Wednesday, June 20, 2018

All the Pressing, Cutting & Kitting Up!

Yes.  This is a black and white photo.

It’s nearly July.  Do you know what black & white photos mean??

The vagueness of updates over the next several months may spark the realization that we have MUCH FUN ahead --

Our next Leader & Ender challenge starts in just a couple of weeks – could this be what I was cutting for?  Perhaps!

And perhaps the cutting and organizing, pulling and culling and matching and planning also extends into what will be posted by Halloween --

Our next Quiltville Mystery season is just around the corner.

It might seem a long way off for you – but for me, behind the scenes, things are ramping up.


Oh my goodness, was I ever busy yesterday!

The remains after cutting for these current and future projects being sliced down into Scrap User’s System sizes for future use – my drawers have come alive with new scraps tp play with, already cut and ready to sew.

I love new additions to my strip drawers – it keeps everything fresh with something new to go with something old, giving everything a bit more interest than sewing with the same old scraps.  I always welcome new additions!

And yes, I admit it.  I have a neutral addiction.  I buy neutrals like there is no tomorrow, and I need to start showing some restraint!  But it is so HARD when there are so many fun ones out there.


And in living color!

I counted the number of blocks needed to get my Diamond Tile quilt to the size I want.  80 blocks set 8 X 10. 

They are all cut, baggied up – and ready to fly to the Chicago area with me on Sunday for my visit with the quilters in St. Charles.

I admit to having a bit of  “frazzled brain syndrome” over the past couple of months.  My studio sewing time has been limited while being torn over spending time at Quiltville Inn working on things, or relaxing enough to enjoy my surroundings at the cabin, to getting mail order out at home (So anticipating when things will be fully functioning at the Quiltville Post Office.) and any other plethora of desk work type things as we get this next book to print – soon, very soon!

But yesterday.  Finally.  It was a full day in the studio type of day – Pulling fabric, cutting fabric, setting things aside for this project, that project – getting things kitted up and ready, taking photos of steps for the Leader & Ender challenge, etc.…a FULL DAY of nothing but studio time.

And I feel energized, and like I really accomplished something. 

I feel……..ON TRACK.  And that does feel good.


Making more progress!

These are 4 (with number 5 under the needle) of the blocks I kitted up yesterday – I woke early this morning and dug right in to get my own sewing fix before I turn my attention to other things.

I unearthed these string blocks and trimmed them up while trimming the Diamond Tile blocks – they will head over to the retreat house later to join the project that is laid out in the dining room over there.


Where we stand on this…

The Date Keepers will be picked up at Yellow Freight on Friday.

And I heard that the pencils will also be on their way within the next few days. 

I think it is important enough to offer both of these things together at the same time that  I will wait a few more days until I know the delivery date of the pencils and then make them both available at the same time.  

I will post when it is time to order them.  And I thank you gratefully for your patience!

This way they can go together in one order and save you an additional shipping expense, and me the extra time involved of having to ship you 2 separate packages. (And the cost of additional packing supplies, etc.)

This morning’s blissful moment came with no camera at hand.

I crept out onto the front porch at about 6am…..my coffee in hand, and slipped easily into my favorite rocker.  I listened to the morning birdsong, and the beating wings of humming birds as they nearly dive-bombed the feeders.  

Something about their B-52 thrum just makes me smile.

Tomorrow is the first "official" day of summer.  Bring it on.  Heat and all.

“Good morning birds – yes, it’s going to be a great day!”

June 20, 2018 at 06_36AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Thank you Benjamin, Franklin!

I love that sense of accomplishment when something I've set my mind to hits the done column!

Stop dreaming about it and talking about it, do it!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friends!


  1. Thank you for waiting for the pencils to pair up with the date planner. I have been waiting and checking your shop each day to see if they have arrived.

    1. Soon, very soon! Thank you for your patience!

    2. Me too! Looking very forward to new goodies. I giggle every time I pull out my Bonnie cards to play solitaire the old fashion way. No electricity needed.

  2. Fabulous! Getting stuff done and organized allows the brain to relax and move onto the next thing in peace. oh yes mystery season......love it and can't wait! thanks Bonnie, Happy Sewing and safe travels.

  3. Thanks, Kim! It feels good to be "on track!"

  4. Your recent comments about the upcoming leader ender project have pushed me into gear on last summer's leader ender! I checked and I only needed a handful more blocks to put me at 10 x 12. I finished the last block last night and have started assembling the top. I'm excited that I'm getting the top done before the next challenge comes out! It feels great!
    I resisted last year when I saw what we were doing for the challenge. It didn't look like something I'd like to do. I'm so glad I changed my mind. I LOVE the way it's coming together. I have probably stitched about half of it as true leader ender blocks. The other half I stitched during the winter months when my Dad was very ill and I wasn't able to concentrate on anything complicated. It was the mindless stitching that I needed to sooth my overtaxed brain. I'm so excited to see what we have in store for this next year! (I hope we can use 1.5 inch strips! I seem to have been a little over zealous in my 1.5 x 6.5 inch strip cutting! lol)

    1. That's wonderful!! I feel your excitement! :)

  5. I kitted up my tile blocks yesterday & finished refinishing my “new” 301 desk. Now to finish the ironing pad for the new ironing table.

  6. I too have checked daily for the planners to become available! I also want to know, will you be restocking the Creative Grids Bonnie Hunter/Quiltville rulers any time soon?

    1. Rulers are back in stock as of today! Hooray!! :)

  7. my day is overpacked as well...hoping we can see what the inside of the date keeper looks like, perhaps? gotta go...exercise time!

  8. I'm really looking forward to the new leader ender project, though I haven't even come close to finishing the last one. I do love making all those black and white 4 patches!

  9. Bonnie, are you going to have a small shop at Quiltville Inn where your books, pencils, planners, and rulers can be bought on the spot?

    1. That would require me to be there at all times. I will likely have a small "store corner" for retreaters, but I'm not hiring someone to be there when I can't be there -- it's going to get too big and I do NOT want to man a quilt shop. :)

    2. Hopefully someone else will move to your area and open up a quilt store! Maybe the Mouth of Wilson can become the new Hamilton, MO - we can call it Bonnietown!

  10. Two weeks ago I was at a quilt retreat in the Smoky Mountains. We were sewing and then heard a THUD. A scarlet tanager (bright red with black wings, tail) had hit the window. He was breathing; one of the quilters went out and held him in her hands. Then she put him in a safe place; we check on him and he had moved. About an hour later he was gone - flew way. I bet his mother told him "that's what you get for speeding." I can see why you want to treadle on the porch. Enjoy your day Miss Bonnie and thank you for all you do.

  11. I'm a neutral lover, too! It's been so fun these last few years to find interesting neutrals as defined by Bonnie! Love the little elephant in the top photo today.

    Maybe thinking of the leader and ender will kick me into finishing Talkin' Turkey. I've just plain stalled. Blocks/sashing/borders have been on the design wall for months, just can't seem to get motivated to get them into a top! Yes... Let's get it done before July!

  12. Anonymous4:46 PM EDT

    Bonnie, do you have a suggestion on where I can buy "neutral fabrics" online at a good price ?

    1. Try franks11 on ebay.

    2. Anonymous1:16 PM EDT

      Thank you so much Marcia. I will go look now.... I shop online a lot. If anyone else has a place in mind where they find good deals on neutrals, I would appreciate any suggestions. Patty

  13. I will keep my eye out for the leaders & enders challenge. I have been poking along with my project and it would be wonderful to challenge along with other quilters.

  14. Hi Bonnie. I heard about your leader and ender process on the Stitch and have recently started reading your daily post. Can you give a brief description of what a L & E challenge is?

  15. Leader/enders for Bonnie is simple piecing that she does when she starts and stops sewing. (Some people use just a scrap of fabric). The challenge is a pattern she has picked out to work on for a year or until done. Size of units and number is up to the maker. These pieces help to keep the sewing machine from eating the important pieces. Sometimes she just uses the pieces for her currant blocks. It also saves thread by only having a little thread between the sewn units. Just keep something under the needle at all times, if you can.

  16. Ah birdsong - one of the sweetest tunes. All we need so is stop and listen. Be blessed Bonnie.


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