Saturday, June 16, 2018

A Full Load of Scrap Happiness!

This is the “Calm Before the Storm” of 2018.

I know it, and I can feel it. 

Yesterday I got notification that the Quiltville Date Keepers are on their way via Yellow Freight from California.

They should be arriving – about the same time as I leave for Chicago.

That just figures, now doesn’t it?

The pencil sets will be following sometime after.

And when I am back, we will be into the 4th of July holiday week -

So THIS week.  This very precious time while waiting for things to arrive, I am focusing on tying up some loose ends.  Making progress on things that have been pushed aside.  Getting things closer to finishes, and ready to start new things.

At the top of this post you see my Diamond Tile blocks being pushed closer to the “ready to assemble the top” status.

It cracks me up to no end that when we release a challenge, some folks have it done and bound within 2 weeks, and yet here I struggle to find the time to get things further along – sewing a bit here, a bit there, grabbing a bit of time in between other things, using block parts as Leaders & Enders to at least feel like I am accomplishing something!


Current Design Wall Update.

The 7 blocks at the machine (top of page) will be trimmed and added to this menagerie.  I am shooting for twin size, and I think I’ll be adding sashing so there are no points to match.  I haven’t decided on color or neutral yet – but it is fairly likely the cornerstones will be scrappy – my boxes of squares overfloweth.

As I type this I am smiling – the sliding door is open with just the screen separating me on the inside from the chirping of birds, and the noisy drilling of a woodpecker on the outside.  I love mornings in the mountains!


And binding happened!

(Signature 3-ply  60 wt on the spool pin – LOVE this thread!)

This binding job has to be done before August for the reveal – and I’m setting this aside for evening hand stitching time – which didn’t happen last night as I was too grossly involved in getting the Diamond Tile blocks further along.

How many for a twin?  Don’t count, Bonnie..just keep sewing!

Behind the scenes progress I can’t show –
  • Blocks for my 2019 Quiltmaker Addicted to Scraps column are DONE!
  • Samples for our upcoming Leader & Ender Challenge are DONE (Can’t wait!)
  • This year’s Mystery is in the fabric pull stage and I’m really to start cutting!


Afternoon time out in town!

There were some things I needed, and around 4 pm I took a break and headed over to Jefferson, NC  (There is Jefferson and there is West Jefferson, and I usually hit them both as one entity, so for me, it is all just JEFFERSON!)  I’m in search of a computer desk for the post office OFFICE. 

How hard can it be to find a desk that will fit this space?  VERY.  And there wasn’t much to choose from.  I liked this table though – solid oak, and freedom of movement for my legs underneath ---rolling chair and all.  But will it fit?  I’ll have to remeasure the space and see.

Oh, you thought I was talking about the spool cabinet on top?  That caught my eye too, but it’s pretty danged expensive, and I need a desk.  That spool cabinet isn’t going anywhere – it’s been there for months and months – pricey!


Now THIS is more like it!

Except for that freedom of movement thing.

I measured it.  It’s 42’’ x 26’’ and SOLID.  It looks like it could be an old post master’s desk, doesn’t it?  Again, I’ll measure and see.


Tattered quilt, but interesting!

I remember seeing this pattern from my early days of quilting – the petals being “gathered” around the inset circular center.  I’ve always loved this block, the 3-D effect of the petals.

Gathers, pleats and puckers on PURPOSE!?  What a novel idea!

The quilt itself?  Also outrageously priced at $300.00. Newer polyester blend binding on it….stained and a bit worn, it is lovely – but someone at this mall doesn’t really know quilts.  Still it’s great for a photo!

There was also a lovely wicker rocker that was just screaming to be taken back to the porch.  If I go back for the desk, the rocker may have to come home too.

Son Jeff just called.  He’s 1.5 hours out and on his way to the Inn to do the landscaping.

GOOD!  I need his arm power to help me lift some things.

My plan is to meet him there and work at the house, heaven knows there are more baseboards to scrub down – nooks and crannies to clean. My mop and bucket await.

Also a mystery --- Yesterday when going to town I clicked the clicker that is attached to my windshield visor to open the drive gate.  This is undisputed – or how else could I have gotten to town?

On my way back – there was no clicker on my visor.  I lock my car religiously.  That isn’t disputed either.  I had to unlock the car to put my purchase inside (some furniture wax and polish from the antique mall)

So where is my clicker?  Could it have fallen off when I lowered the visor?  Maybe, but I searched the car….head to toe, no clicker.

I’ll be contacting the antique mall today to see if someone found it in the parking lot, though how it would have fallen there I have no idea.

Curiouser and curiouser! Yes, I can use the number pad, but I want my clicker back! #firstwrorldgateproblems

June 16, 2018 at 06_51AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Yesterday’s quilt photo find.

(Yes, I want to make these blocks!  What a great hand piecing project?!)

Off to the shower, and then off to the Inn!

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone!


  1. Your diamond blocks are coming along. They are beautiful! Hope you find your clicker soon. So strange that it is missing. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Maybe you put the clicker in your purse.

  3. Are you left-handed? The desk is for a left-handed person--make sure you're comfortable with that.

    1. I'm curious. What makes it a left handed desk?

  4. I am so excited! I finally get to meet you. I am in the Monday class in Chicago. Don't be surprised when I am speechless, as I will probably be starstruck.

  5. Once the Inn is set up. Go sew over there to see how everything flows and how it feels.

  6. Funny that you add sashing to avoid matching points. And with cornerstones, yet! I avoid cornerstones like the plague. I know they’d never look aligned.

  7. You’ve done heaps of those gorgeous diamond blocks , I haven’t done 1 yet . Been having a bit of a standstill and lost my mojo. My youngest daughter had her baby 6 weeks early and they ended up in a hospital on the mainland, but both came home last night and are doing well. So as the stress reduced I’m getting my sewing going again.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  8. Did you ever get your Centurylink internet put in. We a
    So have a home in the mountains of Oregon, where they are the only ones servicing the area.
    I have a phone link for them, that you might be able to get some help.
    Try Clint at 800-788-3500
    He was on the phone with me for an hour and very patient. Got the problem solved. Good luck.

  9. If you re-read your post as to what you are doing you will answer your question as to how some people get a quilt done is a short time. It is a wonder with all you do that you can get anything accomplished let alone all you do. Happy Quilting and hope you find your clicker soon, very maddening. I do things like that so often and it drives me nuts.

  10. Always a jam packed post! I actually have vintage templates for the dahlia block that is featured on the antique quilt. Such fun! Very excited about the behind the scenes things you CAN'T show us -- the anticipation builds and that is half the fun. Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX

  11. I'm already in count down mode for the mystery quilt :0) Oh when things go missing it makes me crazy....drop it in a shopping bag? your purse? a pocket? I hope it shows up. Safe travels Bonnie

  12. will be making diamond tile blocks for a table runner- old family piece that I need/want to protect, but currently working on a shirt and tie memory quilt- making every scrap stretch as far as possible while listening to Minnesota thunderstorms!

  13. Bonnie, if your space will allow for the desk you will love it. I have that same desk and it is just great. It was an Aunt's when she taught school back in the 40/50's and retired in the late 70's. She was in her 90's when she passed.

  14. I did not know that there are right or left handed desks. This desk looks as tho it will last a very long time.
    J. Skinner

  15. So exciting that you are already planning for the next mystery quilt!
    Love the quote for today!!

  16. we lost a garage clicker once, left in the morning with it and when we got home...we couldn't find it anywhere. Vacuumed the car, cleaned and picked up...nothing. I just found it under the passenger seat this week. Soooo weird.

  17. Hi, Bonnie. Your posts are a favorite break in my days. I agree with your thoughts about a table versus a desk, but what I can see of the legs under that table, they look pretty restrictive. And it is amazing and crazy-making when things disappear. It will be in the most unexpected place, no doubt. Could have bounced behind the "footrest" pedal in the driver floor area, or has flown over the seat into the back area. Didn't you have an iPod or some small device hide in a suitcase or tote bag for several months a couple years ago?? Might as well forget that clicer and bide your time. It will show up when it is good and ready. LOL!

  18. Make sure you visit Ashe County Cheese in West Jefferson around the holidays. They have cute shaped and waxed cheeses.

  19. Too bad that clicker doesn't have a call me function. Or better yet, there should be an app for that.LoL. Mike lost his glasses for 6 months. Turned out they were where he put them, in the side panel of his RAV4. A grey case in a grey vehicle, tucked right in the back. One of these days your clicker will show up too.

  20. Let me preface this with I don't think this is what happened in your case, but, it was common in Denver for people to steal garage door openers and use the GPS in the car (press "home") to break into houses. Sad, but true. I'm betting the clicker is somewhere in the car!

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  22. Maybe the clicker is visiting with my missing quilt pieces. I am working on some paper pieced blocks for a group project. I had all the papers and pieces laid out on the spare bed. I was positive that I had all the pieces I needed, but as I went to sew, I have had to replace two or three missing pieces.

  23. Looks JUST like my old desk!!! Love all of your great “finds”!!

  24. That Dahlia Flower quilt is one that one of my cousins made with some aunts back in the early 70's. She thought it was a family pattern at the time. It's on my bucket list. She found a pattern in Traditional Quilter magazine, May 1992 edition. I guess this is a reminder to me to bring it higher up on my list of to-dos!


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  26. I think the desk is an old school desk. I am a member of "Comfort Quilters" We piece and quilt quilts along with making fleece blankets for charity. We meet at the old Fairbanks School in Fairbanks, IN 47849.
    We meet in the old 1st grade room and it had a desk very similar to the one you showed us. We keep all the smaller rulers in the desk drawer. We have a sewing machine resting on top that we use. The rest of the tables are new stuff. Love the room!!!


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