Friday, June 15, 2018

300 Miles and a Three State Day!

North Carolina to South Carolina and back -
Then North Carolina up to Virginia to stay!

All told it was about 300 miles, and I felt it by the time I finally sat down to dinner at about 8pm.

When Christine contacted me about her downsizing to move, and that they lived in an old Victorian house in Blacksburg, South Carolina and had some twin beds for the Inn,  I was so excited!

There was a little plotting, a lot of planning, and I have to thank her good friend Kim for meeting me at Christine’s house for pick-up as Christine is in Colorado with her grandkids!

It takes a Quilt Village to pull this all together.

On my way ---since I was headed down I-85  anyway, I stopped in to IKEA to really try out desk chairs to see if there are any that will  comfortably do as sewing chairs.

So many styles!  So many different sit-fits!  And I know we all have different body types.

I know that we hall have favorite chairs, and chairs are NOT one size fits all, but one thing I do know – I do not want ARMS on chairs. Chairs with arms will knock into not only the sewing tables and the small ironing stations sitting between quilters, but will knock quilters as they walk by sending things flying.

But chairs with low backs? high backs?

I liked some higher back versions, but I don’t need a headrest – I need lumbar support when I sew.

I kept coming back to this one!

It’s got a “wider bottom” and is really comfy.  The back support felt wonderful against my lumbar area…it rolls easily, and comes in two colorways- the ivory and a tweedy grey.


Could these be the ones?

These would be easy to make string pieced seat covers for so they could be washed….we shall see!

From here I was off and heading to Blacksburg, SC – I had a 1pm date with Kim!  (And a drive through Culver's on my way since there is one conveniently located right next to IKEA – my dream come true!)

And yes, there will be floor mats under each chair to protect the wood floors from wear.

In due time.  All in due time.

IMG954319 (1)

Thanks for meeting me, Kim!

It was hot hot hot just across the border into South Carolina – and I swear, the humidity increases right when you cross that state line!  95 degrees in the shade?  And we had loads of lifting to do.

I’ve been living with the back seats out of the van for the past month or so…it’s amazing what you can fit in!

Two bed frames. 3 sets of rails and everything to go with it – and I was off and running.  But not before Kim and I had a chance to see some Missouri Quilt Love that came home with me:


On the shady grass!


Bear’s Paw Gone Awry!

This is a gift from my sweet friend Jessica – who thought that I needed a crazy bear paw quilt with the crazy bears we have up here at the cabin.  How fun is this?  Circa 1940s, and I just love the splashy colors.

Vintage quilts will be folded at the foot of the beds, but not heavily slept under.  It’s perfectly fine with me if some are a bit threadbare – it shows they were loved and they bring all of that love and sweet dreaming with them.


Gorgeous Dresden Plate!


And matching shams!

These came from Sharon – and I am so tickled!  This one has an interesting story, and I’m not sure I have all of it – but these were pieced in the1930s, with quilting finished much later in the late 1970s.

Pencil marks are still visible – and I find them charming –


Marguerite Carlson 1978

From what Sharon told me, she was working at a quilt show demonstrating hand applique when a visitor came over, very intrigued by what she was doing.  They had quite the conversation, and the next day the visitor came back and gifted the quilts to Sharon, believing that she would be the one to appreciate them.

The reason?  The visitor said “I don’t like that black stuff.” (Meaning the black button hole stitching, which was all the rage in the 1930s and 1940s!) And there the story ends.  I don’t know who Marguerite Carlson is, or who she is in relationship to who did the original piecing back in the 30s/40s!

The shams are also interesting – (I should have taken a photo but forgot to) there are two pillowcases hand stitched down on three sides to the back side of the shams.  How easy is that?

I am thrilled to have these treasures, and happy to spend the time getting to know Kim!  After leaving me she was headed over to her bee meeting, and if I didn’t have another date up the road I would have loved to have stayed and meet everyone.

My journey took me back up I-85  the way I came – and can you believe I passed Mary Jo’s not just ONCE, but TWICE yesterday and I didn’t stop?  I don’t need more fabric.  I just need more time to sew the fabric I already have.

Destination – Near Mooresville to see Melinda.  She had a vintage rocker and a big board ironing board for the Inn.  Can we fit them in?  Oh yes, we did!

I should have taken a picture of that too – it was hysterical – and then with everything else I had to stop and get groceries before arriving at the cabin –I was packed to the GILLS and back.


On my way to Virginia!

This barn has a NEW BLOCK! 


Melinda’s rocker on the landing.

Big board in the Quilting Quarters!


Two lovely beds in bedroom number 2!


A lovely cross stitch gifted by Joan!

I love this!

It’s coming together – I just set up the beds to get a feel for how they were going to go , how much space they’d take.  The casters are going to come off of the bed on the left, and felt floor protector things will go under each bed leg to protect the floor.


Turret by evening light.

I’m envisioning a retreat load of quilters with quilt top finishes displaying their tops over the railings for group photo shots….this is taken from the side yard near the back of the post office.  Can you imagine all of the color?  SO much fun in store!


And loads of time for this!

Today I’m hunkering down in the basement studio at the cabin to knock out some deadlines, both on the computer and at the machine.  It’s a week for tying up loose ends.  I’ll likely head back to Quiltville Inn tomorrow while Jeff is doing the lawn.  I need his help with lifting a couple of things, and I’ll snag him while he is here.

He’s bringing Sadie up with him – I didn’t have room in the car for her, nor did I want her locked in the car on this very long driving trip with many stops at 95 degrees.

June 15, 2018 at 07_38AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I know several folks who are fighting over recent losses, be it with a job, or a relationship or living situation.

You are on my heart! 

I came across this quote and I hope it helps someone turn a negative into a positive.

Stand tall. You deserve to be appreciated for who you are. Just as you are.

Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!


  1. Oh my, how lovely that quilters are helping in many ways! Can wait to see the results. being the old house fanatic that I am, how is the basement? Any space that can be used?

    1. It's a concrete cellar, but not livable space - great for storage, though!

  2. What a wonderful place Quiltville Inn is turning into. As a life long procrastinator I love watching you get things ready for the Inn so early! With your busy schedule, early preparation is key! And those chairs look extra comfy!

  3. I love watching the Inn come together! It is like watching a quilting version of “Pickers”. I can’t wait for the next episode!😊💗

  4. I love how the inn is coming together so nicely and how generous and thoughtful so many quilters have been. Thank you so much for sharing the journey.

  5. You are such a visionary Bonnie!
    Love the quote today...so true!

  6. I love the sampler. The detail is just great. A hint--if you are travelling that route again, try 321 from Gastonia to Hickory, then 40 to 77. You bypasss the Charlotte traffic getting on 77 and 321 is a nice four lane road. Just watch out for NCHP's finest.

  7. That porch and railing! I can see the quilts hanging now! I’m going to have to drive through on on of my summer trips to see that grand beauty!

  8. "I don't need more fabric. I just need more time to sew the fabric I have!", you wrote. My sentiments exactly! Love your adventures, Bonnie! Cherry Boom

  9. That plan certainly hatched well! Yes, yes, yes, quilter's finishes hanging over the porch railings -- gave me goosebumps to visualize in my mind's eye. All the lovely items being shared by those that love you and want you to preserve their family treasures. Quiltville Inn, just the place for it all!! Have a great week home(s)! Hugs, Allison in Plano

  10. That porch railing just begs for a yearly outdoor quilt show a la Sisters, Oregon. Can you imagine it with quilts all the way around the house?

  11. It's shaping up with a little help from Quiltville Friends!! I love all the Things you are sharing about the Inn. Makes me dream, it is so far away from 2020, yet so close. Have a great weekend with your guys!

  12. That not-quite-a-bear's-paw is lovely. I wonder if they were trying for some kind of sawblade effect that didn't quite work out. Pretty anyway!

    Do you mind sharing the model name of the Ikea desk chairs, please? They look like they'd be a good, versatile choice for the sewing stations. We're homeschoolers, and we need some different chairs in our school area, and the one you showed might be just the thing. Except... in gray for us. Middle schoolers. Teenagers. No ivory fabric chairs here. They'd be gross looking in days! ;) Thanks!

  13. love how it's coming together

  14. Love the sewing chair. Sure wish there was a IKEA by me but no luck and I am not sure even how far I would have to drive for one but I know I would need thousands of $ just from what you show alone LOL. Someone said they ship but I don't even know how I would get the right items but I could use more than one of those chairs and more than one of those lights. Maybe someone would send me some numbers for them LOL.

  15. If you haven't already checked, might a suggest pricing the mats at Costco. Here at ours they carry them for under $30, where Staples/Office Depot are closer to $50. Does IKEA carry them? I've never been in an IKEA store. I wished I'd considered mats long before I did - our wood floors now need to be refinished where the casters have worn them to the bare wood. I have one on my laminate wood-look flooring too and it's a wood-look one which is thinner than the plastic ones we finally got. It's never curled or caused a problem, but does tend to travel over time with the chair rolling on it.

  16. You might consider one long runner to protect the floor under the chairs. Single pads might get skewed around. Loving this shopping.
    Joyce Skinner

  17. Just a note...when getting sewing chairs... remember that many of us are vertically challenged and need chairs that go low enough so that our feet will touch the floor. :)

  18. What a tribute to you, Bonnie, that everyone wants to help create your dream! I know you appreciate it, but you've earned their love and respect--good on you!

  19. I have an executive chair in my sewing room. When we assembled it, we just left the arms OFF of it. Works great, has MUCH better support than the smaller rolling office chairs.

  20. Bonnie, have you tried Container Store's bungee chairs? I love mine! Super comfy - $149 unless you catch a sale, then $129.

  21. Thank you for sharing this journey. I am looking forward to a time when I can sit, sew and visit at Quiltville Inn.

  22. Bonnie, I love reading about the New Adventures of Quitville In! It will be amazing when you are finished. I hope that I am fortunate enough to be able to visit it one day.
    Question: do you know what the model of that IKEA chair is that you liked the most. It does look super comfy!
    I am needing a new chair for my sewing room and just can't seem to find one that I like.

  23. I found an adjustable "office" chair for sewing at Staples... so y'all may want to shop office supply stores... it's black (sun faded a weird purply-brown now. Very adjustable AND has held up well to the abuse of this over-stuffed quilter... It's well over 15 years old, only $79 then, probably a bit more now, but if you bought in bulk??? Love your adventures and energy, Cats from Carlsbad CA

  24. The sewing chair is perfect. Similar to what I use and very comfortable.
    Does the Inn have A/C.......

  25. Girls, Bonnie’s quilting chair appears to be the BLECKBERGET, Number: 903.618.70.
    Here at our Houston store it not only comes in the light beige and dark grey, but also a light mint green some of you will like. It gets a 4.7 rating out of 5 and sells for $ 49.99.

  26. Claudia here. Hi Bonnie. I admire you so. Your inspiration and perservere is incredible. I'm writing to ask about the beeper. My car keys were in the crack of the seat because I laidthe back of the seat down to carry a box. I searched the car top to bottom and called home where hubby said check the space between seat and back and there they were!


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