Monday, November 28, 2011

Blog Gremlins?

I was sure there HAD to be a glitch going on with the Blogger Archives this morning when I tested some things out…and this was AFTER I got this message from a reader:

Hi Bonnie,

I was on your blog this morning and saw a previous blog you had on April 30, 2011 about a trip you took to the Lancaster area.

My sister, a friend and I are going to the Lancaster Quilt show in March and I am in charge of making sure we see everything we need to see. I have made notes from your April 30 blog and wanted to see the next day or so blogs to see what else you did on your trip.

However, I when I click on the May blogs, it only lets me see the last couple of days. What am I doing wrong that I can't go back and see all of Mays blog entries.

I can't wait to go to Obies, Zooks and Sauder Fabrics. Oh what fun.
Any help you can give me to get me to see your blogs would be appreciated. Thanks. Linda

Well, I have to admit that my first thought was that she wasn’t clicking “OLDER ENTRIES” at the bottom of the page that would allow her to go back further.

So I went over to the blog myself, went to the month of May just as she had --- and lo and behold…just the last few days of the month showed up, and there WAS no “OLDER ENTRIES” link at the bottom!

Is anyone else experiencing this? It’s quite perplexing!

And the only way I could figure out how to fix it and make things more accessible to everyone scanning archives was to go into my dashboard set up, into the Settings tab, and under Archiving—choose the option for “Weekly” archives instead of "Monthly".

The only thing I’m not crazy about is that it now takes up SO MUCH SPACE in my side bar --- and I went to click a bunch of down arrows to shorten my own personal view of the list…..but it’s better than not having the posts accessible at all?!

Thanks Linda for letting me know you weren’t getting access to where you wanted to go. I hope you have a wonderful trip to PA! I love that whole area!

My day is kind of getting away from me. After this morning’s post ((Did you check all the links yet? Did you?!?)) I headed out to the gym. I put in about 25 minutes on the elliptical trainer until it was time for yoga to start…..that yoga instructor can totally kick my butt into oblivion. I know I needed it, but the rest of my day has been zombie mode!

I soaked in the hottub, I took a shower..I ate --- and then I undid all the workout and yoga effort I put in ---- I ATE the last piece of pumpkin pie, and finished it off with the last of the cool whip too! :c/ *SIGH*

Of course, this was all in an effort of fridge cleaning, so I could get the empty pan and container out of there, right? :cD

Tonight my bee is meeting at Mi Pueblo for our November bee meeting. I’ll probably be bad there too---but I know I’ll be in good company!

And with that, I think I feel a nap coming on….

Enjoy your afternoon!


  1. I still have Pumpkin pie in my fridge too. It's good for breakfast lunch or dinner...Christmas stitching is on my mind. Have fun at your Bee Mtg!

  2. I am having a problem with the Google Translate widget showing on my blog. The code is still all there and it used to appear on my blog but not so anymore!

  3. I'm pretty sure it's some kind of a glitch. Yesterday (or the day before) I was trying to find a particular blog post you did in November. When I clicked on November, it only gave me the last week or so of entries, and didn't produce "previous" or "older" buttons at the bottom. I eventually had to scroll backwards through all of them, starting from your home page, until I got to the one I wanted.

    So it's not just you! :)

  4. Very similar problem....when you search one of the labels on my blog, you only get about half of the posts and no older post show after the first page listed. The posts are there just hard to get to. Let blogger know...maybe they will hear you more than me.

  5. I'm not having this problem right now anyway. Don't have as many entries as you have (newbie & not a quilting blog), but the monthly setting seems to be working ok.

  6. I had the same problem with previous postings also. I was trying to find the posting where you talked about the kind of iron you take with you on the road. I wasn't sure exactly where to locate it, but, when I clicked on a month to check it out, I, too only found the last few posts and there was no "older entries" listed at all. I thought maybe something had just changed and they weren't avaiable any longer. Glad to know they are still there. Thanks for all your hard work, Bonnie!

  7. The Blog Archive gadget has 3 display styles: Hierarchy, Flat List, and Dropdown Menu. I like (and use) Dropdown Menu, because it is compact. It only adds 2 lines to the side bar, the title and the menu widget, so it really helps keep the sidebar short.

    I put my Blog Archive gadget near the top of the side bar to make it easy to find. You can see it at my Handcrafting with Love blog.

  8. I think there are Gremlins out there with nothing better to do than mess with blogs. Since I am not a computer person, I expressed my frustration to my son half a world away and the next time I looked...it was fixed. Of course, raising a son to this point takes 40 some years so good luck!

  9. Yes Bonnie, I agree. You were not 'being bad' - you were cleaning out the fridge!! That is important you know!! And tonight, you are helping your freinds, so they don't have so much to take home with them!!! ;-)

    I love yoga. Love it. But, having said that, I have not found a class that works for me, so I have not been keeping up with it......

    So, have your nap and then go visit your friends!!!!

  10. Hi Bonnie. Thanks for going to this much trouble for me to get the back blogs. I did go out and read them. I have spent the day with 3 friends sewing and only arrive back home a little while ago. I have been able to see more of your trip to PA and it will help me figure out what all we need to see. Can't wait to go to Obie’s, Sauder’s and Zooks. Thanks again for the help. Linda

  11. I checked out my blog archive and when you get to the bottom there is no older/newer posts,but all the posts for each month are there. Were the posts you were looking for in the next or previous month?

  12. I don't know about gremlins but I have been unable to access your Orca Bay mystery.

  13. I too use the 'Drop-down Menu' option for my blog archive. Neat and tidy, and leaves more space to put neat links on my right sidebar. :-)


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