Monday, May 02, 2016

Sunshine on the Mountain & Some Finishes!

This morning the storms have finally gone away, leaving my mountain bathed in sunlight, highlighting my morning with a chorus of birdsong.

I can’t believe how the trees have leafed out into fullness with the last great push over the past 4 days that I’ve been up here.

The rain has a comfort all its own – we were VERY dry and needed the rain desperately.  But as human as we are, 3 days of solid rain leaves us a bit impatient for the sun to return.

Watch.  Now the sun will turn everything hot and humid and I’ll wish for the rain to come back and cool things off again.

Fickle humans that we are!

There have been some finishes here during my mountain time:


I got the binding finished for the celebrity QOV Auction!

And yes, there has been an incredible amount of binge watching while all of this binding has gone on.  Person of Interest and couple fun movies while Jeff was here – Harry & the Hendersons and 13 going on 30, and I’ve found myself also into “How to Get Away with Murder” as well as Republic of Doyle which takes place in St Johns Newfoundland –so fun and very Canadian!  Oh, and the movie Begin Again with Kiera Knightley. Great soundtrack, ended up buying it on Amazon.  How come I never heard of this movie before?  All fun to watch while stitching away.


All bound and ready to send off!


Fun Americana on the back!

The only thing is…I don’t know what to write on the label more than the usual.  I might find myself attaching a second label with the story behind the quilt – the email came from Marianne Fons yesterday that they want “PRETTY” labels.  Now she tells me. LOL!  I need this to go into the mail tomorrow because I leave for Mackinac and the Grand Hotel on Wednesday –and there isn’t time to make the deadline if I wait until I get back.  Pretty label or not, it’s going in the mail tomorrow!


Absolutely loving the quilting texture!

If you are looking for this block pattern, Winston Ways is found in my book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.  You can also find just the block pattern as well as several other of my blocks in the book 1000 blocks by Quilter Magazine available in the Quiltville Store.

There was also THIS binding finish:


Just a peek!

I’ve been calling this quilt BIG GREEN because it is big.  And it is green.  And it is slated for a future book release so I can’t share the whole thing.  I need to have my proposal in for a fall 2018 release of the NEXT book down the pipeline in this month.  That’s why I’ve been cranking so hard, and I only have about 1/2 of the quilts done.  

Do you see what I mean about no rest –ever?  While finishing up one book, you are working like crazy on quilts for the next book down the line, and thinking about what quilts you want to do for the next book after that.  And this is with a 2 year time span in between book releases. 


Sub-cut and ready to attach!


H blocks getting sashing!



I have had the most fun doing these sashings this past week.  Monotonous? Yes.  Restful? Yes!  Nothing hard, just strip piecing and sub cutting. Perfect treadle project.

Next up:


Neutral sashings and multi-colored cornerstones!

This morning I’ve got a bit of computer work to do, after all the weekend IS over, and things have to be taken care of, but there will be plenty of time to sew this together this afternoon/evening.

The decision has been made to turn this quilt into a digital download pattern.  It’s pretty intensive piecing, and it will need to be finished, quilted and bound before there can be a pattern be made available.  I’m also thinking of adding some alternates for those who don’t want an H – pinwheels would fit nicely and dance in a very fun way in place of the H’s.  So would a regular 9 patch.  So those options will be included when I get around to writing this thing!

I looked back to when I first started making the H blocks, I know it’s been more than a year, just a few here and a few there, mostly as a cabin project, but eventually if we keep plugging at it in between deadlines for other things, we have a very fun quilt!

I’m heading home in the morning.  I’m just not ready to leave here yet.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Dresden plate quilt found in Sioux Falls South Dakota.

I firmly believe that we can make big changes in our lives if we start with this one little thing. Our thoughts determine our actions, our actions bring us to our future. Which thoughts are you watering today? Make sure they are leading you where you want to spend the rest of your life.
Much love on a Monday --

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  1. Thank your for being such an inspiration. I love reading your blog. God love you for pushing yourself so hard and sharing your achievements with others. We also have two homes and travel between then, so I know how much work it is to keep that up, in addition to all the traveling your do. Someday I hope to be close to where you will be, as I'd love to attend one of your classes. Have a wonderful week!

    Connie Snyder

  2. pretty label?
    ok, pretty in pink =^} ...... or red, or blue, or green, but no white
    when your name alone makes me smile, that's pretty enough for me!
    guess that I am not that exceptional and not the only one
    love how the laughing quilt turned out!

  3. Love, love, loving your H Quilt! When I saw the black and white the black and white the first word to jump in my head was "Beetlejuice"!
    I spent the weekend working on my tumblers, after finishing up my Allietare I needed to work on something a little easier. The top is almost ready for final border selection. Then I need to spend some time in the basement getting some quilting done. I have several tops waiting now.
    Safe travels!

  4. Hi Bonnie:
    I am always amazed by your high levels of creativity and productivity! I love that QOV quilt; I just want to reach out and feel the texture of it! Thanks for the motivation and encouragement you provide me in my quilting endeavors. I just finished my "Cold Turkey" top and am on to the borders, but I am probably going to switch them up a bit from the pattern in the book. I plan to see you in Texas next February for two classes with Minding my P's and Q's in Denton. Safe travels!

  5. Love your blog
    I need to make a little correction
    It is saint john's newfoundland!
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  6. Thanks for great words of wisdom this morning! And always so much sewing inspiration!

  7. I love the black and white block border choice with the white sashing. It really makes this quilt fun. Will look forward to the pattern!

  8. It wouldn't be too hard to make a 'C' in place of the H. Any free form letter could be put in there. You have made the most of your cabin time. I'm happy for the Sun after the rain. Did you see a rainbow?

  9. It wouldn't be too hard to make a 'C' in place of the H. Any free form letter could be put in there. You have made the most of your cabin time. I'm happy for the Sun after the rain. Did you see a rainbow?

  10. Anonymous11:02 AM EDT

    One word to describe you - AMAZING! You are so generous with your time and can accomplish more in one day than what I could hope to in a month :-) Enjoy the rest of your day at the cabin. Anne D.

  11. After reading about designing, piecing, and finishing a whole book load of quilts every two years, plus teaching/traveling all over the world, plus designing and making quilts for your free pattern section on your blog, plus the quilts designed and made for your digital patterns AND your new published single patterns (in the cute envelopes!), not to even mention the extra stuff like the Quilt of Valor.......and family life......um.....I'm ready to go take a nap.

  12. Didn't even mention quilt cam, posting on
    Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and quiltville chat group......and personally responding to emails....

  13. I hope you know how much all of your fans appreciate the hard work that you do so that we can enjoy your beautiful blog and quilting books! I know that I have personally bought all of your books and treasure them for their quilty inspiration. I also know that I have spent days, weeks, months, years exploring and re-exploring every inch of your blog! I just wanted to say 'thank you!' for all the effort that goes on behind-the-scenes!

  14. Adore the H-quilt!! Looking forward to the pattern release. You get an amazing amount of work done!

  15. Such good advice, and I love how the H quilt has come along. I wonder......if I could make P's?? Have to think about it. Thanks for sharing so many fun projects, tip and ideas and wise sayings. Have fun on the Island!

  16. Anonymous6:53 PM EDT

    Love the H quilt.

  17. I just love the H block I want to do this one but alas my name starts with an L played with some ideas for that but thought no I like the H's so when I start and finish (LOL).
    I will call it H is for ...
    Happy or
    Hope or
    Humble or
    Hallelujah... quilt (just cause I finally finished one)
    Thanks for the quotes I know I need to read them everyday.

  18. Pretty Label? Add your beautiful handwriting!

  19. I can hardly wait for the "H" pattern to come out. With our last name being Holder and the mother of 3 sons and grandsons I only need a half dozen of this pattern. I really cherish the time I spend with you each day. Thanks for being such a happy and positive person.

  20. Anonymous11:35 PM EDT

    Wow! You really got some beautiful vintage quilts in Sioux Falls! Love the H quilt and the comment about Beetle juice sashings. I thought of that too. Plugging away on my Texas Tumbleweeds blocks. The 4 1/2 inch Olfa template block and those little snippy scissors are two of the best things I have ever purchased for quilting. Thanks for bringing them to the workshops along with your books. Hope you have wonderful warm weather at Mackinac Island.

    Pat T and the Mocha 301

  21. Oh, those H blocks look SO cute and colorful and the black and white border around the blocks just sets them off to a T. I will be buying that pattern, for sure!

  22. What a fun, fun post. Can't wait to see BIG GREEN, or to buy the new book, and I LOVE the quilt in progress. It's so fun and lively. Love too today's saying: "water what works." It's a really good reminder for me this morning. I"m just letting what's not working fall away--no need to try to fix the toxic, is there? Hooray! My very best to you this morning!


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