Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Afternoon Edition! Free Kindle Book!

There comes a time when you have to give in to the holiday fervor building and just go with it!

I’m not saying that I’m into playing Christmas music 24/7 --- even on Christmas Eve that is too much holiday for me, but I have to even admit that yesterday, while sewing on a binding….sitting at the machine, zoning out in that zen-of-machine-stitching fashion that always hits me….I found I was humming along to a Christmas song that was on the radio, without even consciously thinking about it!

WHAT?! I was so glad I was not in a public place, because I am generally the ultimate Scrooge about turning my nose up when it comes to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

But..as they say, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Just don’t let them see you doing it in public! :cD

I do love humor, and this freebie sounded too good to pass up for holiday reading..Twas the Night is free today in the Kindle Store.

Book Description:

“Christmas or Bust!”What do a Blue Angels pilot, a bounty hunter and an ex-NFL football player have in common? The three bad-boy bachelors of Snowdon, Maine have to make a friend’s Christmas Eve wedding on time or die trying!

They’re willing to risk anything to make that happen—even dashing through the snow in the goofiest bus on Earth, bright red and filled with a bunch of merry, meddling senior citizens known as the Santa Brigade.

All too soon, these men will have met their matches in three special women: a woman from their past, a forest ranger so hot she ought to be declared a fire hazard, and a woman on the run. Ho, ho, OH!While serving up holiday cheer with the Santa Brigade, the guys will discover ‘tis the season for good will and folly.

Wise men or not, they are well and truly caught, which means these roguish St. Nicks are willing to jingle a few bells along the way if that’s what it takes to find what they truly want for Christmas nestled in their beds after the stockings are stuffed and the gifts placed under the tree.

Check before clicking to purchase that it is STILL free. I have no clue if this contains content “too illicit” for my liking or not --- but wiling to give it a shot knowing I can delete it if I find it too stupid for my tastes! :cD

I got the call that my desk top computer is ready for pick up. The diagnosis? Conflict with Itunes. I KNOW THIS! This is why I brought it to you!? Problem unresolved….I guess my phone will just have to be updated from my laptop from now on.

And for the rest of the day? I think I’ll SEW! Does that surprise you?!


  1. Looks like a fun read. I might have to check it out. I have the kindle app for my iPod and a fun book for the ride "over the river and through the woods" might be a good idea. This afternoon I have been cutting and sewing together what seems like a million tiny little triangles. I've heard that seems to be a popular past time this week - LOL Have a good Thanksgiving.

  2. Hmmm, I'm having the same bogged down problem with iTunes on my laptop. Keep getting system resource error and norton tells me iTunes is hogging memory. I will do some research on iTunes forums.....

  3. Anonymous5:53 PM EST

    Apple is playing havoc with my library audio book downloads since the latest software update. Liz, please post here or e-mail me if you find any info in your search.

  4. Thanks for always giving us inspiration to sew as well as free ebook offers!! I currently own a nook and can sometimes get the same books free, but barnes and noble have been dropping the ball lately lol. I am going to download the kindle app on my computer just so I can get some of these great books. Thanks again!


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