Thursday, June 07, 2018

Days Fly By So Quickly!

This was my day yesterday – well, the sewing part of it anyway.

My goal this week is to finish up all of the blocks for my 2019 Addicted to Scraps column with Quiltmaker Magazine.

Yep – I send in a whole year’s worth at once.

That gets it off of my plate, and I have time to dream up what I might want to do with these blocks in the future.

I’m so grateful that the folks at Quiltmaker promote my Essential Triangle Tool in my column every issue that includes triangles and units that can be cut that way so easily from strips. While the “traditional” rotary cutting methods and sizes are given on the page, We have also been including a blurb such as “I used 2’’ strips and my Essential Triangle Tool to do the half-square triangles, quarter-square triangles, or flying geese or other units in this block."  It's great to know different ways we can accomplish the same thing.

My goal is to not just give someone a block pattern – but to show them how to “think outside of the block” and know which parts of their own Scrap User’s System can be put to good use this way.

I spent most of the day yesterday digging into my scrap strips and squares here, and making some fun blocks that hopefully will inspire you to dig into your own scraps during 2019.

So how am I doing?  Nearly half-way.  Today and tomorrow should see this job done.  I’m focusing on blocks with different color/value placement ideas, themes for holidays, and also blocks in different sizes all using 1.5’’, 2’’, 2 1/2’’ and 3 1/2’’ strips when working with the ruler.

And now all I want to do is throw caution to the wind and make full real quilts as these sample blocks have really got my wheels spinning!


I took a long morning walk to clear my head!

Walk?  Yes…but I had to drive to the road first!

This very steep drive may be easy to walk down, but it is a BEAR (emphasis on the word BEAR!) to hike back up after you are tired.  That last hairpin curve going up on the way to the cabin will do anyone in.

And then there is that BEAR thing.  Make loads of noise they say.  Well, my RZR does make loads of noise, so I shuttled myself down the drive, and then hiked the road!  Click to play:


It’s a rather nice lushly green and shaded road.


that opens to farmland, old barns, and curious beasts!

Click to play:

I walk on down the road – my designation?  The big red barn on the left:


My turn around spot!

Even if you only get out to the end of your drive, to the mailbox – the end of the block – get out and move a bit, and appreciate all that is around you.

It is so easy to get hyper focused into the “to do, must do” list that we forget to notice the beauty that is changing day by day around us.


Fence post with a view!

I am such a summer girl – love this season!


The RZR awaits to take me back up to the cabin!


This was my evening agenda!

Slow slow slow progress on this one, but it’s about the process, and even putting in a few stitches in the evening is the icing on my cake of a day.


Just loving that texture!

My applique stitches were not all that great in 1999.  And really, this quilt is not scrappy enough to hold my interest – all 16 blocks the same?  Come on!  I was trying to replicate an 1850s quilt, but the only scrappy thing are the tiny 1’’ finished half-square triangles.  Still – this quilt will get done in due time.

I'm back to the machine today - I've got today and tomorrow to hopefully get all of these blocks done, and then head home on Saturday to get ready for my visit with the Quilter's of Lee's Summit, MO!  I fly Sunday, and start my time with them on Monday - looking forward to this repeat visit!

June 07, 2018 at 07_42AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

16 patch quilt found in Washington.

More than half of the things we worry about never come to pass.

Worry is like that old rocking chair, you can rock all day long and never get anywhere.

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone!


  1. Lovely horses! Do you ever carry carrots for them?

    1. They are not my horses, so without their owner's permission, I won't feed them. :)

    2. Good for you Bonnie. More than likely they won’t mind but always ask.

      Ann in Red Lion, PA

  2. I have three dogs and every morning the first thing is to walk them. Next door is a church and we circle the lot (about a couple of ares) that backs up to the woods. The streets are too busy for walking dogs. A most pleasant way to start the day. Rabbits, chipmunks, and birds!

  3. I just love that when you do a pattern or a mystery you include several different methods, diagrams, video tutorials, etc. My sister, Mary and I did a online quilt along project together. It consisted of cutting instructions and diagrams for assembly. I cannot tell you how many times we said to one another, "There must be an easier way. This lady is no Bonnie Hunter!" It taught us (both of us are fairly new quilters) the value of an instructor who will explain everything clearly. Thanks!

  4. Worrying is like paying a debt that may never come due—-Will Rodgers

  5. How will you set together all of the half square blocks? What pattern?

  6. https://megduerksen.bigcartel.com/...This is a link to a site that reminds me of what you are intendig to do with Guiltville. She and family moved out of their bug house in Newton, Ks so that she could turn it into a Craft house. She's been successful and their is always a waiting list.

  7. You might want to invest in some bear spray along with the noise. When we were in Yellowstone National Park, it was recommended to take spray with you on your hikes. All of us fans would be devastated if anything happened to you!!

  8. Bonnie - I have to tell you that after following you on IG and your blog for a few years I am so grateful for your energy. I have no idea how you do all you do, but I live vicariously through you! I enjoy every word you write and picture you post! I so hope that my friends and I will be able to come to the Quiltville Inn after it opens next year. Thank you. Cheri Wick aka Bernice Crane.

  9. Beautiful countryside. This year is the first in a while I have had time to plant flowers on my porch area and make a little garden in the back. It is a wonderful feeling. Funny story, went to the local quilt shop to sew and catch up on a Block of the Month. This group goes out to eat one night a week and comes back to stitch after. It was the first time I had done this. Finished the last of my 16 blocks, went to iron the last one and noticed two pieces were backwards. I will fix that today. LOL

  10. Always a pleasure to explore with you. Horses are such magnificent animals. So powerful and, yet, graceful at the same time. Blessings.


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