Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Day Eve ----

And I was stupid enough to venture out into the the “dreaded” shopping area of Winston Salem’s Hanes Mall Boulevard.

I know every biggish city in America has this same spread of stores…..It’s near the MALL ((other wise known as the M.A.U.L. in my book, and we don’t go there!!)) and as soon as you exit the freeway you can see Chilis, Applebees, Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Costco is across the street---Home Depot --- Lowes is Across the street—There is every retail chain from Target to Kohls to EVERYTHING on this one stretch of road, probably in the same layout as every other city in America. Welcome to Chain Store USA.

When people go traveling to other cities and go “SHOPPING” I always wonder why they bother? It’s the same dang stuff they can find at home, and now they have to CARRY IT!

But I digress…I have been waiting for this massage appointment for over a week. My hamstrings are all locked up and I just can’t STRETCH them out any better…it feels like there are tennis balls in the middle of my muscles. SO. I went for my massage, thinking I’d left the house early enough to get there….but when I hit the exit off the interstate, and start waiting at the red lights --- and traffic is a madhouse --- I discover that it takes me as long to get from the exit to the massage place, as it did for me to drive from Wallburg to Winston Salem in the first place. And then it dawned on me. PEOPLE ARE TRAVELING?! But it’s Wednesday! Oh…yeah…Thanksgiving is TOMORROW!

I better get a pie!! :cD

I’m not baking this year. I’m not cooking this year. We are putting it off because in a week or so we’ve got to go down and get Jeff and his stuff and move him back up here. We are not making two trips because both Jeff and Jason are working different hours and having Thanksgiving down there just isn’t going to work. Jeff especially, he is working on Thanksgiving. And we’ve no place to stay --- Jason can’t fit us in his 1 bedroom, and I don’t want to do a hotel on a holiday weekend anyway.

And my pet sitter is out of town for her own holiday --- so ----

We are going out! Do I care about not having leftovers? Not this year. This year is NO STRESS ALLOWED!

After my massage I did end up at Sam’s club which was a big mistake….they had just about every check stand open and the lines were half way through the store. I picked up my pumpkin pie, a bag of honey crisp apples ((My fave!)) a bag of clementines, and some bananas. It was all I needed.

And then I spotted these:

talkinturkey 005

Oh. My. Goodness. They just jumped straight into my cart, I swear! And the only way they could be ANY better was if they were dipped in chocolate!

Wait – has anyone tried that? Cuz if so, I’m in serious danger!

I hope if you are cooking you are enjoying yourself. If family is traveling to you, I hope they arrive safely and the reunion is extra sweet! If you are the one traveling --- I hope your DH is driving and you can do handwork! :c)

I’m going to sew! Gosh it feels good to be home to be able to do this….I’m up to the borders on a project I’ve been working on….and I need to start on a baby quilt for a nephew who will be making his debut around my birthday, toward the end of January!

And yes, there is still endless binding to be seen to, I’m hoping for some movie marathons this Holiday weekend, feet up in the recliner, all is good!


  1. You were brave to venture out to the mall today...glad you made it home safely even if those peanut butter pretzel nuggets hitch-hiked a ride.

    Hope you and your DH have a lovely, relaxed Thanksgiving! Something to be thankful for, yes?

  2. Ok so I think those things are made in PA... and I've never seen them before. Gonna have to go on a hunt

    Happy Turkey Day!

  3. Love, love, love those pretzels!! And yes they are delish coated with milk chocolate. One of the few things I make for Christmas. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. My recommendation is to dip those peanut butter filled pretzels in Nutella.
    It is my birthday today, but I am spending it making pies for Thanksgiving--pumpkin, cherry, razzleberry, and if I can find any ripe pears in town, pear. So I am heading out into the madness soon on a ripe pear hunt.

  5. The pretzels are great dipped in the chocolate they sell over by the apples. Just sayin ...

  6. I hope you and DH have a great Thanksgiving, even if by yourselves. the kids grow up, leave and leave a gap in you, huh? Then they come back sometimes and it's a happy? time and an adjustment for all. I know you are looking forward to having him home. See ya in a few days, very excited!!

  7. My all time favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby! It has chocolate-covered, peanut butter-filled pretzels in vanilla ice cream with fudge swirl. Oooohhhhhhhh!!!!!! But they no longer carry it here in northern California. *sob* If anyone else finds it, would you mind sending me a case?!?

  8. Try white chocolate! Really. And those pretzel things are awesome!

  9. Anonymous7:16 PM EST

    Yes, I brought a gallon jar of the peanut butter pretzels to Rangeley to share and loved them myself. I will definitely try them dipped in chocolate though. Sounds so good right now but I'm not going out to get them tonight! I do have my 224 hour glass squares complete. Yahoo!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  10. Yup...love those peanut-butter filled pretzels! Have a peaceful Thanksgiving day!

  11. Anonymous7:25 PM EST

    I made the mistake of going to Sam's last weekend, when they were doing some kind of free sample free-for-all. Yikes. BUT, they did have the most brilliant thing since your PB pretzels - honeycrisp CIDER! Yep - two gallons jumped into MY cart.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Leah Shannon

  12. Those pretzels are dangerous, but great with a movie marathon. I can't buy the pretzels because I can't stop eating. Still have 40 sq. to do for 'mystery quilt'.

  13. Good for you Bonnie. A few years ago we went to the FL keys with friends over Thanksgiving. We went to a restraunt that served family style. Everything was delicious and you could take your left-overs home. We were in a condo with a freezer, so you know we took those left-overs and I made great turkey soup when we got home!! It was one of the best Thanksgivings ever.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie & Dave. Hope you enjoy your dinner out and overall quiet holiday. Oh yeah, and try not to think about how fast Christmas will be here. :)

  15. Oh I laughed out loud earlier when I read your comment about going to Sam's Club on facebook. I went yesterday just to the regular store..haha, came home empty handed, I couldn't find a parking spot, after three trips around the lot, I decided this morning would be better...NOT! Oh well, I only needed eggs! Chocolate dipped peanut butter pretzels are delightful...we used to be able to get them at Costco, but I haven't seen them recently. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. I think I would get a jar of Nutella to dip those pretzels in. Then you would have the perfect snack. Have a joy filled Thanksgiving.

  17. Lol Bonnie - I just spent the evening dipping an entire bag of pretzels in mint chocolate! Those peanut pretzels would be DIVINE!

    Enjoy your stress free Thanksgiving in style. You have a pie after all - what more do you need?!

  18. Hope your day is relaxing and wonderful, Bon. We have much to be thankful for...you know how thankful I am for your being in my life!

  19. Nice article, thanks for sharing.

  20. I am resisting snacking by keeping my hands busy sewing little hourglass units.....

  21. Just think for a day that you're not an American(fun, but who would you be?). Because the rest off the world has to work as well on this day.Have fun with the sewing!
    Greetings from a Dutch girl who live back in the Netherlands, after spending some years in the States.And by the way, I recored al the storenames you were talking about. I'm missing the mostard broken pretsel-things here, pomkinpie, and lots off other stuff....like the big quiltstores!!!

  22. We were in NYC for the parade one Thanksgiving and made the mistake of walking into Whole Foods on Columbus Circle on the Eve. Nightmare!!! No one could even move and we must have exceeded the fire safety number of people in a building. We pushed and pulled ourselves out and went to a restaurant for dinner instead of our grocery store take out.

    The parade was rained on but the people we met were so nice and happy. One restaurant was handing out free cider and hot chocolate so they got our vote for a Thanksgiving dinner and it was great.

    Lots different than mall shopping and a whole lot more fun.

  23. I had no plans to go any further than the mailbox at the end of my driveway on Wednesday. I'm not that crazy. But then my longarm quilter called and said she had the quilt done that I'm giving to Mom for Christmas, so I had to pick it up. We arranged to meet at a quilt shop about 10 miles up the interstate from my house. Oh, I should have known better. Humongous traffic mess on I-75. Took me forever. So I thought I'd get smart and go home on back roads. Wrong. Traffic jam on E. Brainerd Rd. It seemed like I'd never get home. But the quilt is gorgeous, so it was worth it, even though I pulled my hair out sitting in traffic!

  24. eek, all the traffic! I'm lucky to have my sweetie home this year. We're not cooking - just going out today and picking up pre-made stuff. woohoo! Happy Thanksgiving!

  25. Hope your massage was wonderful. Stretching out the holidays an extra week is a great idea - it goes right along with celebrating birthday week (or month). Oh, and Trader Joe's definitely makes chocolate dipped, peanut butter filled pretzels, so I'm sure other companies do too. Wicked but very good.

  26. My best friend and I went to Sams on Wednesday too, just to get a pumpkin pie. The same pretzels jumped into her basket. She was going to go home and dip some in white chocolate. Funny how minds think alike.

  27. I avoided shopping the last couple days... just driving cross town to pick up grandson from daycare was stressful enough! Store parking lots were full... wasn't going there!

    I used to be able to find those pretzel nuggets covered in chocolate at WalMart. Haven't seen them in a while.


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