Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Quilt Late & Sleep In!

I am SO happy to be home for more than a week that I couldn’t wait to jump into getting the H quilt into the longarm as soon as some deskwork and mail order duties were done.

H blocks were calling!

You mean there are MORE H blocks?

YES!  Remember when I was at the Vermont Quilt Festival last June, and an entire guild had gotten together to make me H blocks so I could get this quilt done?  I ended up with a plethora of H’s!


They didn’t know what size my blocks were and their beautiful blocks turned out a different size than mine.  WHAT TO DO!?


Use them all in the backing!


H’s this way, and H’s that way!

I love them all – all of the varied fabric choices!  So this will be perfect!


I spent time sewing the backing on Mr. Bryson!


He is Syncromatic!


Made by Brother in the 1950s!


You’ll see more of him during Quilt-Cam tonight!
9pm Eastern!
Be here with a project!


Of course, with all of this machine play and backing piecing the quilt didn’t actually make it into the machine until much later than hoped, and quilting didn’t start until after 9pm.

I found myself quilting into the wee small hours, and that is why this post is happening at 10:30am my time.  Boy, did that sleep in feel good.


Oh, how fun!

And yes, that sashing on the left says “1992!” it was the 500 year anniversary since Columbus “Sailed the ocean blue” in 1492!  Hey, it’s neutral, right? It’s 100% cotton, right?  It’s got text which is all of the rage right now, right?  And I cut it VERY small! LOL!



I’m using a pearl grey thread in an edge to edge design called Merry Go Round from Urban Elementz.  I scaled it down so the quilting is pretty dense, but that is my preference when quilting things with 1” finished squares.  I want the quilting to play a part in each and every patch.  I don’t want any square left without quilting in it.

Because the pattern is so dense, I’ve got a lot of quilting to do ahead of me, but I’ve got more than a week to do it.  We likely won’t head up to the cabin until Thursday.


You’ll find me here most of the day today!

I can’t wait for Quilt-Cam tonight….I’ll be able to show you how far I’ve gotten on this.  The baby “pinwheel” version also has a backing pieced and is waiting to be quilted as well.  These WILL be a digital download pattern as soon as quilts are done, photography is done, and patterns are written.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

And thankfully the opposite is true! The kind things we say can heal wounds we cannot see. Your smile can be the one thing that makes someone's day.

Vintage crumb quilt shared by a student during my Illinois workshops last week.

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone – see you tonight!

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  1. Bonnie, you've been on the road so often I wonder if you remember how to load a quilt on that longarm! I hope you can get some really good R&R.

  2. Hope to see you tonight...although I think I will have to watch after the fact. This quilt us so much fun.

  3. Handstitching hexies this morning. See you tonight!

  4. Hope to join you tonight for Quilt-Cam. Setting a reminder in my phone. I really hate this old age forgetfulness I am experiencing lately. More post-its and phone reminders should do the trick!

  5. YEA! I have NO meetings tonight to interrupt QuiltCAM! I love the black and white of the sashing. Those H Blocks just POP. Can't wait to see the whole view outside.

  6. Still haven't watched the last QuiltCam, but hope to watch tonight as I reorganize my quilt cave. I bought some new KALLAX shelves at IKEA and now have a nice counter to put my printer and such on.

  7. Love your Quote for Today. SO true! I am looking forward to watching QuiltCam on Catch up. All looks so interesting.

  8. Dot in Ohio10:14 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I am truly loving your Quotes for Today.


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