Monday, June 04, 2018

July/Aug ‘18 Quiltmaker Bundle Drawing Time

It’s TIME!  (And hey, I remembered which is something to celebrate! LOL!)

I’m pulling away from quilting something special to give the random number generator a whirl and choose the winner of this month’s July/August (YES!  JULY/AUGUST!) Quiltmaker issue along with a bundle of goodies to go with it!

If you missed the original post, you can find it HERE.  Be sure to check out my Addicted to Scraps column in this issue - the block is so fun!

I have included a 100 blocks vol 15 issue along with the July/August 2018 Quiltmaker issue, and sweetened the pot by adding a selection of quilting tools by Marci Baker:
  • That Purple Thang
  • Corner Cut 60
  • Cutting Edge Strips
  • Sewing Edge Strips
  • On the Dot Repositionable Markers
One lucky winner gets the whole thing!  Are you ready?

Only one winner out of 4775 entries -

And we are looking for:


Fern Legters!  Whoowhooo!

Fern, get back to me with your snail mail address and I’ll be personally sending this bundle off to you lickety split!

And while I’ve got you here – for those who find they were NOT the lucky winner, I’ve got something for you too!

Just so you don’t leave this page feeling like you wasted your time – how much do you know about battings?

What really are the differences between cotton, wool, and poly battings?

What do all those blends mean?

Choose the perfect batting for your quilted project with HollyAnne’s Easy Guide to Quilt Batting!

With all of the battings available to us, I found the information very interesting - this is a bookmark I am adding to my pinterest feed so I can find it again easily.

You might want to, too!

All of this batting info is perfect for me because I took time to piece this pink backing thing in commemoration of my actually making my mammogram appointment today. (Hooray!)

Have you had yours this year?  It’s important!

I spent some time deciding which batting I want to use for this quilt, and I've decided on the Hobb's Wool.


So much bright pink plaid!


(Wool batting on back roller!)


I can’t show you the whole thing – but I can share this!

I’m loving the slight “poof” the Hobb’s wool batting I am using has.  After checking out HollyAnne’s batting guide – do you think you want to give the wool a try?

I’m heading back to the longarm – loads of evening stitching time ahead – This one has a deadline!

Have a wonderful evening, everyone -


  1. Love wool batting! So warm, but it's lightweight and it breathes.

  2. Congratulations! Thanks for doing these Bonnie

  3. I love wool batting, too... it's all I've been quilting with lately because it's so easy to hand stitch, is warm yet light, and drapes so nicely.

  4. Wish I could use wool, I love its loft, but sadly allergic....

    Congratz Fern!

  5. Hurray for Fern! Yes, I'm a fan of Hobbs wool too. Happy stitching. Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas

  6. Congratulations Fern!

    Question for you wool batting lovers, how does it wash up, as in the machine? Have a DS who will be heading out into the world and think I'd like to use it for him, but he'll need to be able to wash it.

    1. washes wonderfully, no problems at all. And what I love, is that the quilt doesn't show fold marks, like they do when us use Warm and Natural. Don't hesitate. You'll be in love with it.

  7. Fun fabrics under the needle tonight. Hobbs is my Batting choice. I have used Wool and poly/Silk combo battings. Not as heavy as the cotton batting.

  8. never tried wool batting, will try next time. Love all your surprises you share

  9. Congrats Fern! I love wool batting! LOVE the pink plaids!!

  10. I'm loyal to Hobbs 80/20 batting. Love it. Never had a bad experience with it. I used wool one time long ago on a quilt I hand quilted. Used quilt shop fabric. The wool "pilled" thru every dark color when I washed it the first time. Washed and dried as directed. I cried. Glad it works for others.

  11. Congrats to Fem.
    I have a swatch of battings that are provided by a quilt shop in Solihull which I found very handy. I do have my preferences - Quilters Dream cotton and Quilters Dream wool because I love the loft. Not tried the two together just yet - I struggle enough with the single batting!
    Mamms are much more comfy now that ours have the new machine! Now I've reached the grand age of 60, the next thing is a DIY job of taking samples from the derriere output! Not a fan of that one, yuk, although less personal!

  12. How do you make wool to last a long time? My wool are usually the first to go which gets eaten by bugs. I have my ancestors quilts and they are cotton and don't get eaten.

  13. Love the daily sayings



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