Friday, June 08, 2018

Making a Glorious Mess!

You know this has been a week of deadlines.

The pressure is still on, but I am making good progress.

Still – this is the whirlwind that happens in my studio when I feel as if I am working on 6 projects at once.

In fact I am – each block for each Addicted to Scraps column needs to be made in 3 color ways to show folks some options, and get their own ideas flowing – and in the mean time my cutting table, my strip drawers (which are not as neat here at the cabin as at home and that needs to change at some point but not today!) and my ironing board are all piled with fabric possibilities -

This is also the fun part.  I love choosing the fabrics that will go together in any block or quilt – often times pairing a new acquisition with some oldies but goodies.

How easy it would be to just grab a fat quarter stack, layer cake, or charm pack of one pre-matched line – but life isn’t like that.  Life doesn’t come all color coordinated for a picture perfect existence.

We add in our own experiences along the way, it’s our individual choices that make us who we are, so very unique -

Just as I don’t want to follow anyone else’s recipe for my quilts, I don’t want to follow anyone’s idea for my life either.

I hope these simple column blocks will light a fire, spark your interest and encourage you to make your OWN choices, so that your quilts are the product of your own individuality.

And I am 1/3 the way with column #5 – and will be tackling the rest of that, and moving on to column #6 today. (I have 6 issues a year - 6 columns to provide blocks for.)

But I may do a bit of cleaning up first!


Yesterday’s road hike!

The curious equines have moved to a farther away pasture, but they still got as close to me as they could, walking their fence line.  I don’t think many folks are found walking this road.  I probably am a strange occurrence to them.


Glimpses of old barns between the trees.


I love the history of old rusted farm equipment.

I envision the farmer/rancher who spent his hard earned money on this new-fangled contraption that was going to make his job of doing – so much easier.  What would they think now about modern tractors and combines and bailing equipment?

We passed many folks out in fields cutting hay and bailing in huge round bales yesterday – the weather has been perfect.  No rain this week.  Seeing those mown fields and the round rolls of hay waiting to be picked up –so peaceful!  

And the smell of fresh mown hay?  Heavenly!

I passed this burbling brook on my way back UP to the cabin – yes, my walk is a slight down hill all the way to my turn around spot, which makes the hike a bit harder back up to the cabin.  I stopped in this shady spot to catch my breath, and a bit of grassy creek.  

Click to play:


The mountain laurels are bursting with pink!


I love the lacy petals!


And this happened last evening!

We had a great 2.5 hour ride  heading east from the cabin to Galax, VA, then south where we caught the Blue Ridge Parkway for a bit - back across the NC state line where we grabbed highway 18 to Sparta, NC and then 93 back to 58 where we stopped here at Quiltville Inn for a leg stretch before cruising the last 7 miles home to the cabin.

Great first ride of the summer!

I'll be back at Quiltville Inn this afternoon as the CenturyLink guy is coming to hook up my little post office internet (DSL is the only reasonable option here) and discuss ideas for beaming wifi to the house for retreat use. We'd really love to do this as one account, not two separate ones.

Most cell services will not work here.  With my Verizon I get 1 bar of 1x which works for a text message “sometimes.”  ATT has no service here, and neither does T-Mobile.  We are VERY remote, and I like it that way, but I want enough connectivity for retreaters to be able to phone home using wifi – or at least be able to send/receive a text message.

Remember the definition of RETREAT means to BACK AWAY!  There won’t be enough power to stream videos or spend hours in Facebook, but no one should be doing that anyway –RIGHT?!

Tonight I have plans to attend an event at the Alleghany County Library in in Sparta, NC - How many of you remember the Kingston Trio's version of "Hang Down Your Head, Tom Dooley?"  Well, the legend is from right here in North Carolina.

Remember Kim who gifted the beautiful machine and beds to Quiltville Inn?  

Her hubby is playing in the concert tonight and we are going to meet up with them and enjoy the evening!

I love things like this - and if you are from the area and reading me, come on out!

And with that, I better get this day going here.

June 08, 2018 at 07_29AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage sampler quilt found in Washington.

To those who lift me above the doubters, criticizers, and the nay-sayers, I can't thank you enough! 

Your support kept me from giving up when I have even doubted myself.

Be that kind of friend to someone today.

Have a wonderful Friday, folks!


  1. Good morning, Bonnie! My favorite part of the quilting process is making that mess and choosing the fabric! That farm equipment is a dump rake. I learned how to drive around the field and pull that lever to dump the hay at the age of 10. Hope you have a great day.

  2. You are such an encourager for us I hope you won't let the Negative Nellies get you down! There are many more of us cheering you on! Reading your blog each morning sets me up for the day!

  3. I love the 'remoteness'. We are also a 'dead zone' at our cabin in VT so once a day we go into town (usually EARLY for coffee), make our calls, check our messages, read the paper and then we are set for a glorious day.

    1. Exactly!! The older I get the less I want to be connected ALL. OF. THE. TIME. :)

  4. I have a hay rake in my front yard (outside my sewing room) that I call "Yard Art". Makes me appreciate the newer equipment we use in the hay field.

  5. Nice to witness the balance you work so hard for in your life. Work like crazy on your deadlines, then a nice walk and a sweet ride with the Hubster. Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas

  6. Hi Bonnie. I am so happy for you in your new venture. I was wondering if you would have any need for a bunch of quilt books at the Inn. I have a shelf full that I would gladly donate. I have followed you through FB and your QuiltCam and sure would love to be able to join a class someday. Thank you for all your patterns and knowledge sharing.

  7. Thank you for the free patterns and the great tips and techniques page. I am making a diamond tile quilt for the grandson soon to be born and wanted to set them on point. Only problem, I had no idea how to figure the corner and side blocks. But Bonnie to the rescue, I found the charts and am now on my way to getting this top finished. Thanks for all your help and support, count on me to be a BIG Bonnie fan!

  8. Love the little brook, I think I would stay there for a while and enjoy! Love the idea of the library program, enjoy.

  9. I had to chuckle- I was looking for a messy photo. Your messy resembles my tidied up sewing area.

    1. True! It takes me days to find the bottom of the pile and many projects resurface in the pile as bits and pieces get left behind to sort.

  10. I admire your adventurist spirit. We had a large victorian home that I wanted to do this with....but fear kept me from it. Now at 70 yo, I so wish I had. Even if it had fallen flat, it still would have been better than having never done it. That said, I believe your Inn will be a huge success and I am so glad that you are ignoring the 'debbie downers'. You go girl!!!

    1. ahhh, yes! I have few regrets in MY life, and those are usually the opportunities i didn't take... the chances i let pass by. Also thanks to Bonnie as i have done many times... you go girl!! says it best... those who say you can't need to be ignored. Cats from Carlsbad CA

  11. I'm floored that the naysayers and doubters feel like they have to express them when you are so positive and doing so many kind and wonderful things!

    What is wrong with people?!!

  12. You truly are "living the dream". It is so inspiring to see how hard you worked and now enjoying "a piece of heaven". I so enjoy reading and listening to your blog everyday. I would be so lucky to meet you at Quiltville someday.....my dream.

  13. Thank you Bonnie. You are a breath of fresh air and one who knows how to follow your Bliss! Cant wait ti visit Quiltville Inn

  14. Anonymous2:12 PM EDT

    I love to read your letter and get much encouragement out of it. You go girl
    and you do a great job. Never doubt yourself. We are all cheering you on!!!!!!!

  15. looks and sounds perfect, enjoy your day and hope you have a lovely evening xxx

  16. Can't wait to see your new Addicted to Scraps columns! I absolutely love your scrappy block patterns and the three color ways you share with us!
    On another note: as an avid motorcyclist myself, I was wondering if you actually DRIVE the one you are sitting on....or if you are 'posing'? The comfy back seat (complete with armrests) might be a hint! But then again---maybe not! However, I am sure you enjoyed your ride no matter whether you were in the driver's seat or the passenger's seat! :)

  17. I love you quote today!!!! My sister in law posted this quote the other day, which I also love, "Be the kind of woman who fixes another woman's crown without telling the world it was crooked!" I know we don't even know each other....haha but I find a lot of inspiring things here at quiltville! Thanks for all you do for all of us each and every day! AND....seriously Galax???? Oh my goodness that is where my paternal roots hail from...I am coming to Quiltville Inn one day...It is definitely on my bucket list...Can't wait!

  18. I had 5 days at a contra dance camp in the "wilderness" of Denali National Park over last weekend - no cell service, no internet, no electricity or running water in the cabins. We had a wonderful relaxing time.

  19. I appreciate so much that you encourage us to branch out with our color choices, layout designs, etc. But how should a quilt made with variations be labeled. For example, I am planning to do a Floribunda, with lilac as the solid color. I would like to call my quilt, "Peeking Through the Lilacs"...But somehow that feels like I would be robbing from your inspiration. Maybe: "Peeking Through the Lilacs, variation of Floribunda pattern by Bonnie K. Hunter" A lot to put on a label, but I'd like to give credit where credit is due...Any comments, anyone?

    1. When I label my "Bonnie" quilts, I name them as I want. On one line I always put the quilt design of Bonnie's it was made from. If from her book I reference that, if a mystery I reference that as well as the year, a magazine, freebie, whatever the source include it. Hope this helps you kck83.

  20. I make a point of going to your email first thing every day that I come to work. I love your photographs of the beautiful landscapes and old buildings. I would absolutely LOVE to be able to join you at your retreat one day,but living in South Africa has is drawbacks....its too far away! :) Please never stop taking your beautiful photographs because if nothing else they start my day with such joy!! Thank you for all your inspiration, I work very slowly on my quilts, but love every one of them. Much love from South Africa

  21. "Life doesn’t come all color coordinated for a picture perfect existence." You should put this quote of yours up someday! Amen sister. You are such an inspiration. I appreciate all of your hard work and inspiration. Thanks for sharing all of the beauty around you. My sewing area only stays tidy until I start the next peoject...so most of the time it looks like a bomb went off(but not so much since gradually implementing your scrap users system ��thank you!)

  22. I have a bit of trouble working in my sewing room- its a mess! Then I realise, its my HAPPY MESS! I learned that from Susan Carlson's class. I will neaten up, so I can at least WALK in there! HA! BUt I love all the projects and fabric. Thanks Bonnie for your cheerful quotes, fun projects and overall good fun!

  23. Hi Bonnie! I read your blog everyday and it so inspires me! I love all the pictures and videos that you share with us! Make me feel like I'm right there walking alongside with you! I'm so excited for your Quiltville Inn adventure and although I know it's a lot of work, it will be so wonderful when it's complete.I don't know how you get so much accomplished every day but I admire your organization and ability to get things done! You really are amazing! I'm hoping to take one of your classes and get the opportunity to see you in person but just through quilt cam and your columns I feel like a friend and fellow quilter. I too love the solitude of being way out in the country! I'm not big on TV or internet use so that won't hurt my feelings at all not having much availability. I can picture evenings out on that beautiful porch in a rocking chair, drinking tea, and chatting and laughing and enjoying the beautiful surroundings! Morning coffee on the porch and listening to the birds chirp while starting the day before everyone wakes up - heavenly! Thank you for being you and sharing yourself with all of us!

  24. I have not been in my quilting room as much as I would like lately. My sister passed in February due to breast cancer. I wanted to do something special for her celebration of life so I decided to paint mandala stones so every one at the service could place a stone in the meadow where her ashes were spread. It took three months to paint all the stones. About a week ago I went into my quilting room and there was a beautiful smell of fabric that made this great desire to get back to it. I was able to get going again last week. Oh how I missed it. Rest in peace sweet sister.

  25. Bonnie, I hope you think My wanting to be you is encouraging and not creepy/stalker-like. LOL Please be encouraged. I still wish I was you. LOL

  26. I was thinking about you all morning. We went to a pancake breakfast to help the local 4-H'ers, then across the street to a big storage garage sale. On the ad for it they showed pictures of TWO Singer treadle machines. I really wanted to buy one, but they were in really poor condition and I have no clue what-so-ever one how to go about restoring one. I drooled though, believe me.

  27. I can't imagine why someone would be criticising you or being a naysayer. I just started following you and I am having a delightful time! I can't wait to visit Quiltville, just to sit and sew in peace! I look forward to meeting you in Lee's Summit.


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