Saturday, June 02, 2018

Winston Ways, the Jackson Way!

Oh so many 4 patches, and oh, the half-square triangles!

It was a part of many pieces as I gathered with the Mississippi Quilters Association and stitched our way into happy oblivion making my quilt Winston Ways from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.

Any time I am with a new batch of students I love to talk to those who consider themselves beginners – or some-what-confident intermediates who are looking for any clues, helps and hints they can find to help spread their fledgling wings a bit farther.

Talking about the nature of things like “The turn of the cloth”  and why a seam can’t fall at exactly 1/4’’ from the edge of the fabric if it is going to really reach its unit size.

Little lightbulbs popping off all over the place.

“There is no such thing as a pre-set scant setting!” And once they understand why ---and start measuring units, it all clicks into place.


Chain and Spin those four-patches, Joyce!


And on to triangles we go!

For those who are still unsure about working with specialty rulers – did you watch the “how to” videos from under the videos tab at the top of the blog??  Watch before you try- and then get in there and practice.  Cutting triangles from strip sets is so much easier, and so much more accurate and way less tedious than going big to sliver trim down!  You’ll be using your Essential Triangle Tool with ease in no time!


We all loved CC’s little 99k!

We looked up her birthdate because CC didn’t know. It turns out this little sweet girl is from 1929.  So happy to have her joining us nearly 90 years later!


Busy stitchers sewing up a storm!


Cheri so happy with her first successful webbing of the block!

Way to go Cheri!

This is a great quilt to get your webbing on!  I think everyone had it down pat by the time they had done a block or two.  And with 104 pieces per block, a block or 2 is about all you can get done in a day.

But when you take the blocks from 49 quilters and lay them out down the hall…you see just how much has really been accomplished.  Click to play:

I just love that finish at the end!  HAHAHA!


Thank you for the thread, A&E Signature!

We are just tickled that American & Efird thread sent full sized gift spools for my students during our Mississippi Quilters Association weekend!

I really love the 3 ply Signature 60 wt – and so do my students!


Pick up a spool and give it a whirl!

Ask your local shop to get it in.  American & Efird has been producing fine thread in Mt Holly, North Carolina USA for more than 100 years.  I love it for all of my hand and machine work.

For the rest of our day?  Click to play!

And from here my day wasn’t over.  I had an evening presentation yet to go.


Centerpieces for meal time!

Our meal tables were decorated with framed print-outs of many of my Quiltville Quotes!  I was so touched by this gesture.


Full House night!


Thank you, Mississippi Quilters!

I was presented with this beautiful Magnolia block barn quilt which will soon be adorning Quiltville Inn.  I love the design and the colors, and the Magnolia is the state flower of Mississippi.  How perfect is this?

We’ve got one more day ahead.  Chunky Churn Dash is up on deck –

There is also much other busy activity going on for the MQA gathering with other workshops going on.  I can’t wait to peek in and see what those classes are up to as well.

Home tomorrow!


Quiltville Quote of the Day.
Hexagon quilt shared in Georgia!

Don't let your own righteous indignation keep you from moving forward!

This is for me today.  There are some “things” that I’ve been holding on to, because I didn’t know how to put them aside, and move on.  This is my reminder to me today – to not be STUCK.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!


  1. Oh Bonnie! I think all of us need the reminder to 'unstick'! I solemnly promise to let those things go today and unstick! thanks for the push!

  2. Thank you Bonnie! I needed to be reminded to (KISS) Keep It Simple Silly!To let go of the unimportant things at the moment and move on. Peace and tranquility ahhh...

  3. Nice Barn Block you were given. Magnolias are so pretty! Love the Quiltville Quotes on the tables. Looks like most used the same colors today for Winston Ways. Safe travels home tomorrow!

  4. I LOVE your Quiltville Quotes. We can never have too many positive thoughts to set the tone for the day. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. Quiltville Inn Is going to be ready and beautifully adorned before you know it. Quilter’s have the most giving hearts and your new facility is going to be a beautiful site to learn and feed our hungry souls.

  6. I ask myself when I'm feeling stuck with negative emotions about a person/situation, who is closer to God/my goal/the future if I'm letting them come between me and the better thing? Or another good reminder, am I getting better or getting bitter? Dear Bonnie, I hope, whatever it is, that you can choose the better part.

    I love the Magnolia barn block. So pretty. Hope to get to see it some day in person. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    1. All8 - what a great outlook and reminder to me that I'm becoming what I am trying to get away from - a bitter person. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. It seems much more friendly for groups to do a project, rather than struggle at times at home. Just love these posts.

  8. I agree about getting "unstuck". I keep a quote on my wall at work to remind me of this. "There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there is so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on". - Zayn Malik


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