Friday, June 10, 2005

Maggie made me do it!

Maggie sent her blog to my email, and before I knew it, I signed up too!

So here I am on this beautiful June afternoon, dragging my tail avoiding the quilting machine, thinking of all sorts of things I should be doing, but not making headway on much of anything! I guess this is what comes from getting up at 4am :c/ (not because I wanted to!)

I've had a website for eons now....I don't want to say 8 or 9 years because it doesn't feel that long, but still.....I wanted to share more of ME and my thoughts, and I thought adding this blog might do it. If you want to check out the website it's http://quiltville.com

I am a longarm machine quilter (10 years! egad!) and I'm also in school studying to get my license in neuromuscular and massage therapy....and I LOVE IT! I love learning...I think that having something totally unrelated to quilting has added so much to my love of quilting and my creativity drive..you know, opposition in all things and all that.

I have too many projects to list...and not enough time to quilt them all. I love hand quilting as much as I love machine quilting, I think it's that opposites thing again. However, this morning I had a whoooops moment...I started quilting on my "the best things in life are quilted" quilt....(Will find out how to upload a pic here) and when I sprayed water to remove the marks from the inner red border....things turned PINK! egad. I've got synthropol.....I can get some retain....I know I know, I should have been a pre-washer in a previous life, but I really detest pre washing fabrics! So I'll muddle through and hope that I can remove the bleed later. No more marks will be removed until I can wash the thing. Do they still make dye magnets??

I guess I'll learn more how this thing works and play with it more later. Right now there is a customer's quilt waiting in the machine that needs feathers in the outside border and fans in the center of the quilt....and I need a dose of something to get me motivated!!


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  1. try the Shout Color Catchers - it's been my experience they work as well as the Dye Magnets. Can't remember which one I was using at the time, but managed to rewash a quilt (already dried) where the red had bled all over the white and it came out great.


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