Sunday, November 13, 2011

Drawing Time!!

I’m still unpacking! Somewhere, I’ve lost that Mp3 player again….it WAS connected to the headphones…but this morning, I could ONLY find the headphones…

And I have no idea WHY they were in the box of Cheese Nips crackers!!??! That’s the kind of “clean the car” episode we had last night upon returning home. It’s weird to have it dark so early……and easy to lose things in the dark!

I’ve just drawn TWO winners for the Patchwork Gilde Deutschland Magazine containing my “Zuckerwatte” ((Cotton Candy)) Quilt!

Are you ready?

Our first winner!

susan said...

Your blog is brand new to me. My friend Jeri L posted this on my wall, and so here I am. I hope you are having a marvelous time! Your quilt DOES look like cotton candy. Those scallops are beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial!

Welcome to Quiltville’s Quips & Snips, Susan! I’ve sent you an email and I’m just awaiting your snail mail address and will mail the magazine right out to you. I hope you’ll follow along in the future! Great things are coming up……including our Orca Bay mystery that starts on FRIDAY!!

((Funny funny --- someone was leaving a comment and must have been typing by phone because the auto-correct changed it to OKRA bay..heheheh!!!))

And our second winner!

Brenda said...

Bonnie, you make everything seem easy!!
I was scared (uh, still am!!!) That this will be on the new mystery!!! Oh well, feel the fear and do it anyway!! With you behind my back, watching over me, I know I could do this if it was going to be the end of the new project!!!

But saying that - THAT QUILT IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!
Love that!! The colours, the beauty, you have outdone yourself!!!
Question: what happens to the quilt after a magazine has used it?? So, you sent it off to Germany for it's photo shoot, now what happens to it??? just woundering....
I hope you have a very relaxing time on deck with your books and enjoy the cruise!!!

I've emailed Brenda and am just waiting for her snail mail address --- and HER copy will be off on its way to her too!

In answer to Brenda’s questions….After a quilt has been in a magazine, the copyright reverts back to me after a time and I am free to do with it what I want --- put it in a book, or upload it to the blog for everyone --- Each magazine has their own stipulations on how long they keep the rights on it before it returns to me, and that can be anywhere from 3 months after publication to a year, depending on the magazine.

As to the Zuckerwatte Quilt --- it’s going to appear in my next book, due out in July, 10 months after it was released in the Magazine.

As to the cruise! WOOOT! I’ve got so many pictures to go through and upload…so be looking for posts on that this week.

As for how things are here at home after the cruise?? Dear DH asked first thing this morning..”Is the dining room open for breakfast yet??” Man, I’m going to MISS that food service!!!

One more catch up ---- I’m drawing for the winners of 100 blocks by 100 designers volume 4 TOMORROW on my “Evening Edition” post! If you haven’t signed up to enter for your free copy…click HERE and leave a comment on that post ((NOT THIS ONE!!))

Good luck to everyone who entered, and be watching for that post tomorrow!


  1. Oh man, I was so hoping to win a copy of the magazine! At least the quilt directions will be in your next book...I just love that quilt and of course, I will have to try my hand at it! Can't wait until Friday..can't ya give us any more clues on the mystery? Glad y'all are home!

  2. Glad you made it home safe and sound... and I laughed when you mentioned what your hubby said... I think Jim had a similar comment the day after we got home from the cruise... LOL

    It's amazing how fast we get use to something (especially being waited on hand and foot)!

    Welcome home... look forward to your posts about the cruise.. and I know the first cruisers are anxiously awaiting being able to showcase the quilt we did with you on the first cruise.


  3. Can't wait to see your pics from this 2nd cruise. Hubby and I are going on one in March! Yippee! Can't wait! Did your hubby walk with you in the mornings? That was such a great start to each day, and so beautiful to see the sunrise on that last day!

  4. Welcome home. Congratulations to Susan and Brenda!

  5. Glad you are back. It's good to know we can look forward to the pattern in an upcoming book!


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