 219

And yes, even lucky elephants can be found in Santa Fe….it is the land of Enchantment, after all!

NewMexico_Oct2011 224

Shop windows are full of interesting artifacts! This window had a bit of everything from Native handcrafts, to some Dia de los Muertos going on….

NewMexico_Oct2011 203

And I’m not a big jewelry wearer. I don’t hardly ever change my earrings, necklace or rings – they stay pretty much the same, basic, go with everything stuff --- but this display of turquoise and silver turned my head!

((This is where I confess to you that in a previous life, I worked as a floral designer in a flower shop, and it was my job to do the window displays! They always catch my eye, and I really appreciate well done interesting windows!))

NewMexico_Oct2011 182

In the evening light, the patterns and colors of the woven Navajo rugs looked even richer!

NewMexico_Oct2011 183

Lots of inspiration for quilt designs here, don’t you agree??

NewMexico_Oct2011 232

Darkness was gathering quickly, and it was also threatening to rain, so I hastened the 1.5 miles on foot back to my hotel…passing this wall of artwork—we’ve got a rattle snake facing off with what looks like to be a mountain lion or some cat-like creature….but look at those native plants! It was just a wonderful display on a street corner away from the Plaza area.

And now THIS I thought was tongue-in-cheek funny-----The hotel was right next to Whole Foods ((Great!! Love Whole Foods!)) As I walked over to Whole Foods I saw a whole bunch of tents in the park across the street! All kinds of tents, some with BBQs going, people milling about, looked like they were having a GREAT time ---

And then I saw the sign “Occupy Santa Fe” :c/

I didn’t go over there, but it struck me as rather “convenient” that they would rough it in a park right across the street from corporate Whole Foods.

No political affiliation what-so-ever --- it just seemed funny to me!

NewMexico_Oct2011 225

Oh, I loved Santa Fe, and I can’t wait to go back!


  1. Beautiful pictures. I have never considered New Mexico as a travel destination but after viewing these pictures I'm ready to head out. Thanks Bonnie for taking us on your travels with you. Not only do you expand our views of quilting you also expand our view of the world.

  2. I'm sure your family misses you just as much. Thanks for the Santa Fe view, it's a place I really want to go and see.

  3. I love Santa Fe too! I hope you got to go to oldest house in the USA and St. Joseph's Staircase at Loretto Chapel, both short walking distance from the plaza. Also there is a fabulous quilt shop there, Santa Fe Quilting.

  4. I love New Mexico...will be going there this spring for my nephew's graduation. Need to start saving for my quilting and turquoise side trips!

  5. Thanks for the great pictures of Santa Fe.
    The snake & cat mural? Probably supposed to be a jaguar.
    I love the silver & turquoise jewelry too. I've always thought a squash blossom necklace would be nice, but the prices!!! Way too rich for my wallet.

  6. Well you certainly will not mistake that stroll
    through town for a New England village will you?
    Wow it is beautiful. Did you get to see any fantastic sunsets?
    thanks for sharing your travel adventures, we certainly live in a beautiful country.

    Just a plug to thank all our Veterans today for serving and keep the Free in Freedom for us all.

    Happy Sewing

  7. Anonymous12:01 PM EST

    Wonderful pics of Santa Fe. My boys and I were there in July for a family reunion. Next time you go make sure you go to Taos Pueblo. It's about an hour and a half away but a beautiful drive. It's a UNESCO world heritage site and just amazing to see. Even my teen-aged boys enjoyed it! Now that's saying something!! :-)

  8. I love new mexico. Having gone to college in socorro...then moving to nevada...I still have chili rastas hanging in my office...a warm welcoming for those who enter. I love the terra cotta colors of the southwest! Glad you enjoyed your visit.

  9. Glad you had a chance to see the late afternoon light. I find it is a magical time of day. I can't wait to see the Christmas luminaria displays in Santa Fe.

    No wonder artists and art appreciators continue to flock to Northern New Mexico.

    I did.

  10. Maybe one day after my daughter graduates my husband and I can go to Santa Fe. We'll get a pay raise then. ;o)

  11. You can talk about and show me Santa Fe as many times as you want. I love the city and the northern New Mexico area so much. Adobe, turquoise, silver, architecture, people, plants and flowers, ahhhhh- wish I was there.

  12. cheddar looks really good with turquoise...


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