Sunday, June 10, 2018

Off to Kansas City!

Home from the cabin yesterday afternoon, off to Kansas City this morning.

Someone is not happy with me.  Not. At. All!

Little Emmy Lou Lou, all of 18 years young, doesn’t travel by car.  I don’t know many cats who ARE happy with traveling by car, but at her age, it just wouldn’t work.

She happily stays at home where we come and go, Jeff, Dave and I.  It rare that we are ever here all together, It’s a revolving door of activity.

Not only do I travel for business, but so does The Hubster.  Jeff holds down the fort caring for Sadie Jane and Emmy Lou so there is always a human here in the mornings and evenings.

Should Jeff be up at the cabin with us – Sadie is always in tow, and Emmy can fend for herself for a day or two.

Last night, however she was begging for attention.

“Put the quilting down and pay attention to ME!” she meowed.  And she is quite opinionated when it comes to voicing her mind.  Click to play:

This was this morning – I’m packing the last of my laundry – fresh out of the dryer for this morning’s trip – only I’m going to have to lift her out to get it done, so here she stays while I blog type.


Not much left to go!

There is just a little ways left – and Jeff’s hexie top will be completely done.  One more evening of stitching -

Last night’s stitching pleasure was Bombshell: The Hedy LaMarr story.  What a fascinating woman – who wanted to be remembered for her mind, but spent much of her life as a beauty icon that people couldn’t get past. (The link goes to the trailer!) 


Reading choices for Quiltville Inn!

There were boxes of goodies waiting for me when I got home from Virginia, and I am so humbled and thrilled to start building our reading library!  The quilty novels are perfect for our retreat den, all thanks to Diane!


More goodies from Carol!

Often, the letter that comes with any box in the mail is worth far more to me than the items in the box.

This set of goodies headed to Quiltville Inn has arrived all the way from Carole in Bloomington, Illinois.


The Blue Willow play tea set is circa 1936, having belonged to Carol's mother when she was small.

Carole and her sister used these for tea parties when they were young with many fond memories.  (She apologized for missing lids - but it's understandable! And part of the story...loved and used!)


The miniature Pfaltzgraff crocks will be useful to hold flowers, scissors and small items or decorate a table or shelf.

Along with the hand written letter is a 10 commandments bookmark belonging to Carole's grandmother. How precious!

Carole also included a couple of quilting books for the library shelf at the Inn, and a coiled basket for thread snips and small pieces along with some hand dyed fabrics for my scraps.

Thank you, Carol!

The support has just been unbelievable.  You are making this dream come true!

After I left Quiltville Inn yesterday – the Hubster stayed behind, covered head to toe from weed eating and working the yard.  Ellen from Northern Virginia stopped by late afternoon and dropped off two more vintage twin beds on her way to TN!

I'll see them next time I go up, but they are solid wood, and beautifully carved. So much fun that everyone wants to pitch in and see this come together!

Thank you, Ellen!

I really DO “Get by with a little help from my friends!”


I do hate to leave this girl behind this morning!
It’s a short trip, and I’ll be back on Wednesday.

Don’t let the shortness of this trip fool you though – it’s going to be cram packed with friends and quilt fun – A repeat visit to Lee’s Summit and the quilters there – along with friends traveling in from all over to take a workshop or catch up!  I’m looking forward to seeing you!

I would be completely remiss if I didn’t take a moment to thank you for your comments yesterday regarding my brother, Mark.

I talked to him at length during my drive home yesterday.  I can’t blame my mom for BEING a mom – but what Mark says is that the “thing” they found in his brain could just as easily be radiation necrosis – dead tissue from previous radiation.  And we are hopeful that this is what it is.  He’s starting on some medication, and they are going to put off his MRI for a couple of weeks just to see.  He will keep me up to date.

But please keep those positive thoughts, well wishes and prayers coming.  We are not out of the woods yet, but his positive spirit is such a great example to me.

June 10, 2018 at 07_31AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

List ONE thing in the comments section  someone has done for you that you won’t take for granted.  And then find a way to tell them so!

Have a wonderful Sunday -


  1. I am grateful that my Hubster works so hard to provide for me and our girls. Too often I let my gratitude for his work in and out of the home slip. Best wishes for your journey!

  2. I'm grateful to my DH who has had my back for 56 years!

    Positive thoughts for your brother Mark!

  3. Yesterday my son and DIL took me to the specialty shoe store and bought me a new pair of technically perfect-for-my-feet sneakers to recuperate in from my approaching knee replacement surgeries. I live with them at no cost even though I have my own home. All my children are so supportive of everything I do and are quick to reach out! Thankful, I am. And I am not quiet about it! Though twice widowed, I am blessed beyond measure. Thanks to you too, Bonnie, for the reminder to be ever grateful.

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  5. Hubby supports my vintage machine addiction, and builds me wood bases for the orphan machines (along with lots of other stuff). Yes, I tell him thank you all the time, and tell others about his help.

  6. Poor little kitty girl..my boy is 16 and I really worry when I leave for a time. My family comes in every day and feeds him but he hates anyone besides me and my son. I'm leaving Fri. for two weeks so he needs lots of extra attention now.

  7. I am grateful to you, Bonnie, for the joy and learning that comes from your daily blogging etc. I admire your strength and tenacity shown in all your endeavors and so thankful to have met you on Mackinac Island-my first workshop ever! Thank you so much and I do love your expressive writing skills too.

  8. Husband put a new belt on to run the air conditioner in the truck after the belt broke. Yes, I have already thanked him. Glad of his hardwork and help always.

  9. I am so grateful for the unconditional love my husband has for me and for the cup of coffee he brings to me each and every morning, delivered with a kiss.
    Thank you Bonnie for all you do for us, can’t wait to see the Quiltville Inn!
    Mary K

  10. I am grateful for so many wonderful people in my life. One being my aunt, she was my sewing mentor when I was a child. I recently told her that and she was surprised that it meant so much to me. She didn't think she had done anything special but those memories will always be precious to me.

  11. I am thankful for my son who not only changed his bed but emptied the dishwasher as well as did his report card task I asked him to do all without complaining and the bed and dishwasher were extra bonuses. I already thanked him and told him I loved him. You are one special lady Bonnie. I am awed by how much love you give and how much love you receive. It is very much a part of my day to read your blog and be a part of your life this way. Thank you for all of your time and heart and soul you pour into your blog and your quilts. You are a huge blessing to me and many, many others. Have a wonderful time in Kansas City. love, Kristy lkw2x6-apq@yahoo.com

  12. EmmyLou is just so cute, I’m looking after my daughters kitten as she is off island in hospital with her premature baby. They are both doing well and looking forward to coming home next week, then Reggie will head home to his mum. I’m sure my big guys will be relieved as he’s been tormenting them unmercifully lol.
    Those books look so interesting and such kind gifts you are receiving for Quiltville inn, your dream will be running before you know it.
    Als such positive news about your brother I’ll keep thinking of him in my prayers. Have a safe journey.
    Quilty hugs xxx

  13. I am grateful for you, Bonnie. You are always striving for the positive and it makes my day to know there are people like you in this negative world. Stay happy!

  14. I am so grateful my DGS has joined the Army and recently graduated Ranger school. He just got assigned to a studio apartment on base as is happy. I thank him every time we talk/text. I never take him for granted.

  15. Thank you, Bonnie, for the daily grounding and look inside your busy quilting life! Traveling with you on the Quiltville Inn adventure is icing on the cake!
    Cherry Boom

  16. Thankful for my husband who takes care of my prescriptions and vitamins (filling my pill reminder boxes), pays all the household bills, takes care of getting gasoline in my car and any maintenance, and all things electronic. I could figure things out if I had to but he makes things so much easier for me!

  17. I'm thankful for my family who got me the beautiful rifle I didn't need, but had really wanted. Fabric and firearms - they understand I love both.

  18. Last fall I was on a small quilt retreat and was working on my project when the co-coordinator of the retreat came up and asked how I liked my Janome sewing machine. I told her I loved it except for the fact it did not have nearly enough decorative stitches for my liking. She asked if I would like to trade for her Pfaff that she used only for the shop (she owned a quilt shop). I was floored. The best part was how excited my friends were for me. One of my friends didn't come until the next day and when she arrived the rest of my group couldn't wait to tell her all about it. This part was just as exciting as getting a new to me sewing machine up grade.

  19. Thankful for my son who checks in on me at least once a week and encourages me by telling me how beautiful my quilt projects are--even when they aren't, lol! And I am so very thankful for your blog and all you have taught us, and not just about quilting, sending hugs, Joan

  20. When I forgot to buy hummingbird food by daughter added it to her grocery list and picked it up for me.

  21. God has blessed me with the best hubby in the world. Cooks, cleans, gardens, builds things to support my quilt habit and only asks me to sew more so he doesn't have to add a extra room onto the house to store my fabrics. What a guy! He also has a great eye for color theory and knows about texture. He is also willing to do whatever it takes to keep me happy. A great blessing in my life.

  22. I am thankful for your daily blog. It helps to keep me level-headed and focused Thanks for the encouragement to get me back on track with my Jamestown Landing!!
    Like the rest I am thankful for my hubby and all he does and the encouragement he gives me in quilting.

  23. What a wonderful reminder! Thanks for the positivity, Bonnie!!!

    I'm thankful that on occasion my just-graduated-off-to-college-in-the-Fall daughter will make a full supper for the family, without being asked. It is such a blessing!

  24. I'm grateful to my aunt and cousins for taking such good care of my mom during her battle with cancer. Because I had to work, I couldn't be there as often as I would have liked. I'm also grateful for my son graduating from Community Collage. He's been diagnosed high-functioning autistic and it was really rough getting him through regular K-12 school. Thanks, Bonnie.

  25. I am grateful for my husband who has been so supportive of me while I have been and still am suffering from a mental illness. He has been there for me 100% even through my toughest battles that would have been such a hard thing to watch me go through.

  26. grateful for my cat who got up in the middle of the night to check on me. when she saw I was in pain, she rounded up the kittens and brought them to me for comfort. Gotta love a momma cat who does that!

  27. Strangely, I think BEING taken for granted is SOMETIMES a compliment. It shows you are trusted to be there and do what is needed.

  28. I am grateful for my hubby of nearly 38 years. Best life-partner ever! He is currently taking care of me and the household as I had a knee replacement 5d ago.

  29. What a beautiful kitty.

  30. i take my good health for granted and at age 77 show gratitude for it when the aches and pains show up... Gonna be more grateful more often. I'm grateful for much, and work to take nothing for granted.. thank YOU Bonnie and continued prayers for Mark... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  31. Funny you should mention this because in our house I often thank my husband for going to work every day in order to take care of his family. He thanks me pretty much every day for the meals I cook and for running the household so well. We are well suited for each other. :)

  32. I am so thankful for my youngest son, Charles, who has a family to provide for, but still finds time to mow my dad's lawn, and who has taken over his Century farming operation. My dad entered an assisted living over a year ago with dementia, and Charles and his wife and children are so good to stop and see dad and to bring him home to the farm for a visit and supper now and then. I'm so thankful that I have him to lean on for assistance during this time.

  33. That my DH tells me several times a day that he loves me & several times a week he also adds that he is grateful that I am his wife. (55 yrs.)

  34. I would be grateful if you remove #19, kikimalik from the group, as it appears to be a troll who has spammed some links to medications. Thanks!

  35. I am grateful for so many things, but at this particular instant I am grateful that you allow all of us to share your amazing journey with you!

  36. I am grateful to you Bonnie. Your daily blog keeps me inspired in so many ways and on so many levels. Thank you for sharing the Quiltville Inn adventure with us. Hope to make it there someday. Safe travels and many blessings.

  37. I'll never take for granted the time my Daughter took out of her days to come clean up my dressings from my postoperative back surgeries, and the strength it took her to have to say Mom....I think you have another MRSA infection that will need yet another surgery. She was very strong for me knowing how tired I was of having weeks of hospital stays and countless surgeries.

  38. I am so grateful and appreciative of my husband driving me all over the state so I can participate in the Road to Oklahoma quilt shop hop. We met so many wonderful people, ate at some fabulous local restaurants and enjoyed our time together. I have thanked him and will thank him again. His support of my fabric addiction is such a blessing.


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