Wednesday, June 01, 2005

How Many Quilts?

How Many Quilts?

May 9, 2004:

After having been asked how many quilts I've made, who I'm making this one
for, or that one for or why, and how many quilts do I think I need....

I came to the following conclusion:

I am a creator, an artist, just as much as a painter is...

Does anyone ask a painter who he is painting for or why he is painting yet
another landscape? how many pictures/portraits he has painted? How many
canvases or paintings he needs?


Does a painter stop wanting to paint because he has reached some number that
symbolizes the end of his need to paint?
"okay, that's #100, I'm done now..."

I create because I am driven to create. My medium just happens to be fabric
and thread, instead of oil or acrylics on canvas..but I create for the same
reason..to express myself, to share myself, to experiment...
Even if the quilt doesn't have a purpose, a recipient, a reason.
Quilting is my voice.

I Quilt, Therefore I Am! *Ü*


Anonymous said...

OMGosh..yes yes and yes. I totally get it. I have only been quilting for a short time (2 years). I started when my daughter became pregnant and I wanted to do something special for my 1st granchild. Well..that simply opened up the flood gates and a true quilting demon was created. I lay awake at nite thinking of the different patterns that I like and how to modify change or tweek. I am pretty much self taught, reading magazines watching shows..but still I love it. I hear folks tell me you are soo good...and also who is this one for. In my 2 years since I started I have made 58 quilts. some small baby quilts but most lap size...I am still a novice...but I so enjoy it. Working with the colors and the fabrics. Eachn one that I have made...I have given away. And I love that part too. your comments above are dated 2004 so you are waaay ahead of me since I only started in 2009. But alas I have been bitten by the quiltig bug...and I most definitely have the fever....love daily. lupe - Ima_quilter2@yahoo.com

Kathy's A Quilter said...

Hi Bonnie
I have a trunk show presentation that I do call "I Quilt, therefore I Belong". A cross section of my quilting 'career' and the amazing relationships that come my way through this wonderful world of quilts, quilters and the organizations that I have joined...bee groups, guilds and the Canadian Quilters' Association. Keep on doing what you are doing...I know I will.