Sunday, May 01, 2016

Some Wichita Antique Quilt Sightings!

When I taught in Wichita, Kansas a couple of weeks ago (How can it feel like much longer than that already?!) I had the morning free as my flight out happened mid afternoon.

I had met Jean in one of my Wichita Workshops with the Prairie Quilt Guild, and she, also being a lover antiques, quilts and machines, offered to  be my partner in quilt-crime and hit some antique places she knew about, and finish up with a nice Mexican lunch before dropping me off at the airport for my return trip home.

We ended up hitting only ONE place.  Paramount Antique Mall was so huge and had so much quilt-eye-candy that by the time we were done, it was time for lunch and airport drop off.

I have held on to these photos for a post since returning home!  There were other scheduled posts that had to happen on certain dates, there were things I wanted to post about my own projects that these lovely quilts have waited until now to make their appearance here on the blog.

I needed TIME to edit the photos down.  And I got to revisit each and every quilt-find as I did so, remembering exactly how I felt the moment we first uncovered them.

Some extraordinary.  Some simple and well worn.  ALL wonderful in their own right!

There were also other things sewing-related that I had never seen before.


Zipper display!  Full of zippers!


Each in its own little tube!

Now think about this.  This is a circa 1950s zipper display case.  HOW in the world did it stay as it was, with all of the zippers in all of the colors in all of the sizes intact?  What was the story behind this being stored away for 60+ years?  I can imagine the seamstress of the 1950s wandering over to the fabric department of her local store, choosing just the right zipper to go with the outfit she wanted to make for next Saturday’s lawn party.  I can see that outfit in my head.  Full skirt?  Or narrow?  Matching gloves. handbag and hat?


There were quilts from earlier eras, this one 1930s.


Hello, Anna Wallace!

Was this a scrap from your dress?


Adaline, nice to meet you!


Double wedding ring with pink and purple cornerstones.


Machines with stories to tell, if only they could speak.

And vintage hankies, so  daintily delicate!


Lone star quilt so expertly hand quilted.


The simplicity of a 16 patch set with double pink.


A Pine cone rug made with the smallest of scrap bag pieces.


My heart jumped for joy!  Or H!

Look how fun and wonky!

There are too many to just post each photo.  I hope you will enjoy the full slide show via Youtube video.  I have had comments both ways on the use of Youtube slide shows.  Some of you are loving it.  Some of you are emailing me to let me know how disappointed you are in the new format.  The thing you need to know is that these slide shows take a lot of time to edit and upload.  I know they are not perfect for everyone.  I can’t help that Picasa Web Albums are not continuing, and the Google Web Albums so far are not user friendly, and there is no embedded slide show version from the google web album pages.  Things change, and we must go on.

The biggest thing is TIME for me.  It takes an incredible amount of time to post each and every day, sometimes twice a day. It takes a lot of time to build a slide show and set it with effects and music, so all I’m asking is that instead of emailing me about what you DON’T like about this new format, find one thing you DO like.  No one likes changes, but there is no progress without them.

Enjoy!  Remember, you can use the pause button at any time to view something longer.

Jeff and Sadie headed down the mountain this morning.  It’s been pouring for two days.  We fell asleep in a deluge last night, awoke to another hosing down storm burst this morning as well.  Luckily it has been just rain, no thunder so Sadie isn’t having any episodes.  Sadie went home with Jeff, and I’ll head home tomorrow or Tuesday to prepare for leaving for the Grand Hotel Needle Art Seminar – I leave Wednesday!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage double nine patch quilt found in Sioux Falls, South Dakota last week.

Today I'm grateful for friends and family who have stood by me, often uplifting me when my own strength failed me. My life is far happier with you in it!

I'm also thinking of family and friends who have passed beyond this life. I am indeed stronger because of your examples. You are greatly missed!

Have a beautiful Sunday, everyone!

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  1. I want to thank you first for all the time you do devote to your blog posts. I'm faithful to it each morning and am always delighted with the content, thoughtful reminders to find the GOOD in change and your lovely quotes. You share so much of yourself with us. I haven't watched the slide show yet, but want to thank you for showing the zipper case display!! I have two of those cute containers with the zips (Valerie says it that way!) still in them -- you've solved the question of how they were displayed. Don't you just sleep great with heavy rain sans the thunder and lightening? I do. Glad you had time with Jeff and Sadie is on her way home with him. I'm excited about your upcoming trip . . . is it really here already?!! Looking forward to the airing of the quilts on the Grand Hotel's front porch rails. Have a lovely Sunday! Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  2. Anonymous11:15 AM EDT

    Bonnie -

    When I come across slide shows like yours I know I can hover my mouse over the progress bar and it will give me a tiny preview of what is at that time marker. I can click on the bar to jump to that place in the stream. This lets me see the slides at my own pace (usually faster) and if I want to linger I just click the pause.

    I like the slide show format like this as some other formats cannot be controlled by the viewer.

    Debbie - Studio3D@ccgmail.net

  3. I love it! I'm getting ready to spend all day at the 2nd job (which cuts into my quilting time) and I get to start my morning with beautiful quilts and fun music! Thank you! Beth @ Words & Stitches.

  4. Anonymous11:26 AM EDT

    Bonnie, this slideshow is fabulous - a great way to see so many quilts that many of us would never to get to see. Thank you for all the time you spend on the blog - the posts are great & i am always amazed at how much you get through everyday - i'm retired and i feel quite lazy compared to you :-) i am a beginner quilter so still learning how to be more efficient with my time but enjoying the process of learning how to choose fabrics, patterns & how to quilt. Thanks for your enthusiasm!!

  5. Bonnie
    I loved the slide show! I have family in Wichita..where is this antique mall?? Definitely need to visit next time I'm in Kansas!!

  6. Boy, you came across some lovelies! Thanks for taking the time to share them with us. Enjoy the mountain!!!

  7. Hi, Bonnie! Can you let us know the name of the quilt mall you visited in Wichita? Looks like a great find!
    :) Kansas Kim

  8. Thank You for sharing...Treasure Hunting is the thing I miss the most...none of the places we go to have this kind of thing anymore...guess they have all been snapped up... it is always fun to tag along with you...<3

  9. I didn't comment, because I had no complaint, I guess, like the little boy who never talked until Mother burned the biscuits! Love the slide shows, we're seeing quilts we would never get to see otherwise! Thanks so much~as for the music, take it or leave it, but don't those people who complain have a volume control they can use if the music bothers them? Sometimes you just can't do enough for some people! Ignore them and let the rest of us enjoy!

  10. You hit the mother lode of quilts. There were some great ones. I can't understand why people don't keep their relatives quilts and just use them. I found myself doing that with my grandmothers quilts and finally decided to just use them. She made them because she enjoyed it and they were made to be used. I love seeing them on my bed and cuddling up with them.

  11. I love this slide show version - it works on my ipad, Picassa didn't so i had to wait til i was using my desktop.

    I am about to leave for the last - abbreviated - day of quilt camp. I hate packing stuff up, especially as it's not all finished. And this will stay packed up til i get back from Michigan, when i'll bring home a few more unfinished things! :) but i have no more quilting jaunts til October retreat. Looking forward to seeing you there.

  12. I continue to be amazed and embarrassed that anyone would complain. REALLY PEOPLE! You want something for nothing AND you have to have it your way? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Bonnie, thank you for your tolerance of those complaints. I appreciate that you forge onward. You could as easily cease and desist allowing comments, remove your email, or flat quit blogging.

    Thank you for all you do for each and every one of us as you record your life story publicly for all of us to enjoy, learn and grow.

    I admire your "stickwithitness" :-)

  13. Silvia Semar11:57 AM EDT

    Thank you Bonnie for a wonderful Sunday morning slide show. I appreciate you taking so much time everyday to share. It does not go unnoticed. Blessings to you and your family.

  14. Thank you Bonnie. I love all you do. You give us a gift everyday when you share your daily adventure.
    Have a wonderful trip to the Grand Hotel

    Aileen in Florida

  15. I'm leaving Wednesday too! I can't believe it's almost here. I've been looking forward to this since you were at the Grand Hotel the first time.

  16. Anonymous12:05 PM EDT

    it is so sad that folks have to be negative - I am reminded of Thumper's lesson from Disney's Bambi movie, "if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all." Not only that but to ignore the amount of time and effort and energy you put into your blog and your work is to look a gift horse in the mouth! you are so amazing Bonnie and I am gratful to be able to follow along with you in your travels and your work and your wonderful home and family life. The world is a better place - and the quilting world is a better place because you are in it. Thank you.
    Margo Piikkila, Canada

  17. Anonymous12:09 PM EDT

    Where did you find the quilts in Sioux Falls? I live in Sioux Falls and never find quilts! I do go to 2nd hand stores, consignment malls, etc but only find new quilts that I could make myself! Love those old quilts.

  18. Anonymous12:21 PM EDT

    I am amazed that people would complain about your slide shows. It is obvious that they have no concept of the time it takes to put them together...and for who? Yourself? You already have the photos! Your generosity continues to amaze me and I can see I'm not the only one who appreciates what you give us. It's rainy in Michigan right now. Not sure about the weather Up North but enjoy your stay. Someday...
    Jill in Michigan

  19. Good afternoon, Bonnie. I want to thank you for the time you take to share with us your travels, picture slide shows, and now the music.I look forward to every viewing what you have posted on your blog. I know how much effort it takes to share these blogs with us. I am amazed that you have learned how do all of those "techie" things. Lol. I am not tech savvy. To those who don't like the new venues, as I always tell some of my friends, change the channel! Its a rainy day in Philadelphia, but I am always inspired by your daily quotes and quilts. As always safe travels to both you and you hubby, since you both travel so much.

  20. Bonnie,
    I try to read your blog everyday. There are times I have to read two or three days of blogs at a time. I don't see how you do so much in a day. I am retired and I think it would take me three days to get done what you do in one.
    My husband and I have visited the Grand Hotel in Michigan. I envy everyone who gets to be in your classes.
    Keep up the good work and don't worry about complainers. They probably won't be happy no matter what.

  21. I did prefer the Picasa format as it was easier to view the pics one by one, but like you say, change happens and we must move on. It's easy enough to hit the pause button when I want to spend more time on a photo. The addition of music is a nice bonus also. I really appreciate the time you take to share your quilting and travel adventures with everyone. I get to see places that I would never get to visit otherwise.

  22. Thanks for sharing your travels in any format. Fun for those of us who can't get to workshops, or the areas around them

  23. Kelsie H2:59 PM EDT

    Good Morning Bonnie: Thank you for such a huge selection of quilts. I have been to a "flea market" this morning and only saw one quilt - just 5" patches - rather boring, so it is terrific to see the variety that you always find. We plan on being snowbirds this winter so I hope to find more in person. OH, I did find a folding sewing machine table. I must say I really like todays slide show. I didn't care for the one that spent a lot of time zooming in and out, it was great to go from picture to picture. Thank you for the time you spend doing this. Cheers, KelsieH

  24. Anonymous4:33 PM EDT

    The slide show is great! Thanks for sharing so that all of us get to take the "tour"!!
    I always get so much out of your blog posts....and love all your quilts....
    Safe travels !!
    Sandra B

  25. loving the slide show, thanks for sharing -- you take me to so many places with your blog & photos, I visit your site everyday wondering where I'll be off to this time

  26. Anonymous6:24 PM EDT

    Good evening Bonnie. It too has been raining here in Delaware... So I love the slide show... even more that when I 'blow it up' the pictures do not get grainy or distort. Thank you so much for sharing all those awesome finds... Remember ladies to put a label on your quilts or in 50 - 75 years there will be someone like Bonnie roaming the antique malls looking at our quilts and wondering, hmmm I wonder who made this and just WHAT WAS SHE THINKING!

    Thanks again Bonnie for sharing your life with us.

    Carrie Dobos

  27. This is the perfect time for m to tell you how much you have impacted my quilting life. I have adopted and adapted your scrap saver methods and am now on my second scrappy quilt using anything and everything in my stash. Your busy schedule and the number of quilts you manage to finish inspire me to make better use of my time. Thank you for what you have done to perpetuate quilting for future generations. I also appreciate the time you spend on your blog--love following you on your adventures. Zollj@bpsnetworks.com

  28. amazing quilts and a great slide show. So many variations on the basic 9 patch made into beautiful quilts. Makes me want to start one (only about 5 UFOs). Wish people would understand you do these blog posts and slide shows as a bonus from you, not something they have to pay for. thank you for all the "extras" you do for us.

  29. I remember zippers in those little round cases from the 60s and 70s, so the display may not be quite as old as the 50s.

    I'm also curious about where you found quilts in Sioux Falls.

  30. You are an inspiration to get up and do something! I don't know how you accomplish so much. My only complaint is I can't seem to keep up! Thank you for all you do for us!

  31. What a varied group of quilts! I liked the slideshow. I had to go back and repeat parts of it as I got sidetracked in my sewing room and missed some. I see that the last quilt was definitely a Bonnie style quilt. I find the album quilts fascinating.

  32. Thank you for sharing your adventures. I'll see you at Mackinac Island on Saturday. We've been looking forward to this trip for over a year!

  33. Thanks for sharing your pics and thoughts, Bonnie. What an amazing collection of quilts. Those zippers packaged that way were still being used in the early 60s. I graduated in '62 and that's the way all zippers came. I loved the little plastic cases; they were great to use for buttons that were the same. You know we never threw away any well-used garment before we cut off the buttons and if they matched we put them in the plastic cases. I think I still have one or two stashed in my sewing room.

  34. Oh, how I would love to live with places that had such treasure troves to visit and shop.
    I do remember being a little girl and going into town with my dad or grandpa and money in my pocket and a note saying which zipper to buy for my mother. I'd forgotten about those little plastic containers. We used them post-zipper as storage containers for tiny beads for beadwork. Lovely memory!

  35. Wow - what a collection of spectacular quilts! How neat to see them all in one place.

  36. I like the new format, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to see all these beautiful quilts. I look forward to your blogs each day.

  37. Anonymous6:29 AM EDT

    Love, love, love the new slide show format. The only thing that would make it better is if you sang along! :0) Pat Sadie for me!
    Liz Gillam

  38. Hey Bonnie:
    Your Zipper Display made me smile. I'm soon to be 60 and I remember purchasing zippers in a plastic container! I'm sure I have one here somewhere.
    I am so grateful that you share your life with us. I am able to experience places all over the world that I will never see and the quilts ; the quilts are glorious! I love seeing them.
    Sometimes I feel a bit sad looking at these old girls. They took so much time and love to complete. Some ladies could only make one in their lifetimes. When I viewed some of the quilt photos, I noticed that they were juxtaposed to the scaling concrete floor. (Not a criticism) It brought to mind our cultures view of the elderly. We become irrelevant. These works or art were something in their day. But, as time marches on, we get a little tattered and worn and find ourselves relegated to the basement. I marvel when I see one that looks like it just came off the quilters frame.

  39. I watched the slide show again this morning. Thank you for all the detail shots of the quilts so I could see the fabrics and quilting better. Your quotes will look lovely on them in future posts! Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  40. Bonnie, I also want to thank you for your giving spirit and all that you do to help people. It is always a treat to read your blog posts, see where you are and what you are teaching. Browse the antique malls with you and read your inspirational quotes! Watching quilt cam reinforces things learned in your class and is just a feel good time. I'm happy that you have the cabin in the mountains that you can retreat to and that you share the beauty that you experience there. It saddens me to know that some people are not kind and appreciative of your efforts. I admire all that you accomplish and hope to one day show and tell my finished Roll Roll Cottonboll all quilted and bound.
    You're the best Bonnie!

  41. This is by far my favorite antique mall in Wichita. Every time I go back to visit family in Abilene we plan a day trip of antiquing to Wichita and Paramount takes up most of our day. I knew you'd get plenty of quilt pictures! So glad you had a good time!!!!!


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