Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Quilt-Cam! 5/3/2016

Hooray for an extra day to play this week, giving us Quilt-Cam opportunity to make up for the bust that happened last week when we lost sound!

Funny story, though maybe not so funny because it just shows that I am indeed losing my mind – All week I’ve been thinking that I fly to Michigan tomorrow, Wednesday.  On my drive home from the cabin today I was suddenly alarmed that I did not get my usual 24-hours-in-advance email allowing me to check in online.

I checked my Delta App.  It said I had 19 hours until check in.  OOPS!  And HOORAY!

This feels like a bonus evening, and I get tomorrow to pull my stuff together to head to Michigan on Thursday.

Does this machine look familiar?  This Singer 500a or Rocketeer belongs to Jessie who sent it along during a past Quilt-Cam to share the Scrappy Trips blocks she was working on.


Here is mine, ready for some sewing tonight!

Even our Ikea lights match!  Woot!

You can even see my laptop in this shot, this is what is broadcasting Quilt-Cam when we have it.  Really high tech, aren’t we?


Block parts ready to sew!

Oh yes, it’s the infamous “Strong Men” hysterically funny neutral fabric again!  I’m down to the “bare bones” on this, not much left – though maybe I should say bare torsos? LOL!  Yes, it’s a circus here in the stash!

I am loving pairing fabrics together.  The center purple plaid in this match-up is about the same color as my Rhododendron at the cabin:


Poor thing, heavy laden and beaten to bits by torrential rain!

The rhodies grow wild in the blue ridge mountains and are in full bloom regalia right now.  Looking at this photo I can even smell the rain after-math. Mmmmm!  I hope to be back up there soon!


This is where we left off last week!

The pattern for Garlic Knots is found in my Addicted to Scraps column in the Jan/Feb 2014 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine.  Check your shelves for it, or see if a digital copy is available at Quiltmaker.com

I’m thinking baby quilt, but these are so fun I may go bigger!

Ready to sew? Click the arrow on the screen to start the feed and sew along with me!

Thanks for joining me tonight!  You can find past episodes of Quilt-Cam under the Quilt-Cam tab at the top of the blog.

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  1. Storms have been bad in Georgia as well. String Bean the Doxie and his sister Zoe the Pug have been glued to us all day! :)

  2. Bonnie,
    When we built my sewing room, my husband is sooooo concerned about safety that when the electric was set up he had it so when I turn off the lights it cut power to everything. He was afraid that I would leave the iron on 😀.
    Mary K.(from the liquid sunshine state of Washington)

  3. Anonymous10:06 PM EDT

    I suggest a Purple Tee color - Slogan: I do quilt cam - do you?
    barb H - happefam@optonline.net

  4. Now that Quilt Cam is over, how many reminders have you received about turning off your iron?

    LOL; thanks for tonight, Bonnie; safe travels to Michigan.
    AndiRae in MN

  5. Hi Bonnie
    It's Linda in Mangatangi, New Zealand here. I so enjoy quiltcam, and today for the first time,I watched live.(start time just after 1pm for me, now I have the time difference sorted!) Would have loved to message you right then, but didn't want to miss quiltcam while I figured out how!!
    I've been ironing my neutral and gold four patches for Allietare. Thank you for all your inspiration. :-)

  6. Bonnie,

    I just finished watching Quilt Cam. It was perfect! Glad to hear that other people have little gaps in their memory. I can't believe it is Wednesday already...and Thursday we leave for the Grand!!! All day Tuesday I was thinking it was Monday. I've packed a dozen times in my mind, but not in my suitcase.

    As for the tee shirt...I just made myself giggle thinking "Shift Happens" should go on the bottom part of the back.

  7. Forgetting the day you travel something I used to do a lot when I travel for my job I had a friend who fell asleep on an airplane and woke up and had no idea where she was and where she was going she had to get out her ticket to figure it out so rested sure you were not alone

  8. Great QuiltCam! For the t-shirt how about
    I quilt with Bonnie at Quiltville!
    Very neat to see how you made the knot blocks from strip sets. So smart!

  9. Had so much fun watching quilt-cam last night. Couldn't watch live since it was our 17 th wedding anniversary, so had to spend time with him😉. He is such a good guy it was worth it. Love the garlic knot block. Have a safe journey & enjoy Michigan

  10. Just discovered your "Quilt Cam" and I LOVE IT! It give me just the motivation to work on that quilt I am trying to finish, yet makes me feel as if I am not sewing alone while I do it! I will try to catch a live feed sometime, but until then, I am so glad to see them on you tube. I can just pick one and let it play while I work and it is awesome! No one I know quilts, so I feel like I have a quilting buddy there with me as I work. Keep up the quilt cams! :)


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