Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Laughable Quote!

A few weeks ago I ordered a book off amazon. It's "Small quilts with vintage charm" by Jo Morton.

I love the look of the quilts in the book, very antiquey vintage style, right up my alley. I've looked at the pics, but never stopped to "READ" the text in the book.

This statement on backings just made me guffaw out loud!

"Purchase backing fabric AFTER your quilt top is complete so you can select a fabric that complements the front of the quilt. Using fabric that you don't want anymore does a DISSERVICE to the quilt top. Remember the two pieces will be stitched together forever; therefore, they need to be compatible and interesting."


Of course, that's easy for her to say since she designs lines of fabrics, she isn't paying $9.00 or more a yard for beautiful fabrics for the back of her quilts!

Who says that my scrappy backings are a disservice to the quilt top? I find them completely compatible and more interesting than if I had waited until the top was pieced, went to the quilt shop, bought 8 yards of something not on sale and had it all matchy matchy!

I love to look at antique quilts and see that they used what they had on the back to make it big enough for the quilt top. To me this is VERY interesting and is a good clue into how the people lived in their lives. They didn't have quilt shops to march into to buy 6 yards of backing fabric that matched the front of their quilts.

I love scrappy backs. I do them all the time. I love the feeling I get from using something up, and the giggles that come from just using something that just DOESN'T go....to me that's the kicker..that's where the fun is. And I'm going to keep doing it!


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  1. Last day of July, and I am just reading your June archives..LOL. Somehow didn't notice them before..sigh..but that's so me !

    Anyway I wanted to say A HIGH FIVE and three cheers !! for interesting quilt backs. How neat it feels to stop someone in their tracks because the back wasn't what they expected.
    I hadn't read yours yet when I commented,in my blog, that I find the unique approach to a quilt "interesting vs.nice or pretty". It gets my attention and holds it. I can't imagine living in a sliced white bread with the crusts cut off world..can you?? Actally, don't want to imagine it! Let's grab a fresh country loaf and tear off a piece to celeberate our true independence..making things our way. Finn


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