Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Orange Crush, Part 4!

Orange Crush!!
Part 4!
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Time to cut into those special yardage fabrics!

For this step we need 120 half square triangle squares that will finish at 3" when sewn into the block. (3.5" unfinsihed)

If you are cutting from yardage 44" wide, you should be able to get 16 to 20 matched pairs of triangles from each strip set you cut.

Cut 6 strips 3.5" from width of fabric (40"-44") of each color to be used for the half square triangles. In my case, these are my black and my red. For ease of description, I'll refer to these as.....black and red! :cD

Lay a red strip and a black strip with right sides together. Press. Stack up two sets if desired. I don't like to cut through more than 4 layers because of shifting. Using the easy angle ruler, square off one end of the strip set and cut matched pairs of triangles ready to feed through your machine.

If you are using regular rotary cutting methods, cut black and red fabrics into 3 7/8" squares. Layer black and red squares with right sides together and slice on the diagonal into matched triangle pairs ready to feed through your machine.

Continuously feed pairs through the machine using a 1/4" seam. Do not break threads between triangles, just keep feeding them through in one long chain. Press seams towards the darker fabric and trim dog ears.
Block #1!!

Combine your 4 patches from step 1 with your red/black half square triangles!

Spinning Stars!

You need 30 of these blocks in the quilt, all spinning in the same direction. So as you are putting them together, pay attention to which way your red triangles face! It is important that the 4 patches also turn in this way...notice that they aren't all pointing in the same direction, the direction kind of goes around in a circle? (For lack of a better explanation!)

Can you see better here that my 4 patches include scrappy EVERYTHING? Look at the snowman head in the center of the block on the right! I love little surprises in my quilts. I also have to confess at this time that this quilt was designed around using my leader/ender 4 patches that had been piling up! I'm excited to see this coming together and finding a home for them. I love the split 4 patches from step 2 so much that I am going to continue to make those as leader/enders until I have a whole pile of them to play with for another quilt too!

Stitch all 30 spinning star blocks by sewing the units into rows, and sewing the rows together to make each block. Press.

No peeking forward until you have the 30 spinning star blocks done!

Click HERE to get to step 5!

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