Monday, May 16, 2016

A Sunday to Assemble!

It’s kind of fun to sew a variation.

I look at it this way – I already KNOW the pitfalls.  All of the math has been figured out.  I simply need to do some counting, some cutting, and some assembly line sewing and before I knew it I had the baby pinwheel quilt top together!

It felt GOOD to do a smaller project. 

Do you realize this is the 2nd small quilt I’ve finished in the past month?  Or as in this case, just got to the top stage, but it still counts!

I am thinking there needs to be a book on baby sized quilts in my future!

I have been mulling that over for a project down the road, and I think it needs to be brought closer to the front burner.  I've sure had fun doing the past couple of small quilts that have come my way.

As far as I know "Winston Ways" the small version has arrived for its place in the silent auction which benefits Quilts of Valor.  I'm hoping that someone will attend and take photos so I can share them here with you.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!  Someone get photos of ALL the quilts in the silent auction!  I'm so anxious to see what else was turned in.

I appreciate your efforts!

All laid out and ready to assemble!

I also appreciate having a large “design floor” space in the family room area of the cabin basement!

9 blocks, only 9 blocks!



Now to get both the H quilt and this one quilted.  And bound.  And sleeved.  And labeled.  That will have to happen NEXT trip home.


The wind finally died down.

And I am able to show you the quilt top over a small bench on my side yard.  The greenery here is lush and beautiful and I love how it surrounds me like a hug.  After being in Northern Michigan, which still shows little sign of trees having leaves at all, I want to surround myself with as much green as I can.


And beautiful mountain laurel, petals so pink and delicate!

The rush is now on to get everything ready for my trip to Illinois in the morning. I’m flying into Midway, a new airport for me, but the guild said it would be more convenient picking me up there than going all the way in to O’Hare, and I’m up for new adventure.  Especially if it avoids O’Hare!

I’ve got a dentist check up and cleaning this afternoon so I will be sure to take my best smile to visit the Pride of the Prairie Quilters of Plainfield, IL!

And if I’m a good girl and get it all done, I may be able to sneak in a bit of piecing from home tonight.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Along with all of the pushing, striving, reaching, and hoping for something better, there are days when you just have to appreciate who you are, where you are right now. Today is that day!

You can see from the photo of this quilt that it is shredded due to hard use in some places. Literally loved to bits, this quilt is still beautiful in its own way, perfectly imperfect, just as it is.  I think that applies to US too, don’t you?

**Side Note**  This quilt was only stitched in the ditch to hold it together.  If the quilting had crossed seam lines to further anchor the pieces, it may have fared better.  Consider that when choosing quilting designs!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Interesting tidbit about crossing the fabric pieces to potentially give the quilt longer life, but it makes sense.

  2. Enjoy your visit to Illinois; I lived there for many years. Midway is a great airport ... anytime you can avoid O'Hare is a plus in my book! LOVE these quilts ... you've made me revisit the idea of setting blocks in a "wonky" style and loved the black/white sashings! Travel safe ;-) Linda H

  3. Midway is a great airport to fly into. We do it often on our way to CO. It must be a shorter runway, so be prepared for a rather quick stop. Gets me everytime! Have a wonderful trip!

  4. tsjarvisgoic@gmail.com
    I do enjoy reading of your adventures in travel and quilting.......my two most favorite pastimes or activities!
    What an exciting and fulfilling life you lead........

  5. Anonymous11:04 AM EDT

    Scrappy baby quilts book - I'm all in! What a great idea for a future book :-) Anne Deedrick

  6. I would love for you to do a book of baby quilts -- and maybe some of them could be variations of quilts you've already published. (On some of your mysteries I've given myself permission to make a much smaller version when I've bogged down. I just love scrappy baby quilts)

  7. Where and when is the QOV auction that has your Winston Ways mini?

  8. Smaller projects give one such a feeling of accomplishment - with larger quilts, I get so sick of looking at it by the time it's finished, and my enjoyment then becomes work.

  9. Love the new smaller version of your H quilt - the pinwheels and B&W squares really give it a great finish :)

  10. Your quilt is awesome!

  11. My quilting group sews baby quilts to donate to our city's Children's Hospital. We find such reward in sewing small quilts; we can try out a pattern or color combination or quilting technique without committing to a full quilt.

  12. I think babies will love the black and white contrast in this quilt with all the bright colors. Great quilt, Bonnie!

  13. Anonymous8:14 PM EDT

    Love this small quilt!! I have been in a small quilt phase recently, and I love it....don't get me wrong....nothing beats a big quilt for snuggling, but I have really enjoyed this change...and I am getting some finishes on wall hanging/table toppers off my Unfinished Projects list...these have been hanging around since last year!! I will get back to the large quilts soon....
    Safe travels!!
    Sandra B

  14. Love the idea of a baby quilt book. I would there would be variations from easy to complex for all ability levels.

    I absolutely LOVE this baby quilt you have made. The bright colors and use of black and white stripes would be so mentally stimulating for a baby!

    Thanks for all you do!

    Karen in Kentucky

  15. bonnie
    love the idea of a baby quilt book...!! have a safe trip and enjoy the journey!!
    Vicki in md

  16. Pat Greenberg9:04 AM EDT

    Please, please do write a book on scrap baby quilts. Some day I'm going to get to take one of your classes. Come to Denver again Bonnie!

  17. Another vote for a book on baby quilts. It seems that small quilts are making a comeback. . . perhaps because of the high price of fabric? Making small quilts brings me just as much challenge and satisfaction as larger ones. I so enjoy them!

  18. I adore the baby quilt. Its fun and wonky and beautiful! I'd love make this quilt! When is the book coming out?


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