Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy Mail & Show & Share!

THIS was waiting for Sadie when I got home from the cabin yesterday!



Addressed to Sadie Jane Hunter.

With a big paw print on it!

WHO would be sending Sadie presents, and for what occasion?  I didn’t remember ordering anything, and no one had mentioned anything to me about a package coming for her.

I was mighty curious! 

So I dug right in and opened it right up.


Doggie Treats Galore!


But the best part is the note!

Who wouldn’t crack up at a note that starts out “Dear Sadie Jane, Your Momma always gets care packages in the mail….”  Hahaha!

This little goodie box came to sadie from Amanda Clark of The Maine Barkery in Skowhegan, Maine.  Not only is Sadie over the moon with these treats, but I know they are good for her! The ingredients are on the package.  Come to think of it, *I* could eat these and they’d be fine.  The package of Maine Blueberry dog treats includes nothing but “Maine grain oat flour, Maine blueberries, coconut oil, and organic egg.”

“The Maine Barkery is an All-Natural dog treat company dedicated to providing nutritious treats that your dog is sure to love.  Our treats are wheat and dairy free, made with local oats and a variety of seasonal produce.  The Maine Barkery’s treats will have your dog begging for more.”
THIS I can attest to!  Sadie is loving them.  And the fact that some are shaped like the state of Maine is even a bonus as I have loved my trips to Maine and I can’t wait to come back.

Sadie and I thank you, Amanda!

Also in the mail for me:


No more leaving the iron on!

If you listened to our last quilt-cam, it came with quite a confession.  When the audio had quit on quilt-cam the session before, and even after the 2nd try wouldn’t work (A YouTube thing, nothing on this end) I was so frustrated I turned out the lights and went to bed.  The next morning I left for the cabin.  I was gone 5 days.  I came home, sat down to sew – only to find that the little vintage iron I use was still ON and screaming hot.

Many suggestions were made, but when I opened this package yesterday from Dee, I knew I had found a solution!


Thank you, Dee!

I am VERY cautious about irons, that was just an odd situation.  But I know if I plug everything in to a power strip, and I “ONLY” turn things off with this remote, that everything will go off at once – machine, light and iron.  And if the light is on, the iron is on.  I’ll know it.  This clicker is going by the door so that I will always turn EVERYTHING off when I leave the room!

As I pack the last of my stuff to head out to Illinois this morning, I wanted to share with you the class room Show & Share photos from our workshop time during the Needle Arts Seminar at the Grand Hotel last week.  Students brought in so many lovelies, and even though we did “on stage” show & share, sometimes the casual nature of “in the classroom” is really fun.  I hope you will enjoy them!

Last night we posted our May Quilty Box giveaway!  Did you catch it?  It’s a great box and someone lucky is going to be winner.  The drawing happens Saturday night, my last night in Illinois this go round (I go back to Illinois in early June as well!)  Click to THAT POST and follow the directions to be entered to win.  Good luck!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Or as we used to sing in kindergarten - " if you're happy and you know it clap your hands!"
Pat Scully made this Fair and Square quilt from the pattern in my book Scraps & Shirttails II! I love her use of spring florals!  It’s likely you saw the photos of the full quilt and Pat in the slide show above. If not, Play it again and watch!  Love this one, Pat!
It’s raining….it’s pouring…and this girl is off to the airport. 
Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. How sweet of Amanda to think of Sadie Jane!

    The treats do sound yummy...and will keep the tarter off of your teeth...maybe we should try them as "people treats"?

    Safe travels to you, Bonnie. Hate that you have to fly in the rain.

  2. I thought I would post this about the Quilts of Valor festivities in Des Moines. There is also a link within the article to the press release.


    If the link does not work look up Quilts of Valor, Des Moines, 2016.

    Your Winston Ways quilt is so beautiful. I hope whoever bids high will appreciate and cherish it.
    (Sure hope it is a Quiltvillian)

  3. Anonymous10:48 AM EDT

    Thank you so much for doing the slide show without zooming in and out! Since the format changed I have been unable to view them without triggering motion sickness. I don't know why, but on a whim I decided to try again this morning. The sliding off to the side doesn't affect me, so I was able to watch the whole thing. I've missed seeing them, and it was good to see others' work again.

    Thank you so much for your generosity and hard work! I know it takes a lot of your time to tend the blog, and I appreciate it.

    kmen3035 @ hotmail dot com

  4. another trick with irons - i just plug a small lamp into the same power strip as the iron - if the light is on, the iron is on................... i check it when i leave the room, or when i leave the house.............. but a quick glance is all i need.

  5. My iron has an 'on' switch - if I don't use the iron for 10 minutes it emits a warning sound then switches itself off :)

  6. What wonderful mail to come home to!!!! Sadie Jane is a much-loved doggie --- we think of her as The Mascot of Quiltville.

    Happy to see the Remote control shut down system... going right now to see if Amazon.com has this for me.

    Have fun, and keep those wonderful 'thoughts' at the end of each posting coming...please.


  7. I read about your hot screaming left on iron, and got sick to my stomach. I know you are careful, but that really scared me to think you could have lost everything. Please keep your life and your home safe. My boots are drifting in deep, scared for you.

  8. I read about your hot screaming left on iron, and got sick to my stomach. I know you are careful, but that really scared me to think you could have lost everything. Please keep your life and your home safe. My boots are drifting in deep, scared for you.

  9. Bonnie, hope you see this. Just a word of caution. Do not plug anything into your new power set up that requires surge protection. When you turn off a surge protector, you are no longer protected. I can attest to this as the "geek" in my department for many years, my experience has educated me. Otherwise, by all means, use it for vintage machines, irons, lights, etc. Just not electronics!

  10. Please send the rain here to Alberta it;s warm and DRY. I'd love to have some green grass. My Dog Tini(short for Martini) can't even walk on the grass because it is so dry it hurts her little paws.We also need help to get the fires out, so everyone Please pray for Rain for us here Thanks Patsy

  11. Bonnie, As excited as you for the treats for the dog please be careful with the rope. We had one for our dog and she really liked it. She chewed and chewed and without realizing it, even though I was picking up LOTS of string, she was ingesting string as well. It got stuck in her stomach and would not pass through to the intestine, thus causing a huge back up of string and food in her system After $5000 and three surgeries to clear it all out, she was ok, but it was a very scary four weeks for us. Please be careful.

  12. Awww...that was so nice that Sadie got a goody box of her own! Good idea for the lights/iron, etc. When my hubby solders my jewelry, he has a little light night at eye level, that he always turns on when he plugs in the soldering iron. It works perfect for him because when he is finishing up, he always notices that little light on and is sure to unplug!


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