Saturday, November 05, 2011

Evening Edition --- Free Kindle Book!

We are up to November 5th!  Are you counting down the days until Thanksgiving? Is Christmas music playing on radio stations in your area?

It started for me the day AFTER Halloween --- good thing it didn’t start BEFORE! I’m just not ready for Christmas music…I spent time before leaving on this cruise downloading all the Jimmy Buffet and other Caribbean laid back summer type music that I could find!  I’ll deal with Christmas when I get back home – but for now? It’s on HOLD, Baby!!

The Glassblower’s Daughter by Frances Clarke is free today from the Amazon Kindle store.

Category: Mystery

Book Description:

Greta’s life is carefree until the abrupt disappearance of her elder sister, and all her courage can’t save her from the sinister shadows that engulf her. Even when she finds a way out betrayal and treachery threaten her.

‘This is a wonderful first novel and Greta is a winning heroine. The writing is powerful, lyrical and funny… ‘

(Rebecca Smith, author of ‘A Bit of Earth’ (Bloomsbury 2006; paperback edition, 2007)

I read the first couple of chapters already.  I love how the beginning starts out with the Father’s Scottish brogue --- I can hear it roll off of his tongue, just by the way things are spelled in the dialogue!  I’m not very far into it, but I bet it will be finished by the time I return home!

Double check before clicking that it is still free before downloading it – This has been in the queue a few days and it might not be anymore! I’m hoping it is for you!



  1. Who cares about Thanksgiving and Christmas! I'm counting the days until the 1st Orca Bay Mystery Clue!

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM EST

    Thanks for sharing the free books, they are interesting reads. Some I've used for book club reads.

  3. Yes, it was still free! I love your recommendations, keep doing them if you want! I do not get them all, I still have to read them on my phone, but I got a few very interesting ones!


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