Thursday, June 14, 2018

Reliving the Lee’s Summit Show & Share!

This meeting was full up to the gills with visiting quilters – SO exciting!

Could it be they were driven indoors due to the way-to-early-in-June oppressive heat wave?

Any place with A/C is a boon, and when it involves quilters and quilting, even better!

The parade of Quiltville quilts happens AFTER I speak, with the “everything else quilty” being shown before.  It works well that way, and those who bring Quiltville quilts add to my presentation, often times bringing quilts that I didn’t bring myself – being limited to 2 bags at 50 lbs each.

They did more than fill in the gaps – they brought the show stoppers!


From Beautiful En Provence concoctions in fabulous colors -


To Amazing Allietare quilts, dazzling to the eye.


Sweet Garden Party of fabulous scraps from the Addicted to Scraps book!


And check out Michelle’s BACK!! 

Now we are talking!



With THIS awesome back!

Michelle told the story of how she had started a project  (Was it a mystery, Michelle?) and was NOT liking the fabrics she chose so all of these huge triangles ended up in a box.  She pieced columns and sewed them together for a double win – if you use up the pieces and parts you already have in a scrappy back, I call it an 8 yard pass – you get to go purchase 8 yards of something new that you LIKE to replace it!

Orphan blocks and pieces and parts – they add so much interest to the back of a quilt that they often become my favorite part of the quilt.


Jessica’s vintage find!

This top is vintage – from the 1920s or so, and Jessica found it at an antique mall on her way to the MOKA Quilt Study Group event that happened a couple of days before she came to meet up with me.  The piecing is phenomenal!  What you can’t see is that the border diamonds are appliqued in place…very inventive, and the maker didn’t care of they were straight, or if they overlapped border seams or what.  She was sailing on her own vision.

This top also lays VERY flat, so we speculated as to why it never became a quilted quilt – just a top.

The answer is simple.  Many folks (just like us) loved the piecing part, but the quilting part – not so much!  Who knows why this quilt only reached this far, but now it gets to live with Jessica, and it couldn’t find a better adoptive quilt-parent.

You’ll find all of our other fabulous Show & Share in the  video below.  Click to play:

It was just wonderful to see so many gorgeous quilts brought in by others!

June 13, 2018 at 10_05AM

Yesterday’s early morning airport experience.

Check out the guy catching flies behind me.  LOL!

I was home by mid afternoon, though, and that gave me a nice evening at home to catch up on some things.


This was finished on the couch as only 2 diamonds remained on this flight --

Somehow I left my needle book with my favorite Clover #10 applique sharps at the cabin.  I had ONE needle in my possession this entire trip….I was being ever so careful with this needle, I’d be dead in the water air without it. 

And then somewhere between Atlanta and Greensboro – it went flying!  I’m not even sure what happened but I thought it went way under the seat in front of me, and not even the flashlight on my phone could find it.  OH NO!!

I’m sure to the rest o the world, it’s no big deal – but this star only needed the last two background diamonds sewn in!

But the quilters - the quilters understand, right?


Up to SIX done!

These are a bit more tedious and fussy than the hexies – but the pieces are larger, so it’s a trade off.  I am liking them. Not sure how big I’ll go, but when I feel I have done “ENOUGH” of them we will do something.  I don’t think this one is going to get to bed size.  I may never live long enough!

And during this evening stitching time another plan was hatched:

June 13, 2018 at 07_54PM

What’s she up to now?!

I am home for a bit over a week.

Christine is moving and has offered up a set of twin beds for Quiltville Inn! She lives about 2 hours from here down I-85.

Also down I-85 is IKEA! I can make a stop at IKEA, swing by and pick up the beds FROM Christine and then head North on I-77, Stop at Melinda’s to pick up a rocking chair outside of Mooresville and make a circular trip up to Virginia and sew through the weekend! There is nothing stopping me!

Jeff will be bringing Sadie up tomorrow evening when he gets off of work – he’s got yard maintenance at the Inn to do!

It may only be Thursday, but let the weekend begin!

June 14, 2018 at 06_50AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day

(Quilt courtesy of Jessica!)

Whatever it may be, keep your eye on your main thing!

Have a Terrific Thursday, friends!


  1. Your airport photo looks like a glimpse into the future, when we'll all have a tiny computer implanted in one eye!

  2. Expect a mountain of those needles to head your way!!

  3. Bahahaha.....man catching flies! Thanks for the laugh dear Bonnie!

  4. Hope the next passenger doesn't sit on that needle. Glad you got home safe. It's a good weekend to stay off the roads. LOL at the photobomb guy snoozing behind you.

  5. Sounds like you might need a trailer to get all of your stuff/furniture to the inn!

  6. Is there a way to pause the slide show? Sometimes I want to spend more time admiring one of the quilts -- or a color combination -- and they whiz by so fast!

    1. Hey Jeanne - I just click on it and the video stops, click again and it will play :) I stop it a lot and look at peoples' machines and fabric choices.....and click in lower right corner to enlarge - hope this helps :)

  7. Am I the only one who thinks the pictures where the quilter is holding a mic and facing her quilt looks like she's singing to the quilt?

  8. Great Show and Share, Bonnie. I especially liked Jessica's score on her quilt. You have scored big as well on finds/donations for the Inn. I can't wait to see it in person (someday, it is on my list). I am enjoying my view out my front office window, even though the wind is blowing. A Mama/cow moose was just in the yard with her new calf. I can sit/stand and watch them forever. I just love nature! I went out and got pictures, as we have almost 18 hrs of daylight now.

    Kasilof, AK

  9. Bonnie, I was always losing my needles until I started making a 2 inch loop of thread and running the needle through it and pulling it tight up against the eye of the needle. The little "knot" stays just below the eye and glides through the fabric easily. You also have less waste of thread because you don't have to deal with such a long thread tail all the time. I can sew until there is only 3" of thread left!

  10. Amazing! I love all the quilts!!! Every time I see On Ringo Lake done I get itching to complete mine!!! Right now I'm using it as my leader/enders while I complete my moms quilt. I love hearing about all your finds and plans for Quiltville Inn!!! What an exciting time!


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