Monday, May 30, 2016

A Quilted Memorial Day, 2016!

Memorial Day is an important day in America. It's a day to give thanks, to pay tribute and to remember those who gave their lives to protect our country.

To those who served and gave their all, we thank you! Our debt to you is one we can never repay.

Happy Memorial day, everyone!

I am posting our Quiltville Quote of the Day at the top of this post instead of at the bottom just because it IS Memorial Day and I hope it will remind you of all that was lost so that we might have all that we enjoy. 

Whether you are spending your time with family and friends, or are one of the working force today, I hope you will take some time to reflect on those who gave all.

The quilt behind this quote was found just yesterday during an antiquing jaunt in West Jefferson, NC!

And oh the quilts I found!  MANY!  Some evidently have stories that will remain untold, but we can learn a lot just by looking at what we can see.  Take a look:


Kind of interesting?

Kind of ugly? LOL!

Look closer:


An even older quilt was used as batting!

You can see where one block has torn away revealing the older quilt underneath.  So very interesting!

And this one:


Love at first sight!

I love these little blocks…I love that the sashings are not straight across the rows, I love the scrappy burgundy and browns and blues of the 1900 era.  And then when I fold back that one corner I find:


Do you see it?

Fast forward 60 years!


Let’s get closer:


The one on the left is 1900, the one on the right?


This is such a scream!

I wish I knew the story.

There are many lovely quilts in the slide show below. I hope you will enjoy them!  Remember, you can hit pause for anything you want to spend more time on.


This box came home!

Someone has removed the vinyl covering from a Singer 99 box and refinished it.  It will be perfect for one of my Spartans that doesn’t have a base/case.  It was in the same booth with the time warp quilt.


There has been a lovely hike with a little brown dog!

It’s a glorious day so the plan is to go out on the motorcycle and head toward Tennessee and see what we can find. I’m hoping for some Barn Quilt photo opportunities!  It’s always fun to have something to look for like a treasure hunt when out on short trips.

Enjoy your Memorial Day, everyone!

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  1. Well that was a fun slide show!! Can't wait to see what you find today! It is pouring rain here!😂 Good day to sew!
    Hello from Donna in Harwich, MA

  2. A grand collection of old quilts. I particularly like the Log Cabin and the one with the bright red sashing. Hope you enjoyed your motorbike trip.

  3. Love seeing how the older quilt from beyond times. The use of MUSLIN, feedsack etc. makes them homey. Since they were most often hand quilted, the quilters were not afraid of OPEN SPACES. At times, the less complicated quilts are more real and beautiful.

    THANKS for the time travel :). Have a super Memorial Day -- when we honor our own.


  4. Thank you for sharing the lovely quilts. I don't think there is anywhere around where I live that sells antique quilts (Buffalo, NY). Thank you for taking the time to share. I so much appreciate you, Bonnie!

  5. That was the motherlode of quilt fun. Some great ones in there. I may have to go back and sketch a few out. Thanks for the fun post.

  6. I 💖 that ugly quilt, and someone else did too, for years.

  7. I love the old quilts that show that they "just made do". Using up every scrap of precious fabric they owned or could share. That is what drew me to quilting in the beginning. My first experience with making a quilt, was when my grandmother helped my mom make new "blankets" for my brothers recycled bunk beds. They were narrow, so she used whole cotton yardage (a cowboy print) on top, a striped flannel for backing and recycled "sheet blankets" instead of batting. They were tied with red yarn. They lasted well past my brother's HS graduations.

  8. Quilter's Newsletter has an article in the latest issue about "southern Scrap Quilts" by Pepper Cory. She mentions the use of one quilt inside another as batting just as your post shows. I'll never be a vintage quilt collector but love seeing all the ones you show us for inspiration.

  9. The owners of your Antique shops are way better at finding those old quilts than ours around here. Could the 60's mixed in quilt been one that was finished by a relative from a stack of older blocks? I saw a Hearts and Gizzards in there. I know it's called by another name. I forget what that was.

  10. Hi Bonnie,
    I have to tell a silly story on myself... Sometimes I don't have a ton of time when reading your blog and so I put adjust the speed at which I watch your slide shows.... so fast forward to quilt cam (an archived one).... I turned it on and you were talking really really fast and I thought... hmmm someone must have done something weir on the youtube copy.... yep!!! It was me! I had forgotten to readjust back to nomal speed. You sure can fast talk your way thru a quilt cam! Lol.... have a great day!

  11. I love the quilt behind the Memorial Day quote. I thought you might like to know that Anita Grossman Solomon of "Make it Simpler" has a similar quilt on her site called "Ginger and Fred". It is definitely on my list.


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