Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Orange Crush, Part 3!

Orange Crush!!
Part 3!
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Half Split 4 patches!

Remember when I said we would need the easy angle ruler, and NOT the companion angle ruler for this mystery?? I forgot there were half blocks involved! So if you do have the companion angle handy, you can use it in this step. If you don't, never fear, I'm going to give you regular rotary cutting directions for the pieces. Several of you who have done the Carolina Crossroads Mystery will already have the companion angle in your ruler collection. It wasn't until I sat down to do these half blocks that I realized they would come in handy!

For the half split four patches, we are going to need 22 units facing in one direction, and 22 mirror imaging those, facing in the opposite direction.

Cut 44 dark & scrappy "flying geese" type triangles from 2" strips with the straight grain along the long edge of the triangle. Lay the 2" line on the ruler along the bottom edge of the strip and cut as shown. (I stole this pic from the my blue heaven pattern and it shows triangles being cut from a 2.5" strip....but you get the idea!) If you don't have a companion angle ruler, you can cut 4.25" squares and then cut those squares twice on the diagonal with an X to get the pieces that you need for this step.

You will also need to cut 44 light and scrappy half square triangles from your light 2" strips using the easy angle ruler. Add to this, 44 dark and scrappy half square triangles cut from 2" strips! If you are not using the easy angle ruler, and need regular rotary sizes, cut 2 3/8" squares and slice them once on the diagonal to get pieces the size we need. These triangles are the same size as the "wing" triangles we used in step 2.

Sew the light 1/2 square triangles to the dark 1/2 square triangles as shown in picture 2 and 3 above, making sure that half of them point one way, and the other half are mirror image. Half of the units will be sewn to the right side of the flying geese triangle, and half sewn to the left side, shown in picture 3 above. Press all seams towards the darker triangles. Trim dog ears.

This is not a very big time consuming step, so hopefully it will give you a break, and give others a chance to catch up!
No peeking forward until you have the 44 half split four patches done!

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