Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Harvest is Over!

Tobacco harvest season 2011 is now a thing of the past.

Remember when I wrote THIS POST about the fields that grew near my house?

Thearica over at Pigtales & Quilts has taken some videos for us of the whole process!

If you are interested, give her a little click and go see! There are two videos on her page, one on priming ((picking)) and one of loading the barn!

We emailed back and forth, her camera wasn’t cooperating and there were delays, and I’m so appreciative of the time she took to take the videos so we can share what goes on in her life, as the wife of a Tobacco Farmer!

As this posts, I’m sure you know, that there are a whole lot of us enjoying a Caribbean cruise! I’ve stacked the blog so there will be something new for you to read each day while I am gone….

If you enjoyed the videos over at Pigtales & Quilts, be sure to leave her a comment thanking her for her efforts! I think it is so fascinating to see what others lives are like, the things that go on in and around our quilting!!


  1. That is so funny. I always called shopping my stash Harvesting!
    XOXOXO Subee

  2. Thanks Bonnie for this great post! I hope everyone will come over and watch the videos. They are pretty interesting.

    I was unable to load the 3rd video because Utube said it was almost 2 minutes long. bummer... That was of bailing the tobacco. if I can figure out my camera settings, I may be able to shorten it and still get it posted. I will get my son in law to help me when we go see them on the 19th.

    Have fun on your cruise!

  3. Very fun! I have a half finished Tobacco road top in one of the boxes in the closet...need to dig that one out and dust it off....

  4. Things sure have changed since I put in my last field of tobacco in the mid-70's. While it looks very manual in the video, it was a lot more manual in the 60's and 70's. My grandparents raised tobacco. When the grandkids learned to count to 3, we started "handing" tobacco to our mothers who would "string" it on a stick. Each stick held about 30-32 hands. Any more and it wouldn't cure in a week. The sticks were hung in the top of the barn which had oil burners that dried out the tobacco. This was our Saturday morning entertainment... no cartoons or video games. It created character and instilled a strong work ethic.

  5. Hey Bonnie,

    I remember the tobacco fields in the 80's. Long hot days. Couldn't pay me to do that now.



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