Thursday, June 28, 2018

Smith Mountain Morning, and Through the Afternoon!

I met yesterday for round three of workshops hosted by the Prairie Star Quilters of St. Charles, Illinois.

Yes, we really did pack 2 lectures and 3 workshops into a mere 3 days.

(I have a feeling I’ll be napping my way home on today’s flights!)

One of the questions that came up yesterday was “What is your favorite or most popular workshop to teach?” 

And the two that keep coming back to mind and I never seem to tire of are those that use specialty rulers like the Tri-Recs or Essential Triangle Tool  making units from easy strip sets with great results.

Smith Mountain Morning is from my book Scraps & Shirttails II, published in 2010. Still in print and still going strong. I have taught this workshop 100s of times, and I never tire of it.

(It also amazes me that Scraps & Shirttails, my first book – published in 2008 or 2009 – can’t quite remember) is STILL in print and also shows no sign of slowing down.

This just proves to me that classic units, fun methods and scrap quilting are alive and well.  I am so grateful.

If I had to guess a close second most popular workshop, it would be Jamestown Landing from String Fling.

I hope they never fade into the land of “outdated and retired!”


Cutting with the Tri-Recs.


The Essential Triangle tool does both half-square triangles...


...and quarter-square triangles from easy strip widths!

Cut them in matched pairs with right sides already together, and they are ready to sew!


How’s the cutting going, girls?




Great job, ladies!


Many quilts, well on their way!

Click for the rest of our workshop day:

Time as always flew by WAY too fast. Before I knew it, it was time to turn off the irons, pack up the machines, fabric, rotary cutters and mats – and head out the door in a mad-dash attempt to beat Chicago rush hour.


Thank you, Prairie Star Quilters for your fabulous hospitality and a wonderful 3 days!


And my day wasn’t over yet!

my friend Valerie Langue who owns The Quilt Merchant in near-by Winfield, IL dropped by to pick me up and shuttle me over to her shop for a stitching evening with the “inner sanctum” group!  What a perfect way to end the day!


Stitching fun with friends – AND FOOD!

A simple dinner of pot luck salads was finished off with slices of cold and creamy ice cream cake as we stitched through the evening on various hand projects.

Click to play:

It really WAS the icing on the (ice cream) cake to sit and sew and talk and giggle (and break into intermittent song!) with these lovely ladies that I don’t get to see often enough.

This is one of those things that is tugging at my heartstrings as I plan to slow down the constant plane travel and have folks join ME at Quiltville Inn.  I’ll be sad to miss these impromptu evenings like this.

On the other hand – I’m looking forward to hosting impromptu evenings like this for local quilters who live near the Inn, hoping that they will join me for simple evenings of sit and stitch and a pot luck salad/dessert dinner as we stitch and chat late into the evening.

The relationships formed through quilting are the strongest and deepest of our lives.  That I know for certain!

I got a notification during class yesterday and had to step out to call Delta to rearrange my flights.  My  original flight from Chicago to La Guardia was to be impacted by the same storm system we experienced on Tuesday evening, so I have been rerouted through Atlanta instead – a bit later flight, but a much better travel itinerary and better than being stuck in La Guardia.

I’ll do some quiet desk work here until pick up time, and I’ll be touching my feet down in North Carolina about 8:30pm.

The only bummer is I’ll be crammed in a middle seat toward the back of the plane near the bathroom on both flights as that is all that was available.

Let the arm rest wars begin!

Remember that tomorrow I am drawing our 2 lucky winners for the June Quilty Box!  Be sure to get your entry in ON THAT POST – my fingers will be crossed for you!

June 28, 2018 at 07_52AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Ohio star quilt found in Saint Charles, Illinois

Some days your going is slower than others, but do not stop!

Fill up your Thursday with wonderful things!


  1. Thank you, again. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  2. Had to spend the night in LaGuardia with 4 young kids, not fun!

  3. Safe Travels!! What a way to end your stay in Chicago area. Impromptu gathering of stitchers sounds Sew fun!

  4. I always have that miserable center seat as DH needs to be on aisle. What, the center seat actually has arm rests? Who knew!

  5. My solution to that problem is to book 2 aisle seats across from one another. We both win!

  6. Ah the joys of airplane travel. We flew to Sicily on Air Italia and I have never seen tinyier leg room space than on that flight. I am short, and even the leg room was tight for me. And then the person in front of me pushed their chair back...you are a saint to do all the airline travel that you do. Quiltville Inn will be a joy!

  7. If I remember correctly, rush hour in Chicago is at (any daylight time). Safe travels.

  8. I think both Jamestown Landing and Smith Mountain Morning are such classics that they will always be popular. I suppose it's easier to teach the ones you've taught so often too. You can probably anticipate all the problem areas and questions people will have. With your incredible workload that has to be helpful.

  9. I am wondering, Bonnie, if you have ever seen SMM done in scraps?? Have a great July 4!!

  10. Ha, Ha, my guild has an 'inner sanctum group'. But I haven't been invited to that group yet, still just a B - lister!

  11. Hoping you will be upgraded on at least one flight!

  12. Bonnie - I think scrap quilt patterns will always be popular. I am trying to downsize my quilt magazines and the ones I don't want to part with are the oldies! Where the quilts made are scrappy, lots of piecing and EVERYONE stitched from their stash. Though it is great to have so many fabrics available, I find the quilts made from a single line of fabric to be boring. I can look at your quilt books over and over again and still find inspiration. Thanks for always sharing with us.

  13. My 'stitching sisters' have been together for 35 years, couldn't have made it through life's challenges without them and their unconditional support.

  14. wouldn't you know? "Newer Post" isn't showingup... i read this one y yesterday... sigh


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  16. Keep on, keeping on. My words for today! Love your excitement for quilting and quilters.


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