Saturday, November 19, 2011

Evening Edition! Errands, and some recipes!

This morning was full of errands.

I had a $20 rewards card to redeem at Staples before it expired…..$20 is ENOUGH of a chunk to make me NOT wan to waste it…and I bought something I have been telling myself to get for months, but just never got around to it..or forgot about it..you know how it goes! But never mind. I bought it.

What did I buy? A WHITE BOARD! I need to make notes for myself so that I don't forget things. I fel like I've forgotten a whole lot of everything lately and I'm hoping this will solve the problem!

While there I talked to the computer tech guy about this $9.99 computer diagnostics and tune up they are offering. I’ve been having trouble with my desk top stalling any time I open itunes. He told me what it “could” be…and he said they didn’t have a long line of things in for servicing right now so it was a good time to bring it in.

Living without my desktop is NOT easy for me because I love the big monitor, and I prefer to type on a regular keyboard as opposed to a laptop. I know everyone loves their laptops or tablets, I have both…but really? I’m much more comfortable with the scale of things and how I can type when sitting at a “REAL” computer! :c)

SO --- I’m desk-top-less for a few days. Which means I can’t update the website calendar as I only do that from ONE computer. It’s easier that way. That way all my masters are in one location, and ftp’d from one location, so I can’t forget and start editing on an obsolete file, uploading it and messing things up. Ask me how I know this is a PROBLEM!

That was stop #1….but stop #2!! Do you see that picture up there at the top of this post? We ran over to Home Depot for an area rug for the sun room ---- and I passed this display!

I DEFINITELY think that Santa needs to gift me with a new tile floor in my studio, and use this in the entrance way or something, don’t you? It was lovely! I think what I really liked was the subtle neutral tones. I’d love to do a mariners compass quilt in just neutral tones like this. Has anyone seen one?

I also came across THIS tile sample…..I would SO love this in my kitchen, or master bath!

homedepot 102

So on to the recipe part! Remember I said I’d send these as soon as I found them so you have a greater chance of getting them before they aren’t free anymore??

The Everything Potluck Cookbook by Linda Larsen is free today from the Amazon Kindle store.

Category: Cooking

Book Description:

Potlucks are a great way to get friends and relatives together without the pricey grocery or restaurant bill! In this cookbook, veteran cook Linda Larsen gives you an array of options for every meal and course. In addition, easy-to-understand icons indicate whether a recipe is easy, healthy, quick, or inexpensive.

Everything you need to host, or attend, a successful potluck is here, including: 300 tasty and creative recipes; Tips for transporting food safely; Indications of whether a recipe can be made ahead of time; Menu suggestions for a variety of potluck parties. Guests can make the dishes on their own and bring them to the host’s home, or they can all gather in the host’s kitchen and make them together. With this book, cooking for the perfect potluck party has never been easier!

With the holidays just upon us…..I thought those of us with guild potlucks or work potlucks or just gatherings with friends might be a reason for you to download this book and give it a try.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love the tile medallion!
    The hexagon tiles made me smile. We had those exact tiles in our bathroom when I was growing up. My mother hated them, and complained every time she washed the floor!

  2. I LOVE this free download! Yummy, yummy....thanks so much for posting. I'm glad to hear that you got your white board today :-) That tile is beautiful, I hope it makes its way to your sewing studio!

    Back to pressing and clipping I go! 448 pairs of triangles is a pitifully small pile of fabric, I have to say!

  3. Beautiful Mariner's Compass tile. Yes, you NEED it!! Tell hubby I said so (like that means anything). : )

  4. Next studio definitely gets a tile floor...I'm so tired of going over the carpet with a magnet trying to find pins I could scream!

  5. I know how you feel about the PC. I have a laptop but I have a mouse for it. I also have a USB keyboard for the laptop, but got a little bracket stand to angle the laptop off the table and keep it from over heating.
    This makes it easy to type without sending the mouse arrow into the Twight Zone. I would recommend backing up ALL your files on a zip drive or something. You have a lot of info to lose if you don't. Photos slow down a PC a lot due to size of the files.

    Going to cut my first HGU. Going with brown and neutral. Already ironed a few pieces, now to cut, cut cut and sew!!!!

  6. Anonymous9:02 PM EST

    Brown & neutral? Thats what I did! I feel better now because I wasn't sure that was a wise choice.
    Then blue for red and red for blue. What other colors are you useing?

  7. Off to check out the book -- that looks like a good one!

  8. Oh, Bonnie... that "Old World" Mosaic tile... We once lived in an old house on the east coast, built in 1919, that still had the original floor tile in the bathroom --mottled/tweedy gray with pale pink centers in that pattern. So classic and so easy to clean.

  9. Bonnie, go all apple have time machine do you back ups automatically and icloud synch your files.
    Yes, please do a mariner' s compass and take us with you via a tutorial. The design has got me intrigued and your tile is beautiful. Is youd DH ready for another floor?

  10. Anonymous11:52 PM EST

    100 hourglass blocks complete! yeah

  11. Oh wow Bonnie, inspired by that Home Depot one, I just googled "tile medallion" and clicked images...Fantastic!! No end of ideas for quilts there! Right after Orca Bay! : )

  12. Thank you for your blog, as a new quilter I find it inspiring. Thank you also for the info about the kindle book, for once it was also available to us in the U.K.

  13. Bonnie, you really don't want that floor for kitchen or bath. I grew up with that tile in the family bath in Euclid, OH. That floor is a B**** to clean. Just say'n.
    PS Love the mystery. Thanks


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