Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Show & Share on a Cool June Morn!

I was out fairly early this morning.

Temps dropped!  That is something to be excited about when one lives in the south.  The humidity even seemed lower than usual.

That means that everything in my normal day-to-day routine took a bit of a shift.
I’m okay with that!

If you are out early enough – you can catch the day lilies before they have opened….just wait – I bet this field will be bright with wide open orange in the next hour or so.

But still, there is dew on the grass, the fragrance of June…and as I turn a corner…


Well, hello there!

Aren’t you magnificent!

We had a small chat about things – okay, I chatted, the horse just stared back, but nodded a couple of times as if in total agreement.

Horses have it right.  Get out early, enjoy the morning, check things out, be aware – graze in the good spots, and make good of the best part of the day.

And if the flies bother you, just twitch them off.


Back down a country road, headed toward home.


Queen Anne’s Lace – my childhood favorite -

I love it still!

That little purple spot in the middle – sweet!


Connie's Straits of Mackinac from 100 blocks!

(My pattern coming soon with the December release of String Frenzy!)

I absolutely love how she set this block!  Her quilt is still a “flimsy” and she has ideas for the edges which are still peaked – but the rainbow of movement is just spectacular!


I love a phenomenal Rectangle Wrangle finish from Scraps & Shirttails II!


Julia’s gorgeous Celtic Solstice quilt!

Julia has the most beautiful color sense – you’ll be dazzled by the unexpected eye pleasing combinations in her quilts shared in our video below.  Click to play:

I love seeing these smiling faces and look forward to seeing them again NEXT YEAR at the Old Man River Quilt Fest in Vicksburg, Mississippi!

Today’s plan.  There is a quilt in the machine.  I hope to finish it today before a much needed massage, but if I don’t -  tonight will do.

If I finish before the massage?  I’m on the fence as to whether I’ll head to the cabin this afternoon post massage, or wait until tomorrow.

My goal?  I’ve got to get those 2018 Addicted to Scraps column blocks done, and Cabin Studio Time would just be the peaceful ticket I need for thinking/creating time!

Wishing this sweet lady a happy 78th birthday!

My wonderful niece Emilee did some digging into some old online archives - and found my mom's 16 year old high school yearbook photo.  Richfield, Minnesota, 1958.

What's so fun is to see mom this young, and really see how much my youngest sister Mary looks like her in so many ways.

Happy Birthday mom! I'm sure you'll spend at least PART of your day doing what you love, puttering in your garden.  Enjoy!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Dresden Plate quilt shared during Jackson, MS workshops -
The bonus triangle border is from On Ringo Lake leftovers!

We all know how it goes - you can receive wonderful supportive comments from the majority of people, but just a couple Negative Nellies can steal your joy and ruin the whole experience.

The first person to believe in is yourself, and then trust your majority! They've got your back!

And so do I!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, friends!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom! I love looking at the old yearbook photos. All in black and white or sepia.I was awake way early but no morning walk for me. There are strawberries to pick before the Temps get hot. Pretty Quilts in Mississippi
    Thanks for the memories of childhood Queen Anne's Lace.

  2. Thanks for mentioning Connie's Straits of Mackinac from 100 blocks! I love watching the slide show and naming the quilts that inspired them. I was stuck with this one and really wanted an answer. Wahoo! another one to add to my ever growing list!

  3. I loved the Straits of Mackinac but never did find the Quiltmaker 100 it is in. I'll snatch up the book, though! Also, the table cloth with the sweet little flowers I brought in Miss. was from a very sweet lady's estate sale. Cheerful just like her! Marilyn Marks

  4. Bonnie, one of my online friends has de+died to gift me her unfinished mystery quilt project. I will probably miss spell this, but it is the Alteirara pattern. Should arrive any day. I am excited. Still working on the Celtic Solstice. Health issues got in the way of getting it finished. Oh and I am making it a queen size so double the blocks needed.

  5. Today is my 81st birthday. The picture is not the real me. It is a paper pieced caricature of my quilting fairy godmother. Her name is Knotzera.

  6. Love that horse chat Bonnie!! On the farm I would talk to any critter that moved! Loved that video of quilts and the music. Thanks Bonnie for everything that you do for us.

  7. thanks so much for the great quilt video. More inspired now than ever to get to the store and buy needles for my machine so I can sew!

  8. Happy Birthday to your Mom. Shares the day with my Granddaughter, Brynleigh. The tripletts graduated from high school last night.Bnight.Busy week. Enjoyed the walk. Have a great day.

  9. Blessings to Mom on her BD! Blessings to you, as well.

  10. Hope your mom has a wonderful birthday today, she shares it with my beautiful grandaugher. She turns 8 today and her name is Aurora, although we call her Rora. Amazing, friendly and beautiful little princess! Much love from South Africa to you all! xxx

  11. That show & tell is lovely.
    That Straights of Mackinac is AH-MAZ-ING.

  12. According to an old booklet published in Old Salem,Winston Salem,NC, the center of the queen Anns's lace was used to create a chrome yellow for dying in times gone by.
    All the quilts were delightful.

  13. Happy 78th birthday to your beautiful Mom! Thanks for always posting the perfect quotes and sharing your life with us.

    I wish you nothing but the best, because you give sew much to all if us.
    Thank you

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