Monday, June 11, 2018

Missouri Bound!


“I got to Kansas City on a Friday – by Saturday I learned a thing or two!  For up till then I didn’t have an idee of what the modern world was comin’ to!”  Lyrics from Oklahoma, one of my favorite musicals of all time!

I kept humming this little ditty to myself as I went about my early morning routine, so happy that I didn’t have a flight out until noon and I didn’t have to rush.

It’s been 8 years since I have visited my friend Sharon – and I’m staying with her while I spend time with the very fun Lee’s Summit Quilt Guild.

EIGHT YEARS.  How does that go past so quickly?  It seems like I am saying this every other day – how does it pass so quickly?  And it feels like it is speeding up, when I want it to be slowing down.


A quilt was trimmed before airport departure!

What else is a girl supposed to do when she has 15 minutes to spare before hitting the road?  I’ve been dragging my tail about getting this quilt ready for binding – I was going to do it at the cabin, but the block making for my Addicted to Scraps column filled the cutting table and I would have had to clean it all off to be able to trim.

Yes, I trim.  And square corners.  BEFORE binding goes on…or I’ll have a lumpy bumpy un-square experience and a quilt that won’t hang quite straight.  So out come the big rulers and away I go.

This is the lovely Kaffe border print that I was one strip short on, and my friend Kevin Womack came to the rescue – his Kaffe stash is EPIC, and he had more than enough for my needs and was happy to share so I could get this border on.


Pink plaid backing fun!

8 yard pass – at LEAST!

This quilt will be revealed in August – so stay tuned!


Nearly 2 more done!

I admit that I closed my eyes “for just a minute” and slept half of the trip to Kansas City from Atlanta….but they are coming along.

Before I knew it we were landing!  Click to play:

It’s HOT HOT HOT and humid in Missouri.  And it is only June.  And it is only going to get hot and stay hotter through the summer.  But I would so much rather have this than rain, ice and snow.


Dinner in cute downtown Lee’s Summit!

I’m only here for 2 days.  This morning’s lecture and half day Scrappy Mountain Majesties workshop, and tomorrow’s Texas Tumbleweed workshop

And while it may be hot outside, the A/C will keep it nice and cool inside.  That’s one thing I can say for summer heat – you don’t have to shovel it!


After a wonderful dinner, Sharon and I took their dog Mayo for a walk after posing for this photo in the side yard.  Sharon’s gardening abilities know no bounds – and her yard is alive with flowers of the blooming/growing kind, and also of the tractor/plow/sawblade type!  So much color and whimsy!

An evening spent catching up on the screen porch with a light breeze – I was ready for bed before long.


There is something very familiar about this quilt!


I Quilted It!

I  am not sure when exactly, but this is my early days Free-Motion long arm quilting, from when I lived either in Idaho or Texas…and I was quilting for others at the time.  It’s wonderful to be here and to sleep under this quilt!

June 11, 2018 at 07_07AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day

String Quilt Shared during my recent Mississippi workshops.

It’s a new Monday, at the beginning of a brand new week.

Go after something big!


  1. time flies when you're having fun...and upping level of fun equals time flying even faster....and just to confuse you, after one retires it flies even faster...true!

  2. Have a great visit to the Midwest. Yes, it is hot and humid here. Unlike you, I would take cold and snow any day over this!! Hope you have a fine time in Lee's Summit!! Love that you can rest under a quilt you quilted long ago.

  3. What "gave it away"? Do you quilt your initials into the design, or sign a label? I've been going back through pictures of my early projects, and many of them I can't even remember making, let alone why! What a cozy feeling to have your work come back around.

  4. And it's obviously a cat-approved quilt!

  5. Love that quilting design on the pink plaid backing! And 8 yards of pink plaids? How did you manage that?

  6. What a pretty quilt, looks amazing on the bed and I’m sure you had a great nights sleep.
    Have a lovely week full of amazing fun.
    Quilty hugs xxx

  7. Have fun! As soon as you said the dog's name was Mayo and I looked at the pic, I put it together that you were with Sharon of the Quiltgranny blog that I used to read regularly until she stopped blogging :-).

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  9. Yyepper, that's the Kansas City flatness. We lived there during seminary days and in KC KS. Your video brought back so many memories! Safe travels and prayers continue.

  10. love that Kaffee Fassett border!!! When i'm not scrappy (see Bonnie Hunter, any one of six books) I'm working on a KF quilt now... "Pauline's Promise" a kit I couldn't resist... "I'm jest a girl who cain't say "no", I'm in a turrible fix! I always say, 'c'mon let's go!, jest when i orter say, NIX!" Addo Annie in Oklahoma, one of my favorites, too... and the cat and the quilt!!! FABULOUS... Cats frm Carlsbad, CA


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