Thursday, November 03, 2011

Evening Edition–Free Kindle/Nook Book!

By the time this post goes live…..we’ll be sailing out of Baltimore and on our way to the Caribbean!

It’s a funny thing to start a trip in cold weather! I’ve been thinking the past several days about what it will be like on deck as we leave the harbor, all of us huddled in jeans and sweatshirts, coats, jackets, scarves..hats and gloves?

Or will we give up and go INSIDE to watch from the warmth of the ship’s interior as we sail out into the Chesapeake Bay?

It’s also very strange to pack for a trip that includes TWO kinds of weather: Hot & Cold! Above is a picture of our route!


And here is our itinerary so if you start to wondering just WHERE we might be on any given day in the next week….now you know! I’m happy to be visiting St Thomas again. I loved that place! It will be fun to show it to my hubby too. Other than St Thomas, these are all places I’ve never been before or ever imagined I’d ever see!


Our ship! Enchantment of the Seas!

It’s still crazy to go out in November to get a pedicure, but what must be done must be done!

But I digress….

One September Morning, by Rosalind Noonan, is free in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble, where it is a repeat freebie.

Book Description

The moment Abby Fitzgerald sees two soldiers approach her front door, she knows her husband is dead. John Stanton, who gave up his career as a star NFL running back to serve after 9/11, has been killed in Iraq.

Suddenly Abby's kitchen is overflowing with casseroles brought by the army wives' club to which she has never really belonged. And her in-laws arrange a lavish funeral at Arlington National Cemetery in spite of Abby's misgivings. John had grown to hate the war even though he loved his country, and Abby can't reconcile the complex man she knew with the version being portrayed by self-serving politicians, military, and the media.

Shell-shocked, Abby strives to cope with her own heartache while comforting John's loved ones, including his mother Sharice, his staunchly anti-war sister Madison, and his bitter younger brother Noah. But amidst her loss is a growing conviction that the truth about John's death is far from over.

Gripping, thoughtful, and emotionally powerful, One September Morning is a story of loyalty and betrayal, of a shattered family's journey toward healing, and of the courage it takes to confront the truth not just about our enemies, but about those we love best.

Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble. Be careful from the nook, as there is another edition which is full price.

As always…double check before clicking, what was free earlier may not be NOW!

I do believe my kindle is fully loaded and ready for some deck chair time!

Bon Voyage, Ya’ll!!


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