Sunday, November 06, 2011

Happy Birthday, Little Sis!

I’ve blogged a bit before about My sisters ---- I’m the oldest of 8, the older three of us from my mom’s first marriage, and the younger five from her second. Three girls and five boys complete our eight!

I honestly don’t ever think of us being two sets of kids ---other than the age difference that separates us a bit, but never EVER EVER have I considered these brothers and sisters to be halves of any kind. They are all WHOLY mine!

This adorable picture is of three very important women in my life. My mom, My sister Joy in the center, and my baby sister Mary, and the reason for this post today is that I wish to WISH Mary a very very happy birthday!

Yes, November is a very busy birthday month in my family, Jason’s birthday is on the 10th, which is coming up too..and all of these birthdays, AND A WEDDING have fallen this week while I’ve been gone.

I feel like such a rat for being gone!

Mary, I’m so proud to have you as my book-end sister! We may be 20 years apart in age, but in every way that counts you are right here close in my heart!

It’s been a joy to watch you grow up to raise a family of your own --- I’ll never forget the day you were born and how the nurse handed you right to me. Being at your birth was so special to me --- it was such a healing thing. My own baby had died just 5 months before, and holding you filled so many empty hurts and eased so much longing.

I love you baby sis!! I hope your day is extra special and that we get some time to be together soon!



  1. Oh Bonnie...we have so much in common.
    I am the oldest of 8 children. Only mine are all brothers. There are not many families with that many children anymore. Well...except on TV.....
    XOXOXOXO Subee

  2. I am the youngest of five. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss,it must have been devastating! Your are in my thoughts. Remember a lot of people love you, even if we haven't met you. Happy birthday to your lil sis.

  3. Anonymous6:07 PM EST

    I am the oldest of 6. My step sister's and brother are not as close as you guys. I wish they were, but we just seems to be on opposite sides of the fence. My younder sister is the same age as my younger step-sister and they got to live together for a while. They are not as close as you would think they should be. My Dad and his wife are celebrating there 34 anniversary today.... Dad is 85 and his wife is 76 with Alzeheimers. Sad...
    Donna, LEH, NJ

  4. I was #8 of a yours, mine and ours with all nine of us growing up together...wholly my siblings, all nine. My first two dds are "Joy" and "Mary". LOL! My nine kids range from 23yo to almost 6yo, 5 girls, 4 boys. Same mom and dad...nuts about kids and each other.~

  5. You have those cute twinkle eyes just like your mama ! :) Sweet pic, sweet blog :)

  6. awwww. I wish I had a sister!

  7. Ha, I'm number 5 of seven sibs.....3 girls 4 boys :0).
    Your Mom looks terrific....look at that radiant smile!

    Happy Sewing and save travels.

  8. Happy birthday Mary.

  9. I know of several families with 8 children and one family of 12 and there is some siblings in our church that come from a family of 16!!!
    Happy Birthday to Mary from NZ!

  10. I truly admire big families, and recently started "thinking" about having more kids, I have a 9yr old boy and 7 yr old girl.... long story.....anyways, that's awesome you have so many... are they all quilters too ( at least the women?)

  11. I am also the oldest of 8 (5 girls and 3 boys in my family). My youngest brother is 16 years younger than me, closer in age to my sons than to me. Everyone is coming to my house for Thanksgiving this year, and I can't wait to see them all!


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