Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Cathedral Stars with the Prairie Stars!

So happy to have met these gals who came all the way down from Minnesota (And wore the shirts saying so!) to join us for our Cathedral Stars workshop day hosted by the Prairie Stars quilters of St Charles, Illinois!

My new friend on the left made a list of 50 things she wanted to do starting her 50th birthday and  workshop with me was high on her list – and this fit right into her summer schedule!

And even more fun when her mom and life long childhood friend could come along for the ride, too.

I understand that has been much detouring and quilt-shop-hopping happening on this trek.  Great memories in the making, ladies!


We fine-tuned the whole process of Tri-Recs rulers for star points!


So delightful to see all of the colors that came out to play!


Looking grand!


Sewing half-square triangles cut with the Essential Triangle Tool -


Trying do decide what works best --

Dark ladders?  Or Light ones? 


But the best part is the people!

And making new friends!


Press it out, girls!


Group layout time! 


Thanks for the fun day, everyone!

You’ll find the rest of our workshop day in the video below.  Click to play:

And that wasn't the end to the day – we had a short break to grab a bite of dinner, and were back for evening guild meting activity – a full house!

You’ll find the free pattern for Cathedral Stars under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.  Have you made one yet?

June 25, 2018 at 08_24PM

SO much great Show & Share happened!

This morning is also another meeting lecture – and I’ll be sharing all of the gorgeous quilts together in a future post. 


So happy to have had these gals come for a visit!

I was just with them in March – and this makes guild number 4 in Illinois this year – fun!

After today’s morning meeting we will jump right in to a half-day Carolina Chain workshop.  Another bustling, busy day ahead.

Did you get your entry in on our June Quilty Box yet?  Remember to enter ON THAT POST.  I’m drawing for two winners – one for the full sized Quilty Box, and the second for the Quilty Box Mini.

June 26, 2018 at 07_47AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage trip around the world quilt shared during yesterday's workshop.

There are some things we take far too seriously!

Look at the whole big picture and realize just how small they are!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, folks!


  1. Well, now... we never stop learning and i have learned how to get TODAY'S post TODAY!!... the internet highway is so busy i have been getting the blog the day AFTER in my email, but i found the "newer post"/"older post" links! Bonnie, have you read MY older post about Lehman's and the treadle belts? It seems, (by Saturday) on both Wed. and Thurs they had sold 80 belts and Friday a few less... and they usually sell 80 in a whole year! She was delighted to learn the how of the sudden interest!!! Her mother & her sister are quilters, can she be far behind??? I love being able to travel with you, even tho it's only vicariously, thank you for your contribution to my life! Cats in Carlsbad CA

    1. OK, so what's the secret???? I get them a day late, too and having already read them, go down to the bottom and hit the next link. I want to be smart like you!!! Fill me in!!

  2. below Comments... on the right hand side is a blue link to "Older Post" which will take you backwards ... on the Left hand side is (usually) "Newer Post"... it's not on today's because Bonnie hasn't posted yet, but it was on the blog i had received for yesterday in this morning's email... not 'smart' so much as educated in technology! Hope this helps... PM if you need more help.

  3. Ladies, if you have signed up for Bonnie's blog to receive them by e-mail you should be getting them every morning. The sign up is in the upper right side of the main page. If you don't get them every morning my guess is it would be your internet server. I get them like click work every morning. Also be sure to add her to your friends list.

  4. i like your quote today. I would add mine to that which is, "Just be nice."

  5. I get the blogs by e-mail. After 10pm. Usually around 10:38pm. My internet server is Comcast. Would love to see Bonnie's posts in the morning instead of before bed. Guess I'll have to start saving the nightly e-mail so I can check out the "newer post" button in the morning.

  6. Hi Cats,Lisa,Margacat :) It was going back and checking for "newer post" a little later in the morning that I found Bonnie would post them so I can read todays post today. Just keep checking :)

  7. You ladies just rock!!!! I start my day by reading Bonnie's adventures. If she is late to post - I worry 'just a bit' about her. Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it!!!!

  8. I am so happy that Cathy Boo and I got to see your lecture on Monday night. Your scrap saver system has helped me gain some control in my sewing room, plus putting all those bags of scraps to good use.

  9. I just go to the blog directly, It is set on my favorites.


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