Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Fair Trade For a Missing Remote!

I have been unable to find the missing gate remote.  No Clicker Anywhere!

I have nearly disassembled the van, searched under seats, in between seats and the center console, in the doors – everywhere.

I have NO idea where it ended up, but I’m afraid I’ll have to admit defeat on this one thing.

At some point it slid off my visor into the black hole of the Quilter's Bermuda triangle.

There are other “generic” remotes out there that can be programmed to work with this gate – it’s just the principle of the thing.

And the fact that I can’t resolve in my mind just what happened keeps it circling round and round and round – there is no closure other than to accept that it is gone.

I think there is a life lesson in that, don’t you?

Sometimes there is no reason why something is gone – it just is.  It’s not worth stewing about.

But once the antique mall folks said “Nope, nothing here in our lost and found…..” I made a beeline to the back corner to see if something I saw earlier was still there.


Oh joy!!

I sat.

I rocked.

I carried it up to the front.

This rocker is sturdy, the wicker is intact and not un-wickering. The cushion needs recovering – I envision using an old cutter quilt to make a new cover, but other than that, I have deemed this rocker completely porch worthy!

And while I’m at it, I spy this on a shelf – completely missed on last week’s walk around:


Oh my how cute!

My recycled shirt lover went immediately into hyperdrive.

Price?  Where is the price??


Oh, honey – you are SO coming to live at Quiltville Inn!

I was disappointed that I couldn’t find that blasted remote – but the consolation prizes made the 25 mile drive into town worth it!


It just feels RIGHT some how.


And those Baptist Fans….bliss!

I love that there is strategic planning to the rows in this quilt, yet there are some variations.  Isn’t this just GREAT?!?  

Maybe we do something like this for NEXT YEAR’S Leader & Ender Challenge as this year’s is all ready to post come July.  

I just want to make this NOW.  Seriously.  But there are too many other things with deadlines, so in the mean time, I’ll just pet it and dream.


Two white rockers at the back kitchen door.

I brought the NC tobacco stake star from home – but the soda crate was found in the falling down general store next door where I discovered the other chairs.  Treasures.

I didn’t spend much time at the Inn yesterday – most of my day was working behind the scenes on some future deadline type stuff.  All of those things that remain unseen until it is time to show them..And while I worked – this was going on – Click to Play:

I love a good summer rain!

It appears as though our gutter needs an unplugging, but I enjoyed the impromptu water feature as the rain kept pouring down.

Cleaning gutters once again is back on the to-do list for a future weekend.  But not now.


For those interested in the treadle belts -

Several questions have come in after yesterday morning's blog post about installing a new treadle belt.

I've tried many different kinds, but this is by far my favorite, the easiest and most convenient.

It comes from Lehmans.com for about $7.00. Black rubber with metal connector.

So easy! No more heinous leather staple.

You are welcome!


Last night’s binding – I turned another corner!

I’ve reached a bit past half way, and I have a few more evenings to go before I head home on Friday after the dentist.  It’s getting there, one stitch at a time.

I really enjoy the hand binding process.  I love the fine finish it gives.  And those mitered corners make me so happy.

Today – more of the same.  It’s a kitting up day for future projects.  It’s a sewing day working on some deadlines. 

It’s a “Find the Joy in simple things” Kind of Tuesday.

June 19, 2018 at 07_15AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

What you search for, you will find! (Unless it is a gate remote!)

Find joy today in little things!

My joy this morning?  Slicing open the sweetest most delectable cantaloupe for breakfast.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


  1. We just had a similar thing happen with my husband's orthotics. Somehow he lost ONE from coming in from golf. How do you lose ONE when you had two and took them out of your shoes...we searched everywhere for 2 days: clothes, hamper, golf bag, shoes, under bed, driveway, car he road in, even going back to the golf course to see if it fell out in the parking lot...nothing...than after about 38 hours...wha laa!! He found it...when he threw them on the bed, one had slipped down into a sport bag stuffed with clothes that was sitting on the bed...My grandmother had a saying 'the house doesn't lose anything'....it'll show up- I'm sure of it! Have a great day!! love the recycled shirt quilt!

  2. Two more places to look: in your purse (as well as any shopping bags) and raincoat pockets if you had one that day. Remote could have made a slam dunk wherever it landed....

  3. “What you search for, you will find!” Lol!! Famous last words!!!
    Love that quilt! What a great place to use left over blocks from a quilt (when you made too many) or a new way to display a sample of different blocks (make 10 of each block, enough so you get the hang of making that block).

  4. Your lost remote saga reminded me of my husband's problem. He was ill and put his wallet in a "safe place" as he did not need it. Well, he does not remember where that safe place is! Daily searches continue! ��

    1. We lost a wallet in a pair of shorts that got thrown behind a chair in the TV room. At least the money didn't run away.

  5. It‘ been my experience that those mysterious missing items often are found.....AFTER you finally break down and purchase a replacement!!

  6. I often find those things in the trash bag I keep in the car....good luck.

  7. The remote is not "lost" it is just in a place where you cannot "see" it yet. Let the Universe bring it back...it's there ;-)

  8. I think the bear took it.......

  9. I went to my daughter's school choir concert at a huge church this winter. Had my new beautiful "splurge" shoes and an afghan I was knitting for my Dad in a bag. Got home and they were NOWHERE. Two months ago and I'm still obsessing. I finish that dratted afghan in my dreams!! Losing things is a mindworm like those songs they call earworms.
    The quilt is a lovely consolation.

  10. My favorite 'lost' story is a Clemson hat. My 6th grade son worked very hard to earn a bright orange Clemson billed cap. He loved it so much he wouldn't wear it. He didn't want to get it all sweaty and dirty. So, he did something very inappropriate and the perfect example of 'actions have consequences' was for mom to take the hat for awhile. I put it somewhere he wouldn't find it. Problem was, when it was time for him to get it back - I forgot where I put it - like for years!!!! We did find it in a bathroom cabinet way up top in the back when we moved from that house. Only had been 4 years!! He still has that hat after 20 years and that story has become one of our family's favorites!!! I'm not sure of the moral of the story but it sure makes us laugh and shake our heads! It's only a remote. Get another one and go on about your business. And of course, as soon as you get the new one and get it programmed to work the gate - the old one will show up and you will have a back up! TeeHee!!!!

  11. This is too funny! The (almost) same thing happened to me just yesterday! I picked up my 5 month old grandson, popped his favorite pacifier into his mouth and carried him into the kitchen - not even 30 feet - and it was gone! He must have spit it out, but I looked for an hour! How could this happen? So, the big black hole now has a remote for a gate and a favorite pacifier in its collection! Enjoy the day!

  12. Are you getting another rain chain? I have looked into them.

  13. I LOVE the quilt that went home with you....may not make it until 2019 for a try at it......

  14. Hi Bonnie...did the same thing. It can make one crazy! I did find it though, in the slot on the passenger side door. No clue how but there it was. I am sure just laughing.

  15. I love the quilt! I hope you do make it as a leader-ender challenge after this year. I'm on board! Looks great on the rocker❤️.

  16. That quilt would use the Simple corners ruler a day Essential Triangle Tool!! Great L/E for later. I can stockpile my hubby's shirts.

  17. Funny how the universe collides and makes something disappear. My son got a lovely anniversary ring for his wife and about a year later it just disappeared from the nightstand. Fast forward 7 years (yes 7 years!), they decided to paint their bedroom and removed the tall baseboard to refinish it and there between the baseboard and wall was her ring. They couldn't believe it. She can only thing that in the middle of the night she bumped it sleeping and down it went into the crevasse. Be sure to save the receipt when you purchase a new remote, because the old WILL turn up eventually.
    Sharon in rainy (YES!) Colorado

  18. My method of finding something that seems well and truly lost is to finally give in, purchase a replacement and then find the missing item in a place I thought I searched thoroughly. It's not a system I can recommend, but it does seem to be how it works for me.

  19. I lost my prescription sunglasses in the van. They slid out of dashboard hole onto the floor when I turned a corner too fast. Not only did I look, but had many others look also. They had to be in the van. Nope! Never did find them.It's nice when replaceable things are lost.

  20. LOVE the quilt that came home with you! I just ordered Carrie Nelson's Lo-Lo pattern last Friday...similar, but different. Plan on scrap-ing it up and running the strips horizontally, but I vote YES on that being the next leader-ender project. Thank you for taking us along as you gather treasures to bring home to the Inn. It's going to be spectacular!

  21. I know you have looked everywhere - but did you look in the defroster vent at the base of the windshield? Things that decide to hid themselves are so very frustrating!

  22. I feel you pain! I cannot find my brush curling iron; I have looked everywhere ��
    Brought another one yesterday! I guarantee the other one will now reappear mysteriously������

  23. Could the remote be in the RZR?

  24. I put my glasses on the edge of the couch to take a nap. When I awoke they were gone. We turned the couch upside down took the cousins apart dipped into the springs and couldn't find my glasses. I was a guest at my brother's house and he had to drive me home since I couldn't see. I had to buy new glasses and wait for a few weeks for them to come in. Every time I would visit we would check the couch again cuz we just couldn't believe it. 6 months later, I was sitting on that couch again rested my hand on the back of the cushion and pulled up my glasses. we have no explanation.

  25. Your husband's shed looks like a cute little cabin!! You need to tell us more about it. I just remember it being built. Are you driving to Michigan later this summer - we have things we could gift to you. :-)

  26. I have the same mentality as you over lost items, just can't let go of "where is it?" even if the item is insignificant (like a favorite pencil). Like many have said here today, things often show up after you replace them. Didn't happen that way when I lost my very basic flip cell phone last November, however. I think I lost it while walking my dog but using the same trail 3 times a day for months, I haven't found it. Since I hadn't turned the cell phone on, I couldn't find it by calling it either. I'm still obsessing over "where could it be?" even though I've replaced it; I know life is too short to worry about that but....!

  27. What a lovely wicker rocking chair and a simply delightful quilt! Your missing remote reminds me of the car key I lost over 25 years ago. I only had the one key and when I went to the car on a Monday morning so I could go to work I couldn't find the key anywhere. I taught at a local school so hurriedly had to walk there. When I got home I searched the whole house, even the most ridiculous and unlikely places - no key! So I had to bite the bullet, get a locksmith out and have a new lock fitted ( expensive I seem to recall!). Many, many years later, probably 15 years later I discovered the key in a pocket of an apron. I must have gone to the car for something whilst in the process of making Sunday Lunch!

  28. Bonnie, One thing you could do for a remote is to program one of the buttons on your rear view mirror using hubby's remote. I am pretty sure your van has this feature. I love that I don't have to carry a remote on my visor. Just a suggestion.

  29. Can't you program your car to open the gate? My car has 3 buttons for remotes. I would guess your car has the same thing. I've always wondered why there were 3 buttons, now I know!

  30. Anonymous1:18 PM EDT

    Love your story Bonnie, like always such a good one.
    You are a fabulous woman.......

  31. Give your search a rest and return to it in a day or two. I've "suddenly" found lost items when I start with a fresh outlook. Good luck.

  32. I have learned (I hope) never to put anything in a "safe place" because I will never find it when I want it! Hubby just found a chunk of money I had hidden 6+ years ago that I couldn't find, despite searching diligently!! I had written it off as something my kids would find after I died...now I've got a new dream for it!

  33. You were meant to return to that store for the wicker rocker and that quilt. I vote YES, YES, YES, to making one as leaders and enders. Please 😊

  34. That was the first thing I thought when I saw that quilt! Great Leader/Ender!
    We went on vacation for a month and took the truck. I hid my car keys in a “safe place”, and knew they were somewhere, but could not remember. A year later, I came across them! Now, it is a joke, and everything goes into the “secret place”...luckily, my hub still had his set of keys...

  35. I crocheted an afghan years ago when I was in high school it disappeared before I finished it. I found it several years ago, it was on my brother's couch. His girlfriend says he wants to be buried in it. Bugged me for 40 years .

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. One of my grandfather's favorite sayings was "If you are searching for something that is missing, you will find it in the last place you look".

  38. LOVE that quilt. I am so hoping it ends up a L/E. I plan to start saving men's shirts. Not sure just where there is room for them, but I will find a way. :)

  39. An old wives tale is to go to the kitchen cabinet and turn a glass over,then close the cabinet door and forget about it. You will find the remote! Worth a try!

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  41. Such a stunning chair and the quilt is so pretty, you were definitely meant to have them both for Quiltville inn. I too love the sound of the rain falling and the wonderful fresh smell it brings.
    Good luck with the remote it will turn up when you least expect it
    Quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  42. I had to smile when you wrote about losing your remote. Ours hangs on the visor over the driver's seat and falls almost every time you turn a corner. Dh's lottery things are attached to the back side of it so when it goes flying, so does everything else! It hasn't disappeared yet though.
    Love your rocker and the recycled shirt quilt! Great finds!

  43. Love, Love, LOVE that quilt. Enjoyed looking it over at the different blocks spaced out to make it work. Thanks to your blog, I have made 3 men's shirt quilts and have lots of material to work with. The fabric quality is great. My vote - next Leader/Ender. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  44. Could it be in your son's or your husband's vehicle??

  45. Technique question for Bonnie
    Hi Bonnie,
    I'm about to be on vacation and will have a lot of time sitting! I still have unfinished my On Ringo Lake quilt - Big triangles to which I have to attach little triangles (in brown and coral both). Wondering if you think hand stitching them is as "sturdy" as using a sewing machine (which i can't bring along) and do you do any special stitches to hold the pieces together?

  46. I am so loving your adventures in furnishing Quiltville Inn. Exciting! I know about Lehman's...it is a wonderful store. All things for those who don't use electricity...the Amish who live in that area of Ohio. My husband and I visit just to see all the old time stuff. And there is a flea market on Saturdays. It is worth a "google"...

  47. Hi Bonnie: The remote will show up once you quit looking for it. It happens to me all the time when I put down my reading glasses. I have learned to put the SUV remote in my back pocket (only key there is for it), so it doesn't slide out of it's slot. Years ago (mid 90's), when I was teaching ROTC for Santa Clara University and Stanford, I left to run medical and admin at FT Knox, KY Basic Camp. The TV remote ended up missing and one SGT accused me of taking it with me. My Admin Asst, asked him what would I do with it?, I don't even come upstairs unless I have Operations or testing requirements. They found it later, down, in between the cushions of the couch the cadets and upstairs people used to watch TV. I certainly had no time to watch TV!

    Motto: It will show up when you least expect it, and probably in an obvious place!

    Your wicker chair is beautiful!

    Kasilof, AK

  48. I'm sure some one told you to look in your purse, but in case not...... try that.
    also I too have a BLACK HOLE in my car. Lost a library book and had to pay for it:(

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