Monday, June 04, 2018

Old House Love in Canton, MS!

My deep south old house meter was going off in hyperdrive as Connie made our little road trip around the outskirts of Jackson, Mississippi.

I so dearly love the old stately homes, gingerbread hiding behind the shade of tall trees – gate posts keeping folks out, but still begging you to linger for a closer look.

Yes, I admit it.  I am an Old House Rubber Necker. 

I will sometimes circle the block more than once to get a view –isn’t this butter yellow number a beauty?

And that iron gate!  I so badly want to hear the history and stories of this one.


Tall columns and wide verandas.  1850s.


SLOW DOWN, Connie! 

I took this side photo because the front photo above could not show the sheer magnificent size of this beautiful place.  Can you imagine the balls and celebrations?  See in your mind the gowns and the gloves, the tails and top hats?  Carriages pulled by proud horses, their hooves clip-clopping up the drive?  Or the sounds of chirping cicadas on still, sweltering summer evenings with folks just begging for a breeze?

Deep South, I love you!


Downtown Canton!


Much of Canton is on the National Register of Historic Places. The courthouse square is also a historic shopping district and host to the Canton Flea Market. 

The picturesque Georgian courthouse is particularly notable and often appears in photographic exhibits of the South. The east side of town is a large part of the historic district with many beautiful old homes.


Two Flags Flying.

(Waited for a breeze to get those flags just right!)

Although not a major battle site during the Civil War, Canton was important as a rail and logistics center. Many wounded soldiers were treated in or transported through the city, and as a consequence, Canton has a large Confederate cemetery.


Sun beginning to set behind the dome.

The trees are too large and cover too much to get a good photo from the front – but this is your typical southern courthouse square, only the surrounding buildings are in top notch shape – AND OCCUPIED by a variety of businesses.


Love the magnolia emblem at the top -

Mississippi designated the magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) as the official state flower in 1952. Mississippi's nickname is "The Magnolia State," the state tree is the magnolia, and the magnolia is featured on the U.S. Mint's bicentennial commemorative quarter for Mississippi.  Just little details that make me happy to know.  I have always loved huge old magnolia trees. 


Across from the courthouse!


I love seeing bustling historic areas.

We were here after 6pm, so most businesses were closed, but this is a thriving little town.

Chances are you’ve seen the sights of Canton, Mississippi--even if you’ve never been there. As the backdrop for such films as A Time to Kill; O Brother, Where Art Thou?; and My Dog Skip – some of these buildings may even look slightly familiar to you.


Across the courthouse lawn.


My airborne view of “The Res” as we left Jackson yesterday.

We drove past this huge reservoir on every trip to or from my hotel to where the Mississippi Quilters Association Gathering was being held.  It’s enormous.  And to see it from the air, I now get a full understanding of just how large this is!


2 diamonds short of a hexie star!

Likely somewhere under seat 11 E and lost between Jackson and Atlanta!

There is more fabric, no worries there.  But I am loving this project!  Next hand stitching flight will happen when I go to Lee’s Summit, MO in just over a week.

The plan here is to circle the wagons and regroup.  I have a ton of desk work to attend to, there is a quilt that needs quilting, and my Addicted to Scraps Column blocks are due in July – all 6 issues worth!

First things first – all orders that came into the Quiltville Store while I was gone will hit the post office today.

Our next Leader & Ender Challenge starts in one month!  I need to be ready for that too…

It’s also JUNE – and my Quiltville Date Keeper & Quilty Pencil Set should be arriving soon.  Of course, all of this is going to happen at once.

And there is much to do at Quiltville Inn.

When I start feeling over-whelmed with all of this, I go back to reminding myself to “Just do the next thing…..” and get on with it!

TONIGHT – I’m drawing for the winner of the Quiltmaker Bundle Gift-Away. I hope you entered ON THAT POST!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Strippy Quilt found in Washington.

Always remember:

If advice and opinions are not specifically asked for, do not give them.

Most folks don't like being told what they should or should not be doing. Let them follow their own vision.

If they need your advice, they will ask for it.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!


  1. Good morning, Bonnie. In case you don't have more of that b&w fabric to replace those two diamonds, I do! Happy to send it on if needed. Thanks for the tour of Canton; such a picturesque town. Enjoy your time at home.

    1. Thank you, Valerie! I believe I have more of that, I think I bought the bolt! LOL!

  2. I gave you the Quiltville Inn fabrics at the MQA meeting. the back story is the Y2K fabrics were bought at the time. It was my son's graduation from high school year. Never used it. Our tastes are way different! The thread pulled piece is a family piece. the table cloth and pansy doily were things I just picked up because I liked them. Found the purple cloth with the Christmas embroidery at a yard sale and liked it because of the colors which are weird for Christmas! So enjoy and don't worry - we all have your back! Marilyn Marks

    1. Thank you, Marilyn! I so appreciate your gift!! :)

  3. Fun tour of Jackson Mississippi. Magnolias don't bloom long, but they smell wonderful. Glad you got the bolt of that neutral,lol. Never enough neutrals.

  4. Bonnie, Just a quick 'Thanks'. I have checked your tips and techniques tab twice inbthe ladt few days for help in figuring out how to do something. I am putting the binding on the purple version of Narrangsett Blue. You saw the top in November of 2014 at your workshop in Lafayette, Indiana. It was meant to be my granddaughter's wedding quilt and her wedding is July, 21st. Also you need to go to Natchez, Mississippi to see gorgeous old houses. Thanks so much for your help. I will post pictures.

  5. I'm so glad I got to take not just one, but two classes with you. It was awesome and I enjoyed it so much. You are so full of life and energy. Canton is on my 'bucket list.' And thank you for being so transparent and sharing of your time, life, talents, and quilts. You are a special person.

    1. I loved spending the time getting to know you, Julia! You and your sisters share such a wonderful bond, I love feeling part of it in any small way! :) Hope to see you again!

  6. Re: Your quote for today; my dad always said that "Free advice is worth what it costs!"

  7. Voy conociendo EEUU, a través de todos tus viajes y las maravillosas fotos que nos pones, así que gracias por esos recorridos.

  8. I have learned to avoid giving unsolicited advice several years ago, and it as served me well for the most part, but boy is it hard when it comes to my own kids!!

  9. Jeralyn I'd like to send you fabric as well. what are your favorite colors and styles? Just let me know where to send it Sarahgannett@hotmail.com

  10. You need an administrative assistant!!

  11. Lovely memories for a former 4 cities resident of southwest MS resident.


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