Saturday, May 07, 2016

A Grand Place to Hexie!

It’s just after 7am as I sit here at my little writing table in my room at the Grand Hotel.  I’ve got the window cracked open just a bit for some fresh air and I can hear gulls calling to one another.

Every once in a while the bird call is interrupted by the sound of horse’s hooves clip=clopping up the hill from the ferry docks in town.  The sound is barely audible in the distance, but as the horses draw closer, the jingle jangle of the reins and tackle, the turn of the carriage wheels on pavement, and the murmur of excited voices as passengers arrive at their destination is heard.

I love this sound!  I love this place!  And this hotel, it goes without saying –if anyone asked me where my favorite place to teach would be, it would have to be here.

There are just no sour-puss faces here.  How can you be out of sorts when you are in a magical place like this?


Hexies on the front porch at the Grand!

My workshop didn’t start until 1pm yesterday, and I found myself with time to spare.  Why stay in my room when i could pull a rocking chair up to the railing, enjoy the geraniums, watch boats cross the blue blue water with the beautiful Mackinac Bridge in the distance?  PERFECTION!


Every once in a while a carriage would cross in front of me!

I’m so happy yesterday’s weather cooperated.  My next 5 days are going to be maxxed out with full to the gills workshops and there won’t be morning porch-time. 


Yesterday’s A Little Bit Hexie Workshop!

I brought samples, big and small.  The ladies were so excited!  I asked the room  for a show of hands on just who had NEVER tried their hand at English Paper Piecing before, and nearly half the room raised their hands!

OH GOOD!  Perfect opportunity to gather more addicts!


Quietly stitching, enjoying our time!

Classes without machines are really very interesting.  There is more conversation.  And there are moments of quiet contemplation. We are one with needle and thread!


“Getting to know you, getting to know all about you….” **singing**


Oh, these are coming along nicely!


Great job, ladies!

We have visitors from all over the USA, including 4 from Alaska!  We’ve also got Sandra who is here from the UK, and she brought in a couple of her own hexie projects to share:




And get a load of that chandelier!!


Alex brought in her current hexie project!

This design from Geta Gamma


How far can you get in a 3 hour class?

About this far!

But the best part is…they have their project to work on whenever they have a moment throughout the rest of our time here.  If they don’t have porch time, there is always the large parlor with comfy chairs and beautiful window light.  There will be time to stitch while making memories.


What a great kick-off!


So happy to be here with you!


Table setting at dinner!

When was the last time you had 11 pieces of silverware at your table?  Dinner was fabulous, and we enjoyed the perfect end to our day:


The GRAND Pecan ball!  Oh my!

Today is our first full day workshop, Charlotte’s Baskets!  I just know we are going to have a great time.

My lecture is tonight, followed by another fabulous meal in the dining room.  I’m going to have to get more steps in, or get bigger clothes!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I'm thinking of this, not only because it's Mother's Day weekend, but because there is so much that is taken for granted. There are people all around us who do little things as well as big things everyday that go unnoticed.

Today is a good day to start taking notice of those who make our daily lives a better place to thrive. Let them know they are appreciated!

Cheddar bow ties quilt shared by a student in Michigan. Free pattern found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone! 

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  1. I think that sounds like the perfect workshop - I only like to use a sewing machine when I want to and that has put me off workshops as I don't know if I would actually be in the mood when the time comes - but I'm always in the mood for hand stitching!

  2. So, so envious of that setting. There's some pretty hexi work there! What do you think of using batiks for hexis, or applique for that matter? I love their look, but I've heard people suggest they are hard to hand sew.

  3. I am so envious of the location & your hexie workshop! Your larger hexie quilt for your son is amazing & is going to be a true heirloom! Thank you for taking me along today & everyday with your wonderful pictures!!

  4. what a gorgeous spot to be hexying in.
    Bonnie Alex's project looks more like the work of http://gritslife1.blogspot.com.au/p/hexagonquilt.html
    than Geta's.

  5. Enjoying watching your classes..and posts about everything as I always do.....happy mothers day to you....

  6. So glad you enjoy our beautiful Michigan treasure. The island is truly a beauty. I have followed your blog for several years and have just recently finished several memory quilt tops for my children and grandchildren from my husbands sport shirts (plus one just for myself) using your patterns. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog all those years ago, you have expanded my quilting pleasures! Marian

  7. Wow, Happy Mother's day. I see my mom Betty Manuel sewing her Hexies. Hope your all having a great time.

  8. You could not have chosen a more beautiful place for a workshop. Do you quilt your hexies quilts when finished or are they considered finished when you are done putting all the hexies on. Happy Mother's day.

  9. Inspires me to finish my Grand Illusion quilt!!!! Love everything about that quilt. The colors, the inspiration, the story... The designer - brilliant!

  10. When sewing Batik hexie's what size needle do you find works best?


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