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Boxy Stars!

Boxy Stars!
This quick star block is made from scrap 2 1/2" strips!
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cabin_Dec2013 048

Boxy Stars in a rainbow of colors!

Boxy stars in subtle browns & pinks!

This is my latest "color controlled" version! The quilt below was donated to charity, and I needed a new one for a class sample. It was a challenge for me to try to use up some outdated fabric as well as the new stuff I was wanting to slice into. 

I went to the 2.5" strip bins first..pulled everything brown and pink. Then I pulled 2.5" neutral squares from the squares bin. I MADE myself use those pink cutesy heart prints from 1987! And you know what? They don't look half bad when mixed with some of the new wonderful browns and double pinks that are out there. 

So the next time you make a scrap quilt, dare yourself to mix in some oldies but moldies with your new stuff. Let those old fabrics find a home. Better in a quilt, than still nagging you from the scrap bins! It still needs binding of course, but I needed to post the picture for the two workshops I have coming up!

I made 12 quick star blocks for a bright and fun snuggle-sized charity quilt.

This one is designated for the Palmetto Breast Cancer Center. I think it is a good size for that cause as it finishes at 54"X68".

Bright as it is, it should bring smile and hope to someone's face :c)
These stars are fun and easy to make with no set in seams. Each 12" block is made from four 6" block quarters.

For each block quarter you will need:

(3) 2.5" squares of background fabric.
(all 4 block quarters for each star can be a different background, but I find it best to keep the background the same within each quarter.)

Accent pieces:
(1) 2.5" square and (1) 2.5" X 4.5" rectangle.

Star points:
(1) 2.5" X 4.5" rectangle and (1) 2.5" X 6.5" rectangle.


Beginning with the 2.5" accent square, stitch the block pieces around the light center square in log cabin fashion. Press all seams away from the center square as you go. I like to chain piece, so usually try to do 4 block quarters at the same time to keep the stitching going.

The second pic above shows what you will have when you have sewn all pieces around the center square.

Time to add the points!

With right sides together, place the two remaining background squares in each corner on top of the star point logs. Pin if desired.

You can choose to draw a diagonal line on your square before you start sewing, or you can aim and shoot as I did above (Yeah, it's crooked! I should have drawn a line! :cP ) Stitch from corner to corner across the light corner square. If you are a tosser-outter, this is where you would trim the excess and dump the waste triangles into the trash, but if you are like me....1/2 the work is done for making extra bonus 1/2 square triangle squares, so why not carry it one step farther? I move my needle position over one notch to the right, and then stitch once more with the edge of my presser foot up against the previous seam. Then I simply trim between the seam lines....and after pressing each block quarter and the two bonus triangles, I end up with this:

I square up the bonus 1/2 square triangle squares to 2". I save these for other scrap projects. Currently I have this Ocean Waves ALMOST to completion and most of the 1/2 square triangle squares are bonuses from other projects like this one!

I also have dreams of doing a quilt with all the bonus scrap triangle squares with this block that I call Scrap Crystals. It is a variation of the Snow Crystals block, with all the set in seams removed and using my favorite hodge podge of scraps. It will not be for the faint of heart though, there are 96 pieces in this 12" block!

But I digress! Back to the Boxy Stars block!

Arrange 4 block quarters to complete one block!

When some people first view this block , they see the 3D boxes instead of the stars right off, but once they see the stars, they see ALL the stars at once. It is a very fun optical pattern!

I set this quilt with 2.5" X 12.5" sashings, and used scrappy 2.5" squares as the cornerstones. I finished it off with a 5" wide border. If you want to make the quilt bigger, simply make more blocks, cut more sashings and sew boxy stars to your hearts content!

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  1. I just printed this pattern off my computer. I have never seen this pattern before. It's so cool! I like the illusion of it...the boxes and the stars. Hope I can achieve it, too.

  2. I had purchased quite a few pinks and browns years ago before I started knitting and let most of my quilting go. Now I am so ready to make this quilt for my king sized bed. Thanks so much for posting it. Your stuff is always inspiring.

  3. Anonymous2:50 AM EDT

    I have some jelly rolls I was given & haven't been motivated to use. I think this pattern & some 'oldies& moldies' mixed in will do it. Thanks ijid

  4. Sitting here on vacation and I see this pattern with so many ways to use it - now I can't wait to get back home to sew it up! Thanks for a really neat pattern!

  5. Is there a secret to how you make the quilt blocks seem like 3-D? Should the centers of the block be lighter and the longer strips darker and the shorter strips medium? Just love this pattern!

  6. Love this pattern!! Can't wait to try it. I also have been saving all the bonus 1/2 square triangles for many years. Have a large selection that I someday hope to put into one or maybe two quilts. You are so inspiring with your blog, pictures, free patterns and helpful hints!! Have been using your wax paper for foundation strips ( I think it is addicting :) ) Before I pull the paper off the back, I have found it helpful to use the long side of a seam ripper and run it between the seam and paper. Any tiny pieces not quite "ripped" by the seam, will come right off!! Thanks for all you do!!

  7. Hi Bonnie, while reading, I note that you say you pull fabrics from your '2.5in' bin and your 'squares' bin.
    Could you perhaps do a little blog on how you manage your fabrics in this way. It sounds so organized, and I am so looking for some organization with my fabrics.

    1. Bonnie already has a tutorial for her scrap sorting here :)

  8. I love this pattern, thanks for the tutorial :) Another quilt pattern to my to do list!


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