Tuesday, May 03, 2016

H Blocks to the Finish!

This was the better part of my day yesterday.

H Blocks to the Finish!

Or maybe now it’s just the beginning. Because some projects have a habit of spinning off into something else – what if I did THIS instead of THAT? Or what if we try this other thing to make it more universal to everyone, not just those with an H in their name?

Ideas start to take over my brain, and I want to try them in fabric SO BAD..but I am on a deadline.  I head home this morning to pack for Mackinac Island and the Grand Hotel Needle Art Seminar – I fly to Michigan TOMORROW!

New project on back burner, concentrate on getting THIS top together!


And before we know it, it’s a top!

By about 10pm last night I was this far.

We had a couple of “power blips” last night during some outrageous thunderous downpours.  The TV screen was flashing with warnings of flooding for surrounding counties, and I was very glad that I am on elevated ground here at the cabin. Internet was down and up, down and up, so i figure that the local provider was having some storm issues as well.

As I look at this photo, I think I want to add a final black/white border so it has the double look of the sashings clear to the outside. This quilt is fairly large, I don’t know if I want to add another plain border outside of that.  Heaven knows I’m DONE with piecing after adding the black/white to the outside.  Maybe just a good strong binding to call it done?


Oh yes, this makes me so HAPPY!!


Playing with some alternate ideas!


This could be fun!

Just wait. I have a plan.  There will be options for this pattern for those who do not WANT an H quilt. You just might like where this is going.  So stay tuned!  It is likely to be a slow process as I am heading off for a week, but I’ll get around to it!


This is happening!


My date is May 5th!

I’ll be offering up some fun goodies on my day on this blog hop, so join me Thursday and participate in the fun!  I can’t wait to share my block with you.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I love this quote! There is one more line that goes "You are a swirling vortex of limitless potential!" I felt like it fit this quilt photo perfectly.

I was walking through an antique mall in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on the way to the airport and I found this beautiful well worn 1990s Mariner's Compass design by Judy Mathieson underneath the stack of other linens in a basket. Somebody expertly pieced this! The stitching was incredible.

It probably spent many years as a bed quilt, fabrics now fading and a bit worn and has ended up in this antique mall for $90. I wished I could have taken it home with me, but I didn't have room. I hope someone snatches this up. I’ll be sharing the full quilt and the others I found in Sioux Falls in tomorrow morning’s blog post as I leave for Michigan.

My thoughts run this way: At some point all of the brand new sparkling quilts we are making today may become a bit outdated, perhaps well worn and fading, but they will tell the story of a quiltmaker's passion with fabric, needle and thread.

At that point, I hope people will look beyond the fabric and the styles and the name brands, and see my life in my quilts.

And with that, it’s time to do a bit of cabin cleaning and get myself home.

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Your H quilt reminds me of old film. The sort that had holes along the edge to fit the reels. It is amazing.

  2. I'm looking forward to the pinwheel version. I love pinwheels!

  3. Always a great time of the year when the QM 100 Blocks Magazine comes out! Can't wait to go and get mine. One quilt leads to another in Quiltville land! See you on QuiltCAM.

  4. I guess you could put a lot of other small blocks into the wonky frame and make it work! Will be seeing you in MI! I'm traveling with the AK peeps, fresh from quilt camp!

  5. That is one HAPPY quilt top! Super fun.

    Your idea to add one more black/white border makes good design sense. Looking forward to seeing it when you're ready to share again.

    Good travels to Michigan!

  6. Bonnie, so glad you have an extra day to prepare for Michigan. I'm so jealous. My sister-in-law lives in Big Rapids, which is only about an hour away. She is newly into quilting. Wish she could have been there with you. I love your quote: At some point all of the brand new sparkling quilts we are making today may become a bit outdated, perhaps wel worn and fading, but they will tell the story of a quiltmaker's passions with fabric, needle, and thread--so true.Safe travels! Pam Clark, Siouxland Samplers Quilt Guild


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