Monday, March 17, 2014

MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders WINNERS!

Hello from Pigeon Forge, TN!

The weather is nasty and cold and drippy with drizzly rain --- but since we will be inside all week with SEVEN workshops this week –plus a gorgeous quilt show and fully stocked vendors mall to wander, I don’t think the weather is going to be that much of an issue.

The sad part – the bradford pears are blooming, but without a blue sky and sunshine to show them off, they are rather grey looking too.


I arrived a bit after 3pm, checked into my hotel, called the staff over at the quilt show to find out if I could come set up my classroom before they locked down for the night – and I took care of that.

There is a beautiful new convention center in Pigeon Forge….this is going to be WONDERFUL!

Dinner out of the way – I’m ready to draw for our two lucky winners, each to receive a signed copy of my brand new book, due to arrive in April!

Are you ready?


Entry number 1055 is:




Entry number 1117 is:


Kathy D!!

Congrats, Ladies – I’ve sent each of you an email.  Get back to me with your snail mail addresses and these copies will be on their way to you as soon as they land on my doorstep – projected arrival – sometime in April! ((It’s getting so close now!  I can almost smell that “new ink” smell!))

For those of you who DIDN'T win, remember I am still taking pre-orders!  Those who place pre-orders will be sent the first copies that arrive on my doorstep.  You can click HERE to view all of the quilts found in the book.  Then head on over to my bookstore HERE to place your order!

I’m staying over at the Mainstay Suites in Pigeon Forge, along with the other teaching staff and boy is this a NICE place!

((Laundry is even running as I type this!))

Check this out:

PigeonForge_Mar2014 021

Cozy Beds!

PigeonForge_Mar2014 019

A kitchen with a bar…one side for working on the laptop ---

PigeonForge_Mar2014 020

And one side for sewing at, so I can watch some TV while I stitch!

There is also a couch –See, I still have a binding to finish!

PigeonForge_Mar2014 022

There is even a balcony!

PigeonForge_Mar2014 023

If only it weren't so freezing and yucky.

PigeonForge_Mar2014 024

But since it is….I’ll spend my evening time right here!

Thanks SEW MUCH for following along on this journey with me – I’ll keep you updated on how things are going at the show as much as I can!

Have a great Monday eve, everyone!

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Mary W Quilts said...

Seven workshops! Yikes Bonnie. You're going to be exhausted. Good luck and Happy St. Patricks Day!
Mary in Boston....

Myra Salto said...

Now that's what I would call a great hotel room. You'll need this beautiful space after the week you're going to have. Which I could have made the classes. Safe trip home.

Myra in McMinnville

Amelia Godissart said...

glad to see you made it safe and sound to Pigeon Forge, that is a fun town! Wish I could have come down for the fun! Hopefully the weather will break for the rest of your trip. It could be worse--I am looking out my window at 6" of new snow after 70 degrees on Saturday.Can't wait for the next quilt cam. Have a great week!

pattiespea said...

I love your bright and cheerful flying geese! Your room is beautiful and is set up so well. enjoy! .

Muddling Through said...

Now THAT is a great room! Glad you have a comfy place.

maryquitecontrary said...

This looks like the type of set up we have for our annual trip to the Sisters quilt show in July. 4-6 of us for a great weekend of quilt shops, the show, and some laughs. We also manage to get some sewing done.

crazy quilter said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners! Bonnie, have a great time and just don't look out the window and pretend it is warm and sunny! Most of all have FUN...

Connie said...

See ya tomorrow for Crab Apples class. You should come up to our cabin - we are WAY up a mountain!

Julie Vernon said...

Bonnie - welcome! I have not been able to attend a class, but by heck I WILL SEE you at the Fest!!!!


cityquilter grace said...

waahhhh now i want to go on retreat too....looks cozy to the max there bonnie...

Carol said...

We've been here since Saturday and it was this kind of weather yesterday also. I'm up in the mountains in a cabin but your hotel looks very nice! See ya soon for Smith Mountain Morning class!

Ness said...

We are under winter storm warning in WY...I am downstairs sewing :) so no matter!
Bonnie I did the three strips thing to get my quarter inch..I had measured it several times with a ruler and thought it was dead on but my wonky stars were just a smidge off here and there and your post this morning made me try it...I am over a couple thread widths now and so happy to really be dead on this time. Thanks for the instructions and push to do this. :)
Have a super week...I wish I was there sewing with you...did not even know it was going on....next year!!
Where do you get your energy lady!! Amazing!

Patty said...

I will be staying there also with my sister. I am glad it looks so nice. I am attending classes but not yours, as they filled up within 10 minutes of registering Your classes were what I was coming for. I was on a waiting list but there was no openings. I'm sure they would have been fun.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Your room looks so comfy. I could LIVE there. :) Supposed to rain and or snow here tomorrow so I'll probably be sewing to. Working on putting the rows of Orca Bay together.

Anonymous said...

The flying geese with the yellow backgrounds look awesome.
Did you tell us what they are for?
Or is it a secret.
Might be since I don't think I have missed a post.
I can't wait for my Bonnie workshop. I booked in 2012, the workshop is in 2016!!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness Bonnie you are so organised there in your hotel room. I don't think I would ever want to leave.

Vic in NH said...

A very comfy room that only needs quilts to make it look like home! your quilt on the couch sure helped.

Debra Crumbaker said...

Just like another reader, I am interested in the flying geese on a length of paper. Is that in an upcoming book? If not, is it your pattern that just might make its appearance in a really later book?

Thetamc said...

Hey! It's sunny and warm in T-town (also known as the Dirty T because it's so dusty). Like it's gonna be in the 80s or something. We miss you. Come back to us. OK? Culver's on me. xoxo from Maria Call and I'm tagging Betsy Church Jennings too. I know she feels like I do!

Lesauri said...

Love the flying geese so bright and cheerful. Is there a link to find the paper pieced pattern on your blog/

Florence said...

haaaaaaaaaaa, you cant get away with anything bonnie,,,,,,,we all see those sweet paper pieced gooooosiessssssssss, lol