Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Cutting Quarter Square Triangles!

Quarter Square Triangles!

Lots of blocks use quarter-square triangles because we need the straight of the grain on the LONG edge of the triangle. Half-square triangles have the bias edge on the long side, but these are a bit different.

What is the formula to keep in mind for when you need to figure out what size of squares to cut with an X to get the 4 quarter square triangles? Take your finished size of the unit.

If the finished size is 4". Add 1-1/4" to that measurement.

In this case that size is 5 1/4"!! Cut the squares, and then cut the squares again from corner to corner in both directions with an X. This puts the straight of grain on the longest edge of the triangle. In the future, just remember that you add the 1-1/4" to the FINISHED SIZE of the unit!

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  1. Anonymous10:48 AM EST

    I just finished a pattern for Quilts of Valor. Followed the cutting instructions precisely but the instructions left bias edges on the pieced borders (all four sides) so I hand stitched the outer edges to keep them from stretching when I mounted it on the longarm machine. This could have been prevented by using your method for quarter square triangles. I will make the same pattern again using your method - it should be a kazillion times faster. Thanks.


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