Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Quilty Things from Where I Stand!

My Tumblers are screaming at me to get them done!

We have just about a month until the NEXT Leader & Ender challenge starts.

Will you be ready?

I’m kind of excited about it, actually, even if this tumbler Leader & Ender project is just that much shy of being done.

I have worked on it ONLY as Leaders & Enders through the year and I love seeing how much has been accomplished with no “real” construction time or wasted thread in between the lines of sewing other bits of patchwork. I LOVE all the scrappy bits in it!

And if we DO start the new Leader & Ender project in July….maybe I can then kick THIS one into primary status where it doesn’t have to be a strictly Leader & Ender thing anymore.


Today’s Lay Out!

There is one row just laid a the top, almost long enough so it will soon be ready to attach.

I’m going to have to cut some more DARK tumblers…I’ve got plenty of the neutrals, but my colors are starting to dwindle and the mix isn’t that interesting any more.  I may spend some time in the scraps doing that today.

While we are on the subject of Leader & Ender projects, I wanted to share a note from Norma in NY.  She writes:

I’ve thanked you for changing how and what I quilt, but I just wanted you to know (for sure) that there *are* those of us out here who do the Leaders and Enders Challenge as exactly that along side our "regular" projects and not a "Look at this - great pattern -zoom - done two weeks later"!

I started the shaded 9 patch when you launched it - and I loved doing it along side my other projects. However, I chose to make a large queen and it took me two years! In other words, by the time I finished it, everyone else was done not only the shaded 9 patches but the lovely Lozenges challenge and had moved on to the Tumblers!
I paused and then I decided that I would skip the Lozenges and instead jump right in with the tumblers - to be part of the ongoing fun. Guess what? The Tumblers are done - and so, figuring I have another month before the new challenge, last night I went digging in the "intermediate size" scrap bin for Lozenge fabrics and pulled out pieces that could be put through the Studio cutter (thank you for that too) 3.5 x 6.5 brick and ironed the smaller lights/darks for the squares. I just couldn't resist.:^)

The most interesting thing I have learned is that I am *more* not *less* productive on my main projects when have the leaders and enders going alongside. I know that sounds counter-intuitive because of the time one spends  on them, but my interest is held more by having two projects on the move rather than just one. Who knew?
Happy Memorial Day, with hugs to Sadie.
Norma in NY

Thank you, Norma! To those who fall so deeply in love with a Leader & Ender Challenge that just like the owl who gets to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop in 3 bites that you jump right in making it a primary project and Zoom, it's Done...., I would love to challenge you to slow down with this next year’s project!  Let it BE a Leader & Ender project.  Let it grow on its own along side whatever else you are working on. See how far you can get in a year without forcing it.  Remember, it’s NOT a race.  It’s a journey – one that could take a year. 

But it's a year of enjoyment, of savoring, of really loving and watching things unfold.  Other things can be instant gratification, but this one is all about the simple slow progress.
Stay tuned for what we are planning for this year.  I’m really looking forward to this one!
Last evening’s block finishes!
These are the Wanderlust blocks I am doing and turning into a table runner as another sample for the Wanderlust Workshop I’m taping with Quiltmaker Magazine in early August in Golden Colorado.  I’ve asked others what size their favorite table runner is.  My table at the cabin is 34’’ x 84’’.  A 12’ wide runner is just not wide enough so this will have borders.  Something that is not long enough just looks silly on this table, so I’ thinking of something at least 56’’ long, but this could be made shorter just by eliminating one block to adjust the length.
At any rate, please let me know what your favorite table runner size is!  I need some options.  I may make a second one in patriotic colors that I can use through the summer, but then a Holiday one would be nice too.  I’m  considering including the table runner patterns free with the purchase of my new book from my website when that is released.  It would be a nice bonus to go with the book since the Wanderlust Quilt is included in the book, don’t you?
Of course, those who take my online workshop will also get the table runner pattern free as part of the workshop.  So stay tuned for that as well.
Binding is finished!
And I just am beyond the moon thrilled with this quilt!
I love the back too!
We are just that much closer to having this pattern available as a digital download as well.  I head home from the cabin tomorrow morning and I can get the pinwheel baby sized version in the long arm and start the quilting on it before I leave for Moline, Illinois on Friday. 
As of last night I am solo at the cabin.  The Hubster headed home last evening to pack.  He’s on his way to New York this morning for business.  Sadie went home with him so Jeff has company, and also so I could make some stops and run some errands on my way home.  This time of year I don’t like to leave a dog in the car, even with windows open it’s too hot.
I stayed behind because there is some major deep cleaning to do.  I can breeze through that and have more time to stitch away before hitting the road.
Quiltville Quote of the Day!
We've all heard that each new day is a gift - what if we could unwrap it with the anticipation of a small child? Be excited about the experiences that will happen today! Experience wonder in all the simple little things that we are able to do!
Vintage quilt found in West Jefferson, North Carolina this weekend.  Isn’t it a fun one?
It’s a Tuesday that feels like a Monday – have a great one, everyone!

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  1. You are a Busy Bee dear friend. I love the leader/enders also. My Tumbler is moving along, at a slower pace :

    The Wanderlust block is great one. As for table runners - like mine that either hangs off the 2 ends of the table by at least a 1/2 block on each end. OR it can be shorter than that. About 6" shorter at each end looks good too. Don't you think the table width has to determine the width of the runner? We have my Grandmother's small Dining Room table. They were called Apartment sized Dining sets. At any rate, runners look much better a bit more narrow on our table.

    You have taught me SO MUCH in quilting! And I have been quilting seems about 1965!

    HUGS and smilies

  2. I started a four patch challenge by doing a pattern by Edyta Sitar and that has kept me busy. I did start a tumbler leader and ender when you introduced it. Unfortunately the tumbler got set aside for the 4 patch one. So I am guessing that the tumbler will be a two year challenge for me. Love the leader and enders, I find myself feeling guilty when I don't use them.

  3. Really killer design it will keep me busy in next week. Thanks for sharing and killing my free time :p

  4. I have trouble doing leader-ender projects, partly because I'm a "finish it before you start another" and a little impatient to see the results person. That being said, I am currently working on two block of the month quilts and a two block a week project.
    My favorite table runner size is one that leaves enough room for placemats around it. That way you can leave it on the table when you want to eat there and just remove the placemats when you're done.

  5. I love table runners, I have a long table too I have made many for different holidays can't wait to get new book. I will see you in Moline for the class on Saturday so excited.... hope you will have the book for this class since I can't fine mine..

  6. I must be the only one that has a hard time with leader enders. I get so confused when I have two quilts next to my machine at the same time. It is difficult to think about what goes with what and I get the pieces all mixed up. What am I doing wrong?

    I think runner size depends on the shape and size of the table. Mine is round so more of a mat in the center looks best.

  7. I must be the only one that has a hard time with leader enders. I get so confused when I have two quilts next to my machine at the same time. It is difficult to think about what goes with what and I get the pieces all mixed up. What am I doing wrong?

    I think runner size depends on the shape and size of the table. Mine is round so more of a mat in the center looks best.

  8. What a great table runner, are you setting it on point? Most of mine are 42"-48",14+" wide, usually use a holiday fabric on the back, so double duty. My leader/ender projects turn into projects around month 4 or 5. Have a great day!

  9. Anonymous9:56 AM EDT

    I absolutely LOVE your "H" quilt!! The pinwheel version will be on my to do list😀.
    I had started a leader/ender project from my scraps when I first learned about them and the scrap saver system from you and had enough scraps to start. I'm still working on it. I have about 120 nine patch squares (3")unfinished,now I'm using them in the center of a square in a square? Is that the correct name? It has taken me over a year to get that far, but it is exciting to see the squares coming together.
    For table runners: on our round table in the kitchen, I like either a small square in the center or rectangle that hangs off a little on two sides. On our dining table which is long, I use different lengths. Right now I have a burlap runner that hangs over the ends with a shorter one on top (stars,flags and "freedom"). I change out the top one according to season or holiday. Sorry this is so longwinded.

  10. I don't think you ever sleep. I love seeing all you accomplish but enjoy the "it isn't a race, but a journey" philosophy.
    As for table runners - I do multiple sizes because I have round, square, & rectangle tables.

  11. On a recent post you wondered at the old quilts that had similar fabric near each other rather than spread out. As I was cutting more tumblers I realized I was doing the same thing. Scrap quilters of old probably just added new scraps as they went along, making the quilt top at the same time. (not row by row, as we do now.) I love the freedom of the scraps and try to limit my OCD to mainly just light and dark placement. It is hard sometimes!

  12. I love, love, love your "H" quilt. H for happy, yes?

  13. I will be working on getting my rows together. I have lots of "twosies" sewn together, but only 5 rows. I skipped reading all the directions, so i have tumblers that are much smaller - more like 1.5" than 2.5"! I will have a top for my firewood box I think. I still have a good number of unsewn ones as well, but they can wait.

  14. My tumblers is nearly complete. Instead of making rows and attaching them as I finished each one, I did pairs, 4's, 8, and 16's, then added another 4, finally adding a pair and a single to each row to make sure they ended light or dark as needed, if that makes any sense. Admittedly my rows are now being attached, not quite as L/E, but as I'm finishing up a backing quilt. Rows into pairs, then 4's etc. My L/E at the moment is a Strip Twist and once the backing and tumblers are done, Strip Twist moves into the Primary position and Pineapple Blossom becomes my L/E. I'm looking forward to the next L/E Challenge.

  15. Okay, I'm clueless - what are "leaders and enders"?

  16. The finished "H" quilt looks fabulous!

  17. Bonnie, your "H" quilt is awesome. I'm loving everything about it. Now I'm looking to see how I can turn the H into a Z and make them for my girls. Ha.
    The quote today is wonderful--especially your comments just below it. I'm going to try this week to start each day with that attitude.
    Thank you for all you do!

  18. Tablerunners: I like 16-20 wide and 30-48 long.

    i consider the table of the recipient. If they were to put down placemats, there needs to not be overlap with the tablerunner if they leave it on the table.

    When sqaure, I like 27" square and set on point on the table. It looks fun.

    Great H quilt :-) Love your creativity. i am really in love with the pinwheel option as I am a major lover of HSTs.

    Thanks for all you do for us!

  19. I am ready for new leader ender. In fact, I just finished the Bow Ties today in Red, white and blue and it is beautiful. I procrastinated and then decided to do them. Anxious for July for a new LE. Paula in KY

  20. I'm still working on split nine patch L&E. But I've used other projects as L&E in between. I started trying to put the nine patches together, but my OCD makes me spend too much time trying to match things, so I move on to something else. But I am making progress.

  21. Already time for a new L/E project. My tumblers are no where near having enough for even a few rows. After retreat last Oct in Puyallup, Wa (with Bonnie). I came home and didn't touch much of anything sewing related. Just didn't have any interest in it. So there everythjng sat for a few months. Then after the new year dawned the reason became apparent as I found myself in the hospital with a heart attack. They fixed me up, sent me home and back to the sewing room I went. My desire to do things was back, but have to pace myself. My tumblers will now be back beside my machine when I'm piecing a quilt. Just doesn't work well to even try to do L/E when working on my art quilts. My creativity is back, my health is better, but will never be great as I deal with a chronic neuro/muscular disease every day. I tell you all this as a reminder to all to listen to your bodies. And as there's been so much talk about what we eat, please watch that as well. Moderation in all things is a great way to live. There's nothing better to drink than water. Flush those bad things out of your system.

    And again, I too echo all the others in saying a great big THANK YOU to Bonnie for all you do for us. May your days be filled with all the good things you so deserve. Your generous heart and all you share with us is greatly appreciated! Quilty hugs to you. Safe travels wherever life takes uou.

  22. I love the leader/ender projects. I finished a Christmas tumbler and my granddaughter liked it so much she is doing a purple tumble (she's 14). And we are doing another winter holiday tumbler together for her Uncle.
    Loved the Lounges too. However I did mine as a project for someone who needed (life's circumstances)a quilt. I did it in gray with the silver/gray corners. Called it looking for the silver lining. I am still working on my spools. It may become a wall hanging. Thanks for all you do to promote quilting. As I was at the Quilt Shop quilting my Talkin' Turkey an admirer of the pattern asked about it. I could not believe they hadn't not heard of you Bonnie, so I quickly gave them your name and the Quiltville blog and your web page.

  23. I just love your bright quilt with the black and white sashing and borders. So fun! Makes me happy!


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