Wednesday, June 01, 2005


String X Quilt!

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Indulge in an afternoon of String Quilting *scrap reduction* and stitch this quilt
for your favorite charity!

Here is one that Leena made!
And Another one that Leena made!

Leena has a wonderful site with all of her projects. Click here for a visit!

Finished block size: Approx 14"
Finished Quilt size: Approx 50"X64"

One of my favorite causes is making quilts for children. As part of the Sunshinie Online GuildI have found an outlet that not only stirs my creativity where scrap quilts are concerned, but helps people all over the world
as well! It is a double blessing for me to be able to create quilts to brighten an orphan's life...as well as find a way to make even the oddest of scraps useable and beautiful!

Do you feel a need to serve someone in your life but don't feel you can reach very far from within your own walls? THINK AGAIN! Join us in this wonderful cause and find out how fulfilling a bit of giving of yourself can be. Even to someone you do not know...someone you will never meet. You can brighten up the world of a child far away!

From foundation fabric or paper cut (48) 4 1/2"X 10 1/2" rectangles.
(I used an old sheet..if you use paper, you will have to remove the paper pieces before quilting. Old phone books work great, and the paper tears off easily!

From the scraps: Cut larger scraps into random width strips from approx 1" to 2" wide.

From background fabric: Cut (48) 4 7/8" squares. Cut these diagonally from corner to corner for a total of (96) 1/2 square triangles.

Construction for each block:

Place one piece of scrap fabric on top of the foundation somewhere near the center with right side up.Place another strip on top of the first one, so that right sides are together. (wrong side up). Stitch along the edge of these strips with 1/4" seam....trim excess. Fold top strip out and press.

Continue to add strips in this manner until the foundation is completely covered.After all foundations are completely covered, trim them all to foundation size (4-1/2"X10-1/2"), using your rotory cutter and ruler to slice off the excess.

From a plain piece of scrap paper, cut a 2-1/4" square. Cut this on the diagonal from corner to corner giving you two triangles. Tape one of these triangles to the underneath side of your ruler as shown. This is your corner trimming guide!

Line up your ruler as shown above...matching the corner of your paper triangle on your ruler to the corner of your strip pieced rectangles. Trim all 4 corners off of your rectangles using this guide.

Sew a background triangle to each side of your strip pieced unit to create one quarter- block!

(If you are using paper foundations, now is a good time to remove the papers....)

Sew the quarter blocks into X blocks by arranging them as shown. This lap quilt is made with 12 String-X blocks set 3 across by 4 down.

Add borders! I cut my borders 4" wide....The quilt will finish about 50" X 64" Perfect size for a child to love and to hold....of course, you can make the quilt anysize you want by simply making more blocks! Watch those scraps disappear and turn into something beautiful before your eyes! Quilt or tie and bind as desired.


  1. I have finished 18 blocks "String X", but I sewed them as O's by mistake and I love them. I am just starting a blog and have shown a picture of a block and said Quiltville is where I got the pattern. I enjoy your blog and all the inspiration you give to scrap lovers! Thanks

  2. Anonymous11:06 AM EDT

    what a find - my strip pile is huge so this will make good use of the scraps.

  3. I just finished making a quilt using this pattern and love it. i have uploaded it on https://www.pinterest.com/pin/516225176019691289/

  4. Dear Bonnie, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful patterns. I made a quilt based on String X (which I called Floral X - https://wollongbarquilts.blogspot.com/2020/11/quilt-112-floral-x.html) as part of a challenge for my quilt group. The quilt will be donated to Quilts4Kids, which provides quilts to children in our local regional hospital.

  5. There are so many beautiful patterns under the "free patterns" tab!


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